There are many viewpoints about our existence. But there is only one viewpoint that is highest, and that is a viewpoint from the center of the universe. From that position we can have a true perspective on life.

The difference between a universal viewpoint and that of the ordinary person is the former views the whole at once, while the latter sees only the part. This distinction, slight as it seems at first, means the vast scope of the universe on the one hand and the worst of all personal and human interest on the other hand. Now which is the more important?

Observe now from your vantage point, and see the sun having a long leash, like ropes that extend in all directions, leading out from itself to all planets, and that with these leashes each planet is held in check.The sun feeds them all with light and therefore energy, she defines their path through the sky and she controls their rate of speed. Now you will have a good idea of the control that is exercised by the sun over its family, the a solar system.

The forces involved in the government of this world and family of worlds, are mighty in their power, and yet humble in their obedience.They must conform.We’ve seen lightning leap across the sky and tear its way into the earth, seemingly following some movement that was due to chance; but every scientist who has studied lightning, knows that it obeys a fixed rule in all it’s activities. It will never deviate a hairs breath from that fixed rule.

The Sun is the leader giving light to dark, the planets are the follower fulfilling their own density guided by the light of the sun. The earth is free to fulfill it’s purpose, but cannot escape the leash of the sun, it is bound by it’s laws. Any contradiction to this would result in the expulsion of the earth from the family of this sun. Corporate Culture are these larger laws, job function are the individual purpose. All of life fits these rules.

The same is true of every one of the mighty operations of nature. All is governed; all is obedience.

All things have a central power that controls them. Everything
is humble to something greater than itself.This is a self-evident
law. There never was or could be a tribe that did not have its chief. Nor has there been a city or a town without a mayor or leader. There is no body of people that is without a leader. No government has ever existed without a leader, or a group of leaders;All business’s have their leader. And partnerships that are supposed to be composed of two people holding equal rights and rank, always have the senior partner, and one voice is stronger than the other in the management of the business.

This fact is due to the necessity of centralizing the control of everything. But it is also instinctively derived from the same law that pervades all creation.

The same law of central control holds each moon to its mother planet. If the smaller body could get away from the greater, it would become a free agent, and its course in space would mark uncertainty if not ruin. We would never know at what moment some stray world might crash into our planet.

Everything in the universe reports to a higher power. IT is the law of the one and the many. Obedience is the nature of things.To defy that obedience is a disastrous life.