The 1st Law – the law of perfect Balance

Look around in this wondrous space and take careful note, all creation is drawn to be spherical. The earth is round. The sun is round. The planets are round. The solar system is round. All matter seeks the same shape, and no power exists in the universe that can alter the tendency.

More than this, there is the influence that one set of planets has on all the others, and that all have on each. Wherever a ray of light travels, harmony goes with it, and there goes the power that is inseparable from all existence.

It is a self-evident fact that everything that is free in nature assumes a round shape which reveals the presence of balanced forces.

Light carries the power of repulsion. Matter carries the power of attraction; and these two influences working together give shape to the entire universe.This is the balance between all forces, and the Universe itself must, of necessity, be round in order for the two forces to do their work.

If one single atom, in the entire universe were out of balance the whole of creation would be destroyed. Growth and decay, birth and death, weather, tides successes and failure are all the manifestation of this greater law, all in the universe seeks balance, and without it, all would freeze.

Balance is everything. It is one law that governs all.

Contrast this now with the minds of ants, scurrying about in their anthill worlds.Their existence is conditional on the defiance of the law of balance. Every emotion, every feeling, every attraction and every repulsion, every like and dislike, every good and bad are one if not all four of these separations from grace, an imbalanced thought.The ambition for most people, the height of earthly experience is separation, identity.They aspire to create a good without it’s correlate wrong, an upper without it’s correlate downer.This identification is the basis of their life’s whole pursuit, a struggle to create individuality, a fight against nature.They search and struggle looking for ways to change their ant hill to separate themselves from others on the basis of personal ideals.They hold so fast to their separations that they go to their grave early.

What stress is not caused by separation? What sickness is not
the result of a stubborn hold on lopsided identity? What war
and boundary between nations is not divided on the basis of imbalanced ideals of religion, culture or greed.They build prisons and then fight to remain inside them. Is there any single event that can escape perfect balance? Is their a birth without a death, a loss without a gain, a growth without a decay.Yet on earth they fight for youth, and deny the decay of age.

On earth our viewpoint limits our understanding.We believe only what we see. We cannot understand that balance exists because we cannot measure what happens in one part against another.We know only what we can see.

On earth, we have come to thrive on this imbalance. Our stories are told in pain without pleasure, of happiness without cost. Of death without gain. We write books and performances in which one side can exist without the other and the more this is shown, the more it is revered. Living in our lower minded ant hills we build hospitals and study better ways to defy natures law.

The process is balance. When a human ant finds balance, it is uncomfortable because balance is not action, balance is stillness. When we are in balance it is uncomfortable because there is no drama, no story to tell. Imbalance is contrast and this has the appearance of success, progress. It is also separation of people, boundaries between nations, violence and suffering. Consciousness in the human definition is the preservation of life in the best way possible whereas consciousness on the universal level is perfect balance, unconditional love, eternal witness. One satisfies the human being while the other satisfies the soul, and this is the cosmic joke.