You cannot give what you haven’t got but too many people try to do that. This executive coaching builds self-leadership, balancing all aspects of life for better leadership.

Dear Friend,

To change the world change yourself. This program addresses the very core of personal change, it provides you with a time proven method for solving your life problems as they arrive, it gives you the formulae for healing and a way to stay healthy and on purpose.

Let’s all become more conscious of the impact of wrong thinking on the lives of people around us, let’s all become more conscious of the laws of nature and the separation of humanity as a result of the loss of this awareness, let’s all grow personally, put our heart and soul into what we do, have a inspirational vision, a loving relationship and perfect health. This program will, with your application lead to that end.

With Spirit,

Chris Walker



Get more done in less time. Have more time for family and personal life. Without compromising the work or the quality of the work you do learn how to get more done in less time by evolving process. Focus, clarity, vision inspiration and purpose.


a clear mind is a priceless asset in all aspects of life and you will learn in this program how to instantaneously turn all stress and anxieties into productive mindsets. This clarity alone is worth its weight in gold. Bringing natures law from nature to the city to the office and home.


There are human laws and human emotions and there are Memes and memories that drive our behaviour but what is the truth behind all this? Understanding natures law provide you with an asset and an opportunity to step out of the mess and into the clarity of truth in life.


People are different in nature. This fact we know because we all go to nature for our holidays and time out. But the world is becoming faster and faster and the opportunities to go to nature to get this harmony which is vital for life are getting less. We have trans-latent the universal laws of nature and we teach you these so you can bring nature home and find that harmony at work and in your personal life without leaving the city.


Doing what you love and loving what you do is not about chasing rainbows or running around looking for the perfect job it is about learning how to muster your mind and be able to convert any challenging environment into an environment you enjoy and thrive on. This is the mastery that we teach in the 30 day challenge. In this way no matter where you are you can be doing what you love and loving what you do and being paid well for it.


Just like the movie the never-ending story this story never ends. Growth is a constant in life and if at the end of the 30 day challenge you wish to be coached on an ongoing basis that facility is it would be our pleasure and is our mastery. We take people to the top not only of mountains but of their personal Mount Everest.


All stress is a lopsided emotion. All thinking that is out of balance leads us to personal and business distress. The skills to balance thinking, to balance ambition and to balance your life at the primary driving force of the 30 day challenge and during this time you will get to learn techniques and skills for balancing anything that comes your way. This is the mastery of leadership and of personal life.

A Personal Guarantee From Chris

Dear Executive,

My whole idea in creating this intensive 30 days is to give my clients and students the tools to keep their lives on track and get the best out of life.

I call it SELF-LEADERSHIP and really, it’s about leading others too.

I believe that people try to give more than they’ve got, they are super generous and sometimes to their own detriment. Then, their life is somehow out of balance and it causes blowback in all aspects of life, especially in relationships, health, work, family and mental areas. 

Back when Adam was a boy, people understood the phases of personal change and growth, they called it evolution, but we lost it in the hubub of business. Stresses of life have replaced the camp fire and Uber Eats replaced fishing for tonight’s dinner. All that development is great except we lost self awareness along the way. We became disconnected to ourselves and real self inspiration. We go on holiday or weekends to get it back but we need it Monday to Friday more than ever.

Now, innerwealth technologies retrieves that self-awareness, it’s a breakthrough in understanding human behaviour and has since been adopted by many even in clinical psychology. I’ve taken this awareness reinterpreted it for busy people and based on my 35-years of guiding people and businesses, I’ve evolved these elements and connected them to self and other leadership.

A daily skills and drills in:

  • Emotional Clearing and Balancing (clear up emotional disturbances)
  • Physical Health and wellness – (changing the body metrix)
  • Embrace Change – (Upgrade environment to reflect new perspectives)
  • Reconfirm Values (Where to focus ongoing self development)
  • Aware and reflective on Vision and Purpose (Create new incentives, direction and clarity for the future)
  • Personal Presence (shake off the old self talk bring in the new)
  • Proactive Action – (New daily action, process for evolving)

Proactive action is about being one step ahead. Prevention is far cheaper and easier than cure. Once the horse has bolted, it’s too late to shut the gate and this goes in life too.

For example: the normal reaction for people in a funk is to focus solely on one or two of these areas of life. For example, if you are down in health, you might end up at a gym or personal trainer. Mentally down you might start meditating, and so on.

The problem with this is that as one aspect grows, another shrinks. You’re unfulfilled at work so you decide to drive harder but as a result, your family and love-life suffers. Or if your finances are struggling you might start worrying about money and ignore your health. Your overall Innerwealth doesn’t change, so your overall leadership doesn’t change, it simply changes from solving one problem to solving the next. Old problems may go away, new ones appear. 

Depression, divorce, financial breakdown, emotional trauma, mental health problems and illness are all long term consequences of giving what we haven’t got for too long.

The 30 Day Chris Walker Innerwealth Intensive Executive Challenge is both a preventative and a maintenance program. It can be delivered in the form of a 2-3 day workshop for corporate teams or private coaching over a longer period or as we are discussing here, an intensive 30-day programme.

The unique feature of this 30 day intensive is that you not only get your Self-Leadership on track in a sustainable healthy way but you learn a process for catching funk early for the future. It means you can regulate your life balance and not be caught with your pants down in the future.

What do you think? Does it resonate with you? Do you know anyone who you think might benefit from this?

With Spirit,

Chris Walker

CEO and CHIEF BUTT KICKER – Innerwealth Technologies.


Words are words. Thoughts are thoughts. Promises are promises. Results are reality. Guaranteed results below.

  • Provides continuity between intuition and intelligence
  • Provides the most powerful means for shifting states of consciousness
  • Increases quality of life
  • Builds confidence and magnetism
  • Allows deeper levels of love
  • Provides greater health
  • Provides new creative insights and perspectives
  • Allows greater intuition and inspiration
  • Neutralises blocked emotions
  • Dissolves protective shells around your heart
  • Improves cardiovascular function
  • Provides greater energy and vitality
  • Acts as your battery booster
  • Clarifies mental state
  • Improves immune system function
  • Encourages true and balanced caring
  • Changes self-defeating behaviours into ones building greater self-worth
  • Revitalises bored or burned-out relationships
  • Transforms worry, anxiety and guilt into healthy * productive actions
  • Heightens moral courage
  • Increases mental effectiveness
  • Rebalances emotional imbalances
  • Harmonizes energies
  • Transforms energy draining judgments
  • Clarifies confusions
  • Enhances interpersonal communications
  • Awakens inner motivation
  • Improves financial security and self-worth
  • Inspires leaders to have greater overall appreciation for life

Chris, your work is more than just digging deep, it’s about taking control & driving the bus. It’s about clever use of time & resources to be absolutely present in each of the different pieces of the puzzle. I found your work with me to be about clearing a rolling fog that if allowed, will persist throughout the day/week/month/year. What I’ve achieved is an effective morning, combining the elements of healthy food, exercise and focus on the current task and making time for the big picture, all threaded together in a way that hits these pieces at full throttle. This approach brings the relief and release that comes with knowing you have had a solid, effective crack at something without the fog of distraction, without competing alternatives for any given minute or hour. Shift Happens and the 30 Day Challenge is the best way of achieving it. 

— Entrepreneur

I hope that the gift will be for you as it has been for me- a nuts and bolts directory to bring more love, beauty harmony and inspiration into your life.

Nobody has ever shifted my life as dramatically as Chris Walker. I was stuck, self destructive and taking my anger and frustration home. Now I am awakened, certain and in balance despite a major life upset. I came to Chris with a problem at work but finished the 30 day program as my own coach with an approach to forever grow in my life using nature as my guide. The ripple effects are already flowing to my family and will one day be felt in Africa. Thank you Chris from my ‘once stuck heart.”  

— Martyn Deloitte