A Highly Conscious Program for Business People. We invite entrepreneurs, companies and individuals to attend this highly aware training and development program. In presentation Chris will demonstrate how to become a more visionary and inspired leader.


Visionary and Expansive

Innerwealth Training and Development helps leaders to become visionary, moved by an expansive vision, fascinated by life and driven to experience it fully.

Mastery of Change

Innerwealth Training and Development delivers the tools so that leaders respond well to change although they do not necessarily have to like it. A more open and receptive state of mind that is not paralysed by unexpected information.

Adaptive and Receptive

They think clearly when information is uncertain and structures of belief are impaired. They see connections between a fast moving world and their organization

Communicate with Integrity

Innerwealth Training and Development teaches skills to master the art of working with people and to communicate honestly, pursue compelling vision and engage with integrity.

Case Studies

Sanofi Aventis – Pharma

16 separate training events were presented at all levels of the business to introduce new self-leadership skills throughout the transformation program within Australia. Mostly in small groups/teams of 10-20 people and in off site locations in nature including some indigenous ceremonies.View more

Deloitte Australia

In the highly stressful consulting market Deloitte partners face a never ending quality of life battle between delivery, sales and a healthy life. Although not sanctioned by the firm, 13 Deloitte partners came to Innerwealth for improved quality of life and in some cases career transition. View more


“Chris has taught me, means that I turn up at home – centred, balanced and calm, allowing me to focus and give my husband and children my full attention.

Zoe Pavy Sanofi Aventis Australia

I rolled my eyes when my friend suggested I speak to his career coach. “Just talk to him for 30 minutes. See what he says.” It took me 2 months to finally set up the call, mainly to tick the box and so dismiss it. When I hung up the phone I was literally shaking. …

Deloitte Partner

Let’s build something great together.