There are high vibrations and low vibrations. High vibrations are high in energy low in mass (the particles vibrate highly but are light) and then there are low vibrations which are particles that have much of their energy turned into weight, and less in energy.

So, the universe is constructed of different materials (periodic table of elements) yet, the foundations of all those different materials is the same. Atoms, molecules and sub atomic particles,The highest vibration of the universe is light, called love in earthly terms, light is a massless, chargeless particle with all it’s energy consumed in its vibration.

Now, slow light down, the photon, no mass no charge, maximum vibrational energy, starts to split into proton and electron, and
so, we begin to form matter. Everything you can touch, taste, see, smell, hear, own and discard, is made of light particles slowed down to form things.

So manifestation is the ability to slow down light. Light being love. So to take a great idea (thought) and turn it into a business, art form, gift, action – is to transform love to action to material.This is the mastery of life on earth. Remember, as above so below. So the more skilled we become at mastering the heavier materials and feelings, the higher we go in inspiration.

Spirit (just a thought) without matter (just a thing) has no form, and Matter (just a thing) without Spirit (just a thought) has no motion. The two are essential to life.