Innerwealth is the science of life.

Thousands of years of wisdom distilled through 35 years of trial and error – you get unique, personalised guidance.

Big Cove First Nation Community Health, Canada

People doing what they love with an inspired vision, building teams, sharing keys to health and performance. That’s Christopher Walker’s vision.

“Innerwealth reveals how you can develop mind control, confidence, certainty, self awareness and focus. It will help you improve communication and leadership from a place of self-awareness. It will help add depth to your work and provides active tools for being and doing the best in any area of life.”

“In this book and Chris’ coaching
-You will experience new techniques for increasing personal effectiveness at home or at work.
-You will gain new insights into the human dynamic and therefore be able to better manage difficult people.
-You will share the importance of exercise, deep breathing, relaxation for high performance in business life.
-You will gain valuable insights that will help you develop greater peace of mind, more clarity and greater certainty.
-You will discover tools for improved relationship, better health, well being and self management for success.