Nothing is ever missing it just changes in form.

There never was and never will be any limit to space, this is something that overwhelms the mind. We know that it must be true, because it is one of those facts that prove themselves. No one doubts it. If you are able to travel through sky with the speed of the mind, which will take you to the furthest visible star in one second, and if, at that rate, you were to go on and on, what would you find? Just space? Stars in it? Perhaps; but when stars were no longer there, it would be just space. If you think there is an end to space, what would you find there? What marks the end? A door? A wall, or an ocean, or a solid bank? What? It is merely space. When your mind travels to the highest heights, to the deepest depths, the furthest east and west, and north and south, and endlessly everywhere, it will find space, just space. Beyond the limits of space, there is more space. And so on until the end of thought. It is an amazing idea.

The fact that there is material existence today in the universe proves one or more of the following conclusions;

  1. Whatever exist in the material world must either have been created by some power, or must have been always present in some form.
  2. The material was always present, therefore, it had no beginning.
  3. If it was created, that which created it must have existed before it; and must always have existed or must have been created.
  4. If that power had always existed then it had no beginning.
  5. If it was created, then some other power must have existed before it.

Every one of these propositions is capable of proof. In reaching the conclusion that there was never a beginning of existence in the universe, we start with the presence of matter which is known. If at any time in the past there was no matter in existence, then the power to create matter must have existed. But if there was a period when neither matter nor the power to create matter existed, then there was nothing at all. This would imply there was a beginning. If there was a beginning then just before that beginning there must have been nothing at all.This is suggesting that matter or some power preceding matter must have sprung from nothing.

We can comprehend that it is possible for matter to spring from a creative source, but it is not possible for a creative source to spring from nothing.When we use the word nothing we mean the absence of everything except empty space; and in the space is nothing. No power, not even a miracle can spring from nothing. Therefore, there was never a beginning of the universe.

It has been said that there was never a beginning. It’s also been said that there was a time when our solar system didn’t exist. I.e., there was a time when nothing material was present. It would seem, then, that it must have been a void, that space, which is now our solar system, was wholly unoccupied. Or was it?


Under the banner of thought, it is possible to put everything that is not material; spirits, souls and all else that can possibly exist apart from matter, might just be thoughts. Therefore if there was never a beginning, and if matter at one time was wholly lacking, and if something cannot be built our of nothing, then thought must have preceded the creation of matter. Figure it over for years if you wish, it will stand the test. It will become more and more self evident as your mental process ripen into a fruitful understanding of it.

Power is the ability to do anything. But this does not mean
the ability to make something out of nothing. Such a thing has never been done, and never will occur. Music, is the perfect demonstration of this law. We hear notes, and analysis shows they are merely the waves of air in vibration, the same as thought.The energy of music is in the strength of a finger hitting a hammer onto a string converting energy in one form to another. Something existed and something was created. Just changed form.

In the central courts of heaven no material exists, it is pure, un diluted light, thought. (they are both vibrations of extreme intensity) Everything in the central courts of heaven is un manifested, it hasn’t changed from thought energy to material energy.The material world exists in other realms of existence. Here, there is just pure vibration, light.

In the central courts of heaven, there is no material. Here, in the center of the cosmos, there is only pure thought.

If you have mastered a moment of unconditional love in your life, a moment of non attachment, a moment of supreme presence and gratitude, a moment of awe and absolute wonderment, a moment where you forgot yourself and stood motionless, silent and with heart frozen in beauty, then you have once before visited this center of the cosmos.You will know of the beauty and the wonder of it.

The difference between thought and matter, between spirit and life is life the difference between ice and water.

You may burn the house in which you live, but every atom in it will be found again; some in gases that remain in the air; others in solids that go to the earth; and a few ashes that are heaped up, nothing can be lost. If you took a contract to end the existence of a drop of water for which you get $1 million if you succeed, you will not do it. No matter how many chemical changes the water passes through, it still lives and will live to that remote period that marks the end of eternity.

By universal law, nothing is missing.There is no insufficiency. Nothing is missing it just changes in form. It’s universal. So there can be no wanting from a universal viewpoint. Only a human mind can conceive something missing. Nothing is missing, it just changes in form.


Abundance can only come from a universal perspective, and from this vantage, there is no wanting.There is nothing to change. Nothing is missing, just changed in form.

The universal perspective is abundant, content and happy, there
is nothing to be unhappy about. It not about personal change, or trying to change something.This is a little bit like trying to put five fingers on five fleas at once. Every time you get two pinned, the other 3 crawl off in different directions. Identifying too much with different personality traits that people are not happy with, is just a great waste of time. Moreover, the minute we start thinking that way, we develop problem consciousness. In other words, we set out to conquer a problem in our personality, we conquer it, and no sooner do we do this than we find fifty more. Finally we find something we cannot conquer and we get frustrated. Then we become compulsive about trying to fix something in ourselves, and finally we discover some of the problems we thought we had fixed, came back. Of course, that’s even more frustrating.

We know when we are holding the universal viewpoint. Instead of problem consciousness, there will be openness and grace, a sense of flow that we have within ourselves and with other people.

Can you see that everything you want, or miss you already have? This is grace. Can you see yourself in everyone you meet? Where have you done what they are doing, positive and negative, no separation? Totally?.

If nothing is missing – just changed in form, then everything you see is a reflection of you. Every character trait in another is you. If they are bad you are bad, if they are good you have that goodness. Putting people on pedestals is foolish and putting people below you is disturbing to your peace of mind.

By asking where have I done that, you need to be able to look at behavior laterally. If they have committed a crime and you have not, then you need to ask where have I done what I don’t like about that, for example – where have I hurt people. 1000 little increments add up to 1 big action.You may need to confess this. Also, you need to see that the difference between thought and matter is like ice and water. Sometimes we think that our thoughts are not actions. But they are, they count.