I have been working with Chris for over two years now. After having made a large change to our business, I was looking for a personal coach outside of the organization who I could feel comfortable with to bounce ideas and challenges off. As a leader of an organisation going through a massive change, I found it […]

Michelle, COO, Australian Banking

Working with Chris over the past year in one-on-one coaching has not only grown my leadership skills, but has also changed my life. Through this experience I have learned to see balance in the world in a way I was not able to before. Chris’ coaching helped me to see the “gift” in my experiences which […]

Director of Youth Care Services, Canada

As I mentioned, one person I have used for some time as a sounding board, life coach and career development is Chris Walker – ex engineer, entrepreneur and life coach master who has made and lost millions, written loads of books, led 10s of groups into Nepal, spent serious time in zen in the Himalayas, […]

Private Equity – Founder and Leader

When Christopher Walker asked me to write this testimonial I was deeply honoured. He is a man that walks his talk, he is the model for the paradigm which he teaches. He teachings addresses that which transcends all religion and spirituality expanding perception, allowing individuals to cut thru obstacles, illusions and move forward in a […]

CEO – Owner International Cosmetics

Invest in your innerwealth with Chris Walker you wont regret it, it will be the best investment of your life, trust me. You wander through your life from your teens, twenties and thirties, there seems so much to look forward to, career, marriage, the perfect house, holidays and then the kids. You then hit your […]

GM – Global Construction Industry

Typical of any accountant I would like life to occur in a linear fashion, unfortunately that is just not the case, and there are lots of ups and downs along the journey.  Given this, it is important to have an experienced guide to help you on that journey, especially when the fog created by my […]

CFO – Senior Partner – Big Four Consultancy

I’ve had the absolute privilege to spend around an hour a week with Chris Walker over the past 2 years. The culture and structure of his coaching combines beautifully with extraordinary personal gentleness, experience and insight.   He regularly guides me to (literal) jaw dropping moments of clarity, and then gently provides a supplementary path, […]

Entrepreneur, Film Maker

I’ve been seeing Chris every week for almost 3 years. He has helped me realise my true value, successfully navigate a career transition and secure a step-change in income. I’ve truly enjoyed his unique blend of support and challenge, which is always delivered in good humour. Working with Chris has lead to huge personal growth […]

Senior Partner Management Consulting

Chris – to you –  unique spirit, beautiful soul, living angel, loving heart Every day, I wake up and my first thoughts are – “thank god I’m alive! Thank you!!” I carry on with a morning routine which Chris thought me, “The Walkachi” I make it my own and made it my own version, although […]

CEO, Entrepreneur, Leader

The great thing about Chris, my coach, is that he is unique, he is true, he is amazing and innovative. He is funny, wise, compassionate and he is the voice of nature. I don’t know how he does it, but he is not just a coach I hear from once a week. He is just […]

CRM International Media and Television

I first met Chris in June, 2015.  I was on the right side of 50, but not in a happy place and hoping my circumstances might change. The first month with Chris was annoying and then amazing. My mindset changed and continues to realign with my focus along with better health and vastly improved balance.  […]

CEO – Financial Services

Hello Stranger, How are you? I wanted to share with you that my 15yo daughter has read your book ‘INNERWEALTH’ and is now making reference to it during our conversations. She is one inspiring, beautiful and deep individual and what she speaks blows my mind and gives me an inner smile & to you I […]

My Daughter Gets Innerwealth

Two years ago I was at a work Christmas party and I mentioned to my boss how miserable I truly was. My husband was an abusive drunk and my young children were traumatised. I was trying to do a great job at work and we could not survive the mortgage on his salary. He took […]

A Party that changed my Life

I am glad to inform you that our evaluation panel has shortlisted Chris Walker Coaching to feature as one of the “ Top 10 Leadership Development Training and Coaching Companies 2021 in APAC”.  As a result, Chris Walker Coaching will have a profile among the Top 10 Leadership Development Training and Coaching Companies.  This edition […]

HR Magazine

Chris has been my life line. I have been working with him for the past 5 years and has taken me through some really tough challenges and hurdles. From the day I have met him he has looked directly into my soul. Someone – or maybe the only one – who really understands me. And […]

The Hague Exec. Global Warming

If you want someone who can tear through your bullshit and bring you up on the other side bloody, bruised but smiling, It’s Chris Walker. Chris knows how to hold the mirror up for you so you can truly see what is going on within yourself. As ugly as that reflection may be, every time I […]

Professional Actor, NYC

Chris coached me through three jobs and to my current success. Meet … , an Investment Director within Private Equity at IFM and also mother to two year old Andrew, avid traveller and developing baker. ……….. joined IFM in November 2018 when our Head of Private Equity, Stuart Wardman- Browne sought her expertise in corporate […]

Investment Director

When Christopher Walker asked me to write this testimonial I was deeply honoured. He is a man that walks his talk, he is the model for the paradigm which he teaches. He teachings addresses that which transcends all religion and spirituality expanding perception, allowing individuals to cut thru obstacles, illusions and move forward in a […]

My Business Coach Chris Walker

“This work is more than digging deep, it’s about taking control & driving the bus. It’s about clever use of time & resources to be absolutely present in each of the different pieces of the puzzle. It’s about clearing a rolling fog that if allowed, will persist throughout the day/week/month/year. What I achieved in the Back […]

Business Owner – Restaurants and Catering

“Looking back at the last month of our 30 day challenge and time at our meetings I feel only inspiration and love.  Those meetings are magic moments where time seems to stand still. They are also like an adventure through mind and spirit. That time your past client just happened to be there, there was a feeling […]

CEO – Business Owner – VC Group

“I have worked with Chris both on a personal level and at a corporate level and the results are everything he promised and more.”

Associate Director

Regardless of your background, career or circumstance , Chris has the know-how, the ability, and knowledge to not only to help you with your current circumstances but also provide the disciplines to help keep on top of your own goals.  This type of insight only comes along with experience. I cannot thank and recommend Chris […]

Financial Services Company Director

I rolled my eyes when my friend suggested I speak to his career coach. “Just talk to him for 30 minutes. See what he says.” It took me 2 months to finally set up the call, mainly to tick the box and so dismiss it. When I hung up the phone I was literally shaking.  […]

Deloitte – Big Changes

Chris has shown an amazing ability to read where I’m at and pin point the root causes of what’s holding me back in my career and life. Then he has helped me with practical ways to change the way I think, feel and operate in the world. I’m now very focused on what makes me […]

Corporate CFO – Changed my Life

Gratitude is the one emotion I feel most when I think of Chris. Gratitude for his honesty, his care and a gratitude for the deep level of professionalism that grounds everything I take away from my sessions with Chris. His mix of both heartfelt empathy and blunt truth has kept me sharp beyond belief. Chris […]

Marketing Manager – Madrid, Spain

Recently a team member asked me how was it possible for me to do all my training, be a full time single mum, work full time and I don’t look stressed. And i thought straight away about you, Chris, I needed to tell you thank you again, thank you today, yesterday, tomorrow, forever, for appearing in […]

General Manager – Television and Media

I attended Christopher Walker’s program in Canada. Then booked him to do transformational workshops within our senior leadership teams. I am a leader of over 5,000 people and this teaching just transformed our organisation. Inspiration, living with spirit in everyday life, is the journey Christopher Walker has himself embarked upon an now teaches others. It […]

Senior Director Public Service – Canada

Thank you for being you. Thank you for helping me standing up from the shit hole i was in. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for being honest. Thank you for kicking my bum when it’s needed, thank.you for opening my heart, thank you for being a better person, thank you for helping me […]

Entrepreneur, Business Owner, New Life.

Christopher Walker is a man who walks his talk , he is the model for the paradigm which he teaches. His teachings address that which transcends all religion and spirituality expanding perception, allowing individuals to cut thru obstacles, illusions and move forward in a practical and balanced manner and finally find a new way of being […]

Inspired Me

Thank you for helping me open my heart. What a wonderful gift you have given to me. I have it all in my hands.

Thank You

To thrive in business is to bring our work and heart together, to transform our life into one living organism. Previously there were no laws, structures or guidance that would give us the tools to live whole and integrated in our work and personal life. Christopher Walker reveals that what we are looking for in […]

Inspired At Work – Happy at Home

“Chris, you are an inspiration – thank you for the life lessons. Written words seem inadequate to express the benefits and turn around in my life, and those around me since working with Chris.”  Michele  Capra – BHP Billiton

BHP Billiton

“Chris has taught me, means that I turn up at home – centred, balanced and calm, allowing me to focus and give my husband and children my full attention. – Zoe Pavy Sanofi Aventis Australia

Sanofi Aventis Australia

“Nobody has ever shifted my life as dramatically as Chris Walker. The ripple effects are already flowing to my family and will one day be felt in Africa. Thank you Chris from my ‘once stuck heart.” Martyn – Deloitte Australia

Deloitte Australia

Chris has a unique style and way of helping you discover the truth. If you want to cut through the fog and get hard hitting, actionable visionary guidance either at the corporate or personal level, no-one delivers like Chris. He’s the real deal.” Patrick Bright – EPS Property Search

He’s the Real Deal

Chris will not feel sorry for you nor will he tell you what you want to hear instead he forces you in different ways to confront issues and work through them so at the end of the process you have meaningfully contributed to understanding yourself, life and the people around you which is something you […]

I Recommend Chris’ Courses

I enjoy life’s journey, I am very confident in myself as a person and surprisingly strong and resilient deep down. I do not have all the answers, I am constantly being challenged by life and am always trying to improve my relationships, life and work environments. Chris provided me with the tools, the laws of […]

Personal Coaching for Me

I did not seek Chris Walker out however by opportunity I arrived at one of his courses worn out by my personal and business environments. My eyes were opened to a new way of looking at life and more importantly myself. The first course which included: tai chi, yoga, walking, gym, sweat lodges, group and one […]

Tools to Help Me Through

Dear Chris, As a retailer, I have been trained to believe that if you provided your customer with an above average quality/value combination … and then delivered in that same product a certain degree of emotional response, you could be assured of a best seller – a WOW! product or experience. Well, Chris Walker, you […]


Hello Chris, it’s Joy Assatly. I just wanted to thank you for an incredible day last Saturday… one that has truly challenged my thinking and forced me to see my life as one on purpose.   The world is a better place because of you and the work you are doing… and I am truly thankful […]

Real Spirit New York City

Just a quick line to thank you for you words of wisdom on Saturday. It was a momentous weekend for me, one way or another and I certainly see things much more clearly, both in the micro and more importantly in the macro.   Good Luck on your travels and in your valuable work!

Real Spirit

Hello, Chris:  It was the right timing for me to break open and begin my work, after I got clear about my vital dream. (Actually, I had been harbouring mine for a while.  There’s so much more I want to say, but I guess you can feel the vibes from wherever you are and know […]

Calgary, Canada

Chris Walker has added a new dimension to the programs we offer our guests at Camp Eden Health Retreat. As Australia’s leading Health Retreat, wanting to have the best facilitators in the field of personal growth we could not go past Chris Walker and his vast knowledge and presentation skills. Chris facilitates our bi-annual ‘Executive […]

Camp Eden Health Retreat

I actually don’t have anything to say about Breakthrough this time, which is unusual. Probably for the reason that my mind is quiet and my heart is open. It’s very peaceful in there, I just have nothing to say. It’s actually a relief as I do so much thinking, thinking, thinking, so it’s great, I […]

Just Silence Within

This has been a most extraordinary experience. Facing a lifetime of blocks and denial os difficult but in unconditional love it al becomes so clear. That understanding has served my life and set me up for a future so exciting and filled with love, Thank you, Sally, Teacher


The Breakthrough experience was exactly that a Breakthrough of illusions I had set in place to serve me magnificently till this point in time. Illusions I was not able to see and would not have called them such until now. My questions of who I am, why am I here, where did I come from […]

Business owner

Thank you Chris, once again you have helped me open up my heart and broaden my perspective to the unlimited possibilities of the universe, with love, The course proved to be a fulfillment. I was skeptical at first, however by using an open heart and mind I learned answers. More than answers but the formulae […]

Company owner and Marketing Executive

Your gentleness, kindness, understanding, perseverance, tolerance and love have been an inspiration to me this weekend. Your presence with each and every one of us here – taking the time to ensure that we completed what we needed to Breakthrough with such a beauty and grace has been both humbling and empowering. Many thanks and […]

Bodyworker and Business owner

I went to this Breakthrough with scepticism due to numerous different workshops in the past I still left feeling just as angry and resentful toward my family. I even blamed my marriage breakdown on my mother in law. Well much to my own surprise I did my collapse and could actually feel love and gratitude […]

Changed my life

What I experienced from two days of Breakthrough is invaluable. I learned to open my heart, my soul, my mind and understanding to the higher meaning of life. Everything we go through is for a reason and it’s not until you collapse what you’re feeling inside that you can ever understand and learn to love […]

I have MS

“Chris, thank you for the gift that you have faithfully passed on to me and others this weekend. You have confirmed many of my inner prompting and given me inspiration to listen closer and obey. You have given me, by your example, courage to listen to my soul. You have helped me have clarity of […]

Marketing Executive and Keynote Speaker

“My experience in the Breakthrough seminar took me a long way to quench my thirst for knowledge and even further to open the door to wisdom. I am so pleased to have been able to experience this. You have bought me closer to my family and deepened my understanding of unconditional love. For that I […]

Real Spirit -Depth of Understanding

“What if you were shown a way to reach unconditional love – guaranteed – for any person, issue or event in your life? The Breakthrough experience offers this and more; the rewards are immeasurable. Have the courage to learn to love yourself, you can’t go back.” Thanks Chris, Thank You

Inge, Producer and Manager 

It is wonderful to be reminded that we are simply part of Nature, and therefore, hold all its beauty and wonder within us.  It is wonderful to be reminded that we are as we think we are. It is wonderful to be reminded that Nature is not happy nor sad but rather in balance, at […]

Senior Academic – Canadian University

Hi Chris,   It’s been almost a year now since I have completed Breaktrhough and Real Spirit. This has given me time enough to evaluate the effectiveness of this over time. While I have studied many theories and various psychologies, I have found that Innerwealth is head and shoulders above them all. To realize that one […]

Counsellor/Therapist?Retired Educator

Not sure when you will pick this up, but I wanted to pass along my sincere appreciation for the brief period of time we spent yesterday (Wednesday) at RCMP/PWGSC. I thoroughly enjoyed your fresh and innovative style, not to mention being a little excited about what you had to say.  I can only wish that I had been able to stay through until […]

RCMP Canada

Good day to you where ever you are . Thank you again for a life long experience and process. I am now living the the experience -finally out of my head now into my being. I know you had an excellent keynote in Vancouver two nights ago. I would like to experience more of your keynote addresses and get more familiar with your […]

Business Manager, Entrepreneur, Vancouver  

I wanted to thank you for helping me yesterday.  I must say by the end of the evening I was only feeling “somewhat” grateful.  The other part was pretty pissed off at you for being such a “heartless bastard”.   After paying all that money and using all that time, I felt really rotten.  Not Fair! After a fairly lousy sleep, I did a discard this morning.  […]

I Was Really Pissed Off And then It Gave me The Shits

I want to thank you again for the wonderful work you did with the group in October. I liked the design and presentation of the program….it really worked. Everyone recognized the key concepts and ideas being presented and want to integrate it into their lives/work etc. For me, the collapse concept really crystallized. We had fun with the video. I’ll be presenting what we are […]

CEO and Director

  Thanks for the opportunity you set up for me to attend last week’s session with Chris Walker. It was really a special experience which seems to be staying with me at some level of conscientiousness which I find hard to  explain even though I feel it. If it were possible I would appreciate being considered for any future session at either refresher or advanced level. Again […]

Pictou Strategic Leadership Session with Chris Walker