I need nothing, want nothing and therefore I have everything…

Chris Walker

Success breeds success. People with abundant thinking look from the mountain top down. This is a key to life and love and work success.

The size of your vision determines the size of your LIFE…

Chris Walker

Nothing can be bigger in your life than the vision you have of it. See it to be it… this is such a powerful insight that it can change lives. If you are waiting to see it to believe it, you’ll be waiting a very long time.

The person with the greatest certainty leads…

Chris Walker

This certainty, is not the certainty of how or when or who … it is a vision of what… a group must collude on the what before the why, when and how…


  • Vision sessions for corporate teams 1 day
  • Vision sessions for individuals 3-4 hours
  • Vision sessions keynotes 1-2 hours
  • Vision retreats in Nepal 10-14 days