From Mexico to Canada helping youth and preventing suicide. Chris Walker’s exclusive community retreats are an intervention in life. Confronting cultural norms, raising awareness and inspiring youth.

Change one change all

What we Offer

Our experience in dealing with human change in both organisational and personal settings provides the perfect antidote to the rising problems in youth suicide in particular in Indigenous communities.

Our experience in Communities is Canada and to a lesser extent in Australia has given us great hope and motivation to provide long term support where we are called to help create conscious change in indigenous communities.

We donate significant resources to this work and meet communities with a dollar for dollar investment in training, development and coaching of Innerwealth Consultants with the community itself. We also provide coaching services to individuals as requred and have established significant programs of training and personal coaching for those members of a community who are ready.

Our community actions are based on the following

1. The knowledge is already in the hands of people and it is just our role to help bring it out.

2. Some people in Indigenous cultures are anti non native involvement and as such we respect the traditional culture.

3. We believe that many of the problems that occur inside communities are the result of ecconomic and commercial hardships and that gainful empoyment is a vital key for self growth and change.

4. Resources that are provided to a community need to be re worked so they are presented in a respectful and culturally appropriate way without buying into the cultural value systems which create problems in the first place.

5. Ease creates disease and core to the process of healing is to create a personal, group, family and community vision in which the boundaries which separate individuals and groups need to be torn down and the spearations closed.

6. Community change begins with Personal Change

7. Sustainable application of services is the key to change in community. Long term perspectives are required to deal with many of the cultural issues which make change in community extremely and frustratingly so, in particlur in relation to suicide and substance issues.

8. Our expertise is only a small part of the whole. And therefore it is critical that Innerwealth Personal Mastery programs and training fit into other existing and proposed process in community. That this becomes a part of the overall community development process including leadership and governance.

9. That there will be some who wish us not to contribute becuase of the color of our skin and this is an understandable backlash and a relfection of underlying issues that hold people together in a fight for justice. That this is not a personal matter but one relfecting the amount of work to be done to re create the true spirit of love and understanding amongst peoples of the world.

Innerwealth – The Offering

Innerwealth offers a new and more profound way of looking at life. It provides a leading edge methodology, a life advancing process, and a high achievement formula, that can help people help others. This Innerwealth Technology is also here to help an individual learn how to change any stressful situation they might encounter into a blissful condition, or experience. The result will be that people get their power back with gratitude, certainty and presence. They will learn how to act from a greater state of purpose.

Back to Centre

Innerwealth is renowned for it’s journey as a deep and intensive exploration of the self. It is a time to bring one back to centre and reconnect with the spiritual self. There is a strong emphasis on developing personal balance, inner wisdom and calm. The key features of these programs include clear thinking and decision making, understanding the laws of nature, opening the heart, and discerning between illusion and reality. Shake up old patterns and structures that may not be working for an individual anymore and start anew. Discover and apply the tools to sustain vitality in all areas of life.

Innerwealth offers a fast, no fuss method of resolving uncertainty, eliminating negative states of mind, resolving conflicts both in and out of the home,. Using this heart opening science you will help people to gain deep insight into their life purpose, vision and personal inspiration. Your clients will own more of the power, joy and heart driven inspiration many people talk about but never find.

About Christopher Walker

Christopher Walker is about Change.

Fast, clear and focussed change. The sort of change you need when you want to improve the quality of your life, grow your business, develop and better home life or in any way inspire more spirit and vision in your life. His interest is to help you open your heart and then follow it, relentlessly. It means cutting through belief systems, exploring options and finding your truth in personal, business, relationship and health.