The person with the greatest certainty leads. And as a mirror of this we place a child in our picture. We do this because this represents the confidence, enjoyment, love, adaptability and engagement a great leader will bring to a venture. A leader can implement plan b, the fastest.

There are no false faces in real leadership. And the mastery of thought is a key to this. Mastery of mind, body and emotion creates trust in self and others. This is a learnt skill and what we teach in all coaching.

Self-leadership is the beginning of real leadership. As you and your business team enter an era of hyper accelerated decision making the demands on you to bring your total capacity to work, including your heart, your creativity, inspiration and non rational intellect, Chris’ coaching presents a new understanding of “the Total Human Dynamic” – balanced people are balanced in all seven areas of life. It reduces stress, increases productivity, creates inspired individuals and links them to a balanced company vision.

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A chain is only as strong as its weakest link

The person at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there. They got there with the support and commitment of a team. The lowest common denominator of that team is its weakest link. This is so conspicuous in business.

The weakest link in a business team is often the most vocal. It is often a person who is liked, encouraged and enabled by others. A stark irony that a whole team can be influenced by a weakness.

In Innerwealth corporate workshops a team is taught a language around self-leadership that enables them to do a series of self-monitoring checks:

  • At what real level of engagement am I functioning at?
  • Am I influenced into negative problem mode or positive solution mode?
  • Are my decisions emotionally driven or strategically aligned?
  • Am i functioning on old school or new school self-awareness?
  • Do I expect too much of myself and therefore operate under distress rather than healthy eustress?
  • Are my eyes open to the real balance ?
  • Is my personal vision linked to company/team vision?

These questions and more are workshopped in order to present the most sophisticated self leadership awareness at an individual level. This also empowers team members to witness the “lower emotional” behaviour as a colleague and signal it for it’s needed support.

Finally, in workshops we offer attendees a chance to delve into the concept of inspiration (inner voice intuitions) over motivations (outer voice emotions) and be able to differentiate them. This is essential in self-leadership and personal awareness and very often not made perfectly clear.

Attendees leave with:

  1. A personal vip statement (vision, inspiration and purpose)
  2. A process for managing and balancing emotion
  3. A clear differentiation between emotion and intuition
  4. A clear agenda of red flag self-monitoring signs that are early warning signals of poor performance at home and at work.

The investment returns itself in productivity and interpersonal communication improvements.