Team Coaching.



Glad you could join us! In this team training event you'll learn the secrets of life balance, productivity and staying aware.”

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What You'll Learn

Using real world Himalayan Experiences Chris shares the secrets of Self-Leadership and the importance of each of us knowing how to find balance, centred and calm to turn up mentally, physically and spiritually to lead others.

Part 1

Mental and Emotional Intelligence. The ability to turn downers to uppers, to have resilience to negativity, to hold your dignity and temper, to control your mental and emotional reactions.

Part 2

Your future holds the confidence you need to enjoy the present. Achieving your vision is a key element of happiness and life enjoyment and this is a key to success. This process is vital to a healthy team.

Part 3

Change one change all is a refreshing look at the seven areas of life and their interactions with each other. Holistic self-awareness prevents stress, over reaction and time waste.

Part 4

As much as the word "Love" is held at arms length in self-leadership we embrace the idea of doing what you love and lovinng what you do in all aspects of life. This is not just about searching for paradise but rather being able to weave a good awareness into everything you do.

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