divide life into four different segments. See above

when energy drains, emotion, fidgeting and more, we are exhausted. Let’s call it worry.

the other three, we need elegance and sophistication.

Relationships involve all four.

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Growth in nature is not linear. It happens in cycles. Nature does not grow constantly but at the border of chaos and order. Such is life. Cycles of growth, rest and release.This is the flow, the natural flow of life for which most of us are not adept.

We fall easily to the idea that we can grow constantly and keep the foot on the accelerator. This is false.

Sustainability comes from endurance. Endurance does not come from holding back but from performing at 90%.

At 100% we “light matches” and whether in sport or business, relationship or family, a lit match lasts a few days at best before it burns out. Many people sacrifice the long term sustainability for the short term excitement of a late night party, a big lunch, some quick fix and in doing so, burn out.

The Innerwealth way is the sustainable way…. Never give 100%.

at full speed still not giving 100%

Energy and Emotion.

The energy released between 90 and 100% is emotion. That emotion has low outcome result in spite of it feeling exciting. A business person must learn to conserve such energy and not add it to the existing complexity of any situation. Whether this is a personal, sport or business situation, emotion is not a sustainable or productive force and at extremes, is the opposite.

Clarity – Four Great Questions

Where are you going?

Why are you here?

Where did you come from?

Who are you?

Distill and compress clarity.