I can’t believe now that I haven’t seen this before…..

I can’t believe now that I haven’t seen this before…..

Every single interaction with another person is a way to use my purpose, every single second of the day too. Every action or thought is moving a grain of sand that will eventually move beaches.  


Even by typing this email, I’m putting 100% of my heart in it. I have SO much love to give Chris, now I’ve found a way to express it. My path to create more love in this world, that people feel loved so they can love more. 

Thank you for using words that helped me make the connection. 

Will continue doing this. I start to see it in work already, and I’m sure I’ll eventually see it in relationship too. 

Sending you love and my best wishes to open more hearts like mine. 

I’ll try to send you the video I’ve made that I’d like to call “the first day of the rest of my life”.  From the moment of enlightenment – I’m living it every second. Yesterday my shift at Ronald McDonald was SO SO special. People telling me their stories like I was a magnet – so much love. That house is full of love and stories about it, that have to be shared. Everyone on this earth is suffering, in some kind of way, and I’m here to release them from their suffering – even if it’s a tiny bit. because a tiny bit can turn into a small bit, can turn into a thing, turn into a big thing, into a wave, into a complete turnover.

> And the house of Ronald McDonald is full of those stories. Life is full of those stories. I’ll be the channel to show people that, because when I do, they see and feel it too and they’ll feel they have a gift – the gift of life.