Work Blessings

Thank You Chris.

Today I am blessed. I am blessed by my customers for the money I receive for my services. It is a transaction for my time and expertise. I value my time and skills and hence I value the money I earn. It is received with thanks and gratitude. Through money, my time and expertise allows me to provide a safe roof over my head. It provides me with clothes on my back. It provides healthy food on my table. It allows me to make and provide a home for my family. It is a blessing to have these things. Having money gives me stability in important areas of my life. Having money allows me to help others. The more money I have, the more time I have to fulfil my purpose. It is a blessing to be able to guide, nurture and inspire others. I do this with my son, my staff, my business and my customers. Having money contributes to this purpose.

I am blessed to have earned the money I have. It has enabled me to get through my divorce with minimal disruption. It has enabled me to support my former wife, It has enabled me to provide a safe and stable environment for my son, It has enabled me to re-finance my home and to purchase another. Wow!