About Red Flags in Life

About Red Flags in Life


Early Intervention in Lower Mind Thinking in any area of life is a Vital Key to Great Self – Leadership.


In a “got to” state of mind we are in fight flight and bound to end up with a serious illness. The body is in constant stress, generating excess adrenalin and starving the body of dopamine and healthy chemicals it needs to stay strong. The body is in a state of constant vigilance because the mind is in a violent extreme of fight or flight. Over an extended period this state of mind becomes habitual and although it is healthy for an emergency, it will, inevitably sabotage us. It is really important to A/ Flag any GOT TO areas of life. B/ Treat them as the effect of a cause we would be wise to address. This can be the focus of coaching or counselling.


A religious fanatic may be a suicide bomber, and hurt many people, they are in a state of extreme should/shouldn’t and operating from righteousness. Everybody, at some level thinks their watch tells the right time, but how can it be so? (of course it’s a bit easier with a digital watch but you get what I mean). A terrorist can also be a healthy person functioning as a leader at home or at work. This righteous stance of “I’m Right and You’re Wrong” or “I’m Wrong and You’re right, sayinng sorry all the time, is terrorism undetected. It is based on moral and ethical high ground and is witnessed today in the arguments about JAB or NO JAB. This is how it looks on the conspicuous side but Should do, shouldn’t do, is also a deep disturbance in teams and for those who think it, within ourselves. It creates a war, a religious or moral war within. And leads to anxiety, exhaustion and insomnia and more. Better flag any area of life where this is prevalent for you and be ready to chat on your first coaching session.


Human emotion is a wonderful aspect of humanity, it makes us care. However, 100% of emotion is based on perception of either a high or a low outcome. If we ask the question “does this get me what I want? and the answer is no, then we switch off and sabotage it. If the answer is yes, we switch on and become enthusiastic or, as most people call it, passionate about it. This switch on and switch off is absolutely changable, as are personality tests, that really only examine the surface of our beliefs. All emotions are based on memories, learnt stories, experiences of the past that project themselves onto the future. Need to is simply an imagined reality and for most, due to placebo effect it can prove itself to be very true. However, it is absolutely changeable and as we evolve as leaders we will need to be able to walk ourselves through many of those past beliefs and adapt. This is why it’s wise to listen to our stories and realise where, we have created a judgement in the past that might hold us back in the future. Your stories will be our first conversation in our first session in the 30 day challenge coaching.

A leader at home and at work must recognise the difference between higher and lower thinking, and with that, not get caught up in the latter.

Chris “Socrates” Walker


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