Nature and human beings, business, communities and families evolve at the border of chaos and order, support and challenge. This is the most powerful awareness for a leader personally and for business, organisations and teams…

Chris Walker

A fight with nature cannot be won…

Energy draining experiences can destroy an office, life and whole nations. Prevention is possible with Evolve strategy. Stress, personal pain, conflict, lack of growth, disappointment and frustration all have their roots in a misunderstanding of the reality of process. A fight with nature cannot be won.


  • Learn to apply the evolve principle to business planning and personal management
  • Create strategy for sport and business based on the evolve principle
  • Understand the entire world political scene from a bigger view
  • Breakthrough uncertainty and self doubt by understanding FRUSTRA….

Evolve Sessions

  • Company 1/2 day or 1 day workshop
  • Personal coaching session 3 hours
  • Keynote address 1 hour

Maximum growth of personal or business life occurs at the border of chaos and order… evolve on this line…

Chris Walker