Future Seeing – How to Learn Better by Tapping the Subconscious Mind

There are three classes of student:

  1. One class studies with the first layer of mind. Only a passing interest is taken and nothing much results. Newspapers, internet social media, magazines and novels are read in this way. Such students complain of the lack of success in all they undertake.
  2. The next class of student studies with the second layer of the mind. Thoughts and ideas area stored away for future reference if called upon. This class is merely a bank or silo for grain. Money stored in a bank or grain stored in a silo is of no use to the owner. Energy, money and food must circulate to grow and be of value. Knowledge stored is knowledge wasted. This group are memory chips.
  3. The third class of student uses the third layer of the mind. This is the sub-mind or the subconscious mind. It absorbs facts until they become part of the living being. The second layer puts money in the bank; the sub-mind is the bank itself. So, the shallow mind will read many a book on many subjects means the study is purely in the first layer. Only a few books can reach the sub-mind. The person who reads and absorbs future seeing has all the books they will ever need.

Hints for Study in the Third Layer

  • Be relaxed
  • Be uninterrupted
  • Link the study to your future
  • See the benefit of this knowledge in its application to your success in the future
  • Eat constantly while studying always light foods such as pieces of fruit or salads
  • Avoid stimulants to stay awake, this keeps you in the first layer
  • Sleep whenever necessary
  • Sit upright and make notes
  • Re read all study learnings three times. One is skim, two is absorption, three is application.