Chris Walker

Transition Man


Welcome to a transformative journey where your potential meets purpose. Discover the power of transition coaching, designed to help you embrace change and sustain growth in every aspect of your life.

Introduction to Transition Coaching

G’day and welcome! I’m Chris Walker, and yes, I specialise in transition coaching. About 50 years ago, when I started my first business, I sought all the help I could get. Despite the advice from my accountant, financial controller, and other external advisors, the guidance either wasn’t good enough, or I failed to listen properly.

The Price of Success

Ten years later, although the business was highly profitable, my family life had suffered greatly. I had to rebuild my family and my life, eventually giving up the business to start anew. This led me to pursue an MBA and undertake various personal and professional adventures, including time spent in India, Nepal, and America. I transitioned into becoming a professional coach and speaker, dedicating the last 30 to 35 years to inspiring and guiding other entrepreneurs and business executives.

The Universe of Our Problems

We live in a universe where our problems can become the walls and constraints within which we operate. Our brains have the capacity to reach far beyond our immediate circumstances, yet often, we focus only on the immediate issues. My role as a coach is to help you maintain an expanded vision while ensuring you don’t miss the simple pleasures of life. Each expansion brings a new vision, a sense of purpose, and inspiration, which are magnetic states of mind that attract energy.

Balancing Expansion and Inner Wealth

While pursuing expansion, it’s crucial not to neglect the enjoyment of life, self-care, and respect for our inner world, which I term ‘inner wealth.’ Transition coaching involves daily changes, but there’s also an overarching transition toward becoming our best selves. We aim to improve the world, ensure the wellbeing of those we love, and foster a positive environment at work.

The Importance of Coaching

Einstein famously said we can’t solve problems from the level at which we created them. Introspection and over-analysis can sometimes be counterproductive. Through my experiences in Nepal and the Himalayas, where I’ve taken executives to explore themselves and their future, I’ve learned that transition is key. Whether transitioning from being an executive to an entrepreneur, it’s essential to stay real and honest with oneself.

Authenticity and Self-Honesty

Staying real involves self-honesty and understanding our true feelings. Life’s pace can make self-honesty challenging, but I’ve developed tools to help maintain authenticity. It’s easy to find ourselves far down the wrong path, realising too late. Thus, it’s vital to ensure our efforts are meaningful and not just hard work for its own sake.

Energy Management and Leadership

If you’re not ending your workday with more energy than you started, it’s time for a change. This change often requires new learning and growth. My coaching focuses on keeping clients at the peak of their leadership, with clear, unbiased goals. Understanding the importance of family and home life is crucial, and I provide methods to ensure we don’t carry the stress of work into our personal lives.

Knowing Yourself

Knowing yourself involves asking the right questions, especially when things go wrong. I believe in finding order in chaos by following nature’s universal laws. Having a coach, a guide, a friend, can make all the difference. I’ve studied various philosophies and religions, seeking a holistic approach that works across all areas of life. It’s not about being the nice guy but being authentic and genuine in our mission and advocacy.

Holistic Living

Holistic living involves awareness of all seven areas of life to maintain balance while succeeding. We shouldn’t have to pay a high price for success. Many of the people I coach experience joy, love their families, and achieve financial success simultaneously. It’s about having a vision and taking inspired steps every day towards that vision.

Invitation to Explore

I invite you to explore my website and see if my philosophy resonates with you. I’m committed to truth and reality, helping you define and achieve your highest vision through inspired daily actions. If this interests you, I look forward to speaking with you. This is Chris Walker, wishing you a beautiful day. Bye for now.