Ebook – Self Sufficiency



SELF CONFIDENCE: There are three things all human beings cannot live without: Someone to love. Something to do. Something to look forward to.

We attach ourselves to things in the hope that the “thing” will become us. We hope the thing doesn’t move or change or fail or break. These attachments are plastic. Synthetic living has no self-sufficiency and therefore lacks confidence in the future. Synthetic living is vulnerable to the whims of others which is what we call the Sneeze Factor. Today, i would like to introduce you to one of the most important concepts in the entire 30 day program, the concept of attachment and detachment and their link to success.


Homework today is to learn self-sufficiency through the overview concept – falling in love 1000 times a day. Learning that love is not an exclusive experience and choosing to live with one person is absolutely no reason not to love others. Separating love and sexuality, falling in love from possession, and love from expectations is the first and a critical key to self-confidence. Don’t expect other’s who are insecure and lack the abundance of love and self-confidence to understand your homework so it might be just wise to do it self-sufficiently.


In the next days we are going to do your values and in understanding those values you’ll recognise what you are wanting to feel while you do whatever you do. This we link to Doing What You Love and Loving what You Do and Being Paid a Fortune for Doing it. The ultimate dream and it’s not a unicorn idea. Today, your homework, just sit and ponder, what would I love to do and do and do and get paid a fortune for doing it?


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Self-Sufficiency is not for me to be independent of others but to be so needless that they can depend on and need me as much as they want and it’s great. Interdependency is the real problem

Chris Da Vinci Walker

Self Sufficiency

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