protect your loved ones from work stress

Transparency at home is an essential part of a healthy and happy home. However, your home is not a laundry for your unfinished emotional business at work. That’s the job of Innerwealth and Chris.

Your partner is not qualified to help you through your emotional and mental challenges. That is a job that can, from time to time, involve telling you what you don’t want to hear. That’s a job for someone you can be pissed off at for a few days and then rebound with thanks when the dust settles. But if that pissed off feeling happens to be directed toward your partner, lover, friend, then it can and will build up a distance between you two, they will step back for safety, and potentially never be as close again.

If you come home a worse version of yourself after work, you are abusing your home life. That “Gap” between work and home must be filled with a recovery, clarity and fog clearing process that guarantees you do not despoil your home and ruin your relationship. Tired, stressed and frustrated individuals might get a welcome reception at home if their partner is a rescuer, but that will eventually burn out, and lead to loss of quality in the relationship (we stayed together for the kids).

Good things at home happen when good people walk in the door at night. That goodness means you are finished with your work and someone else’s happiness becomes the #1 priority. Relationships have a purpose and that single purpose is to make it better to be with you than anyone else. This is important to remember both in the short term and the long term.

In universal language the purpose of a relationship is “support” and “challenge” each other. So, it isn’t always great to be in the relationship, but it’s also not boring with a yes dear, no dear anything you say dear, type paternal or maternal type interaction. Such things always lead to affairs.

So coaching protects and improves your relationship as well as the other six areas of your life.

Innerwealth coaching provides 24/7 assistance. If you’re on the way home and have a challenge to destress or an emotion to let go, I’m here for you as often as you need. Plus, our weekly sessions provide a venue to clear up any lingering doubts you may have about your own or your partner’s interaction. This, I feel is the key to living a long and happy home life.