Doubts can drive a champion to all manner of compensations but there is no pill that can cure it. The key to overcoming self doubt is mental strength and we show you how.

We live and breathe the true power of our home life. Disrupted and corrupted our relationships can truly turn a great life into a bun fight. This can be changed. The Spiritual Pitbull is Chris’ true hidden spirit. He will help you to re-engage or choose to disengage. Conscious communication is where it starts.

Finding a common language

First, we are individuals. Then we are connected. Finally we may choose to be in some form of relationship. If the foundation stones are laid smooth, all is possible. It starts with self-awareness.

Self-awareness has three major components:

  1. Your Story “history”
  2. Your Values “why you do what you do”
  3. Your vision “where you are going”

With these three in place you are available for relationship. But, it takes two to tango. So, the key you’ll need to determine is what are the other person’s answers to the three self-awareness questions. With this in place, you have common ground to explore relationship in business or personal life.

Avoiding the burnout syndrome

When you are with the one, you want the many and when you are with the many you want the one. The purpose of a relationship is not happiness.


During the honeymoon period when we meet someone new, we are infatuated. This is business and personal. We see what the other person presents. Usually what they think we’ll like. But eventually, that is going to decay. Eventually, they will become real. A real human being has two sides, they are balanced. A balanced person is not attractive. But they are worthy of love. One must be able to evolve past attraction to stay in relationship.

People become as we treat them. Not because it makes them one sided, but because we begin to focus on the elements of a person we focus on when we treat them. Yes, they are still real, but when we “look” with one eye closed they will definitely appear better. When you treat someone as fantastic they become fantastic. (still two sided)

Innerwealth coaching always includes relationship management both personal and business. They are important to our authentic nature.

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