The wisdom of human nature has been around for thousands of years and we share it respectfully. We acknowledge our teachers. We’ve simply distilled it, mostly from trial and error to bring it to the leaders who are ready to be guided by nature.

  • Tengboche Rinpoche, Nepal Himalayas (35 years)
  • First Nation Canada – Miqmaq Community, Canada (10 years)
  • Leaders at Santa-Fe New Mexico – including Shauna Bear (5 years)
  • Sri K Pattabhi Jois – Mysore, India (20 years)
  • Zen Master Hogen, Kyoto, Japan. (10 years)
  • Sherpa leaders, Himalayas of Nepal (35 years)
  • Dr John F Demartini, Houston, Texas. (8 years)
  • Eileen Hall, Shandor Remete, Eddie Stern, Yoga Masters (30 years)
  • Australian Buddhist Vihara, Blue Mountains, Australia (3 years)
  • My Children, Simon, Ricky, Stephanie (forever)

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