Innerwealth Coaching is about change, positive personal change to help individuals think inspired and work inspired. It’s a unique coaching process, a breakthrough in fast track career and life coaching. Innerwealth Coaching offers a fast, no fuss method of resolving uncertainty, eliminating negative states of mind, resolving conflicts, both internal and external. It offers individuals a new and more profound way of looking at life. It provides people with a leading edge methodology, a life advancing process, and a high achievement formula, that helps them create significant changes in attitude and altitude in life.

Chris Walker

Coaching you up…

  • Being – Moving to a more conscious way of being.
  • Health – The truest essence of health and healing.
  • Energy – Frees the energy and vitality for life.
  • Wealth- Unblock any blockage.
  • Career – Doing what you love and loving what you do.
  • Relationship – Conscious relationships that work.
  • Business – Inspired work and how to inspire others to fulfill their potential. • Children – Parenting within and without the home.
  • Spiritual – Growth, evolution, transformation. Let Nature Be Your Guide.

Career focus but we strongly emphasise the need to incorporate all areas of life in our coaching

Innerwealth Coaching inspires the individual. It focusses on improving the quality of work life by reconnecting people with nature, the universal laws of nature and an open hearted, self-inspired approach to work and life. We’ve been doing so for 35 years throughout the world with people from all walks of life. Innerwealth coaching focusses on career improvement however, we strongly emphasise the need to incorporate all areas of life in our coaching to create fast, conscious and sustainable change. We coach a good hearted reality to finding individual pathways, opening hearts and exploring personal vision, inspiration and life purpose. Getting people “back on track” and keeping them inspired, is our coaching mission.

The Fast track one day Individual Inspiration Lab


30 Day Essential Back on Track Introduction to Coaching