Your physical strength goes way past the number of kg you can squat. Your immune system, your nervous system, your resilience to hurt, your ability to recover and rebound from injury and illness. It is a cellular strength. We show you how.

Energy is absorbed from the sun through sunlight, starlight, food, air and water. It is transmitted in the form of emotion, movement, action, and words. It is stored in nerves, muscle and tissue. It is often wasted in stress, emotion, nervous reactions and unsteady thoughts.

Chris will also help you transition to a stronger state of physical wellbeing by managing your energy balance. This starts with learning to change any stressful situation you might encounter into a good positive condition, or experience. The result will be that you will learn how to experience change proactively, with more moments of gratitude, presence, certainty and love in your life. You will learn how to act from a greater state of purpose, wisdom, maturity and poise. Please enjoy the podcasts “Change One Change All” here. Integrates seamlessly with your current life management, self-leadership process such as yoga, sport, wine tasting, golf, footy, flower arrangement, photography, Foxtel and romantic adventures.

Innerwealth Technology is a life /business consulting and strategic planning firm committed to improving the human environment through high performance personal development, teaching, training and personal coaching. Our mission is to demonstrate the essential benefits of nature based environments, biophilic thinking and connection to nature to business, sport, family, performance and individual health. We support our work through research, writing and ongoing population of social media with appropriate data.

In order to elevate conversations and help clients break new ground in thinking creatively about inspired living opportunities we have embarked on a campaign since 1986, to travel the world working with like minded leaders, specialists and executives who recognise the declining health of urbanisation and therefore the need to invest in nature connectivity within their personal lives, organisational strategy and wellbeing policies.

We have worked to shape the outcome of large-scale human development projects around the world including: the Federal and provincial Governments of Canada (an  innovator in human development technologies), First Nation Community Development,  private companies, public institutions, sports professionals, musicians, rock bands and social services agencies on a variety of project types.

More than 50% of people now live in urban areas. By 2050 this proportion will be 70%. Urbanisation is associated with increased levels of mental illness, but it’s not yet clear why. Through controlled experiments it has been shown, that thinking as nature thinks  reduces rumination (repetitive thought focused on negative aspects of the self), a known risk factor for mental illness. Plus, improved stress recovery rates, lower blood pressure, improved cognitive functions, enhanced mental stamina and focus, decreased violence and criminal activity, elevated moods, and increased learning rates.