Is Life Coaching for you?

Developing a deeper sense of self is never ever going to be a cakewalk. The ego steps in and usually takes us to places we dream of but are no closer to finding the answers when we arrive. Coaching can help because it’ll push you beyond self-set limits.

In my own life I wasted many many years chasing rainbows in Eastern retreats, Western workshops and reading nearly 20,000 books that, at the end of the day, took me further away from self.

To find self we must go past judgement. Judgements are thoughts. We are attached to those thoughts because they make life safe and they are part of our identity.

Workshops and books are also good but they are always generic. I don’t believe everyone has the same path to Self, so, unless you want to build another ego around a belief set belonging to a teacher, they are not the short path to Self.