Changing the World one Heart at a time.

Life in pure harmony with nature reveals the most powerful discovery. That we exist in everything…………… We are the environment we create.


These training intensives can be delivered as keynotes, as in-house training or off-site in retreat.

Using the Universal Laws of Nature, 30 years of study in the Eastern arts, and over 3,500 successful consulting briefs, we would love to share the treasures of inspiration with your workforce.

Happy people, inspired in their work, enjoying the challenge, adaptable to change. This is a winning culture, a culture based on individual responsibility, aligning with the laws of nature and committed to excellence.

The result is less stress, a more productive workforce, happier people, a deeper connection between client and supplier and overall, a better and more sustainable bottom line.

Personal Development Simplified

In nature, all things are built hierarchically. Meaning, that there must be strong foundations on which to build large successful futures. Your organisation’s culture is one such foundation. Underpinning that foundation are the core skills of each and every employee, and in particular executives who delegate and lead others.

Chris Walker’s consulting audit takes up to three days, costs less than AUD$10,000 and the results are tabled immediately. It’s a fast, effective, economic and accurate way of determining what culture changes need to be made in order to implement strategy tomorrow. You’ll get the answers you need, straight, clear and accurate, that’s his promise.


Chris’s presentations are Pure Inspiration. They are entertaining, challenging, honest and totally real. Chris is a speaker who loves to field questions and interact live with his audiences. There are no scripted dialogues, simply a real inspiration, experience, a theme, interactive question and answers, learning, challenge and involvement. It’s an opportunity to consider different ways, better ways and different approaches.

You get a speaker who is speaks from his heart, with passion yet is totally real and listens to others. Any audience size, any environment, in retreat or conference, televised and in-house, Chris’s skill is live, powerful and totally entertaining in it’s inspiration. Australian honesty with international relevance. Why not bring the Spirit of Nature back into your business management and work-life balance? Speaking Topics include: A Culture of Inspiration. Personal Inspiration anywhere – anytime, Work-life balance the big leap and The Laws of Nature, transforming the world, one person at a time.

Building a Culture Now – for Tomorrow’s Demands

The map below illustrates the idea that, as demands on individuals increase, as expectations of lifestyle and business performance rise, so too must the mastery of the individual. We need skills, in personal, business life, skills to raise the human spirit to new levels of performance without personal cost. We need better ways to care for our energy, health, wellbeing and mind. We need skills that resolve conflict fast, and honour diversity in a natural way. Using the Laws of Nature we share these Cutting Edge Human Technologies to help you build A Culture of Inspiration. A fun, inspired place to work.


These training intensives (see Below) can be delivered as keynotes, as a series of in-house training programmes or all together over a two day off-site in retreat.


These training intensives (see Below) can be delivered as individual keynotes, as a series of in-house training programmes or all together over a two day off-site in retreat.

Step 1. The Laws of Nature Applied to Personal Mastery – Your Element

“Be in your Element” is a revolution in self and other management. Created in Australia, based on ancient teachings, it presents a powerful way to encourage people to work and live in harmony with their natural best.“Be in Your Element” can transform workplaces, relationships and lifestyles. Just by knowing a persons Elemental Constitution, you will know the best way to manage, allocate work, inspire and avoid conflict. An organic, yet powerfully dynamic means of human development.

Step 2. The Laws of Nature Applied to Personal Mastery – Mind Control

The 5 Laws of Nature will open up new possibilities for your mind. This session explores your stories, the importance of personal truth, the difference between truth and perception and how to change it.You’ll get a chance to use Chris’s PCD, – a remarkable and fun tool for self inspiration that takes you beyond judgement and reaction to a more authentic state of self-awareness. This session also includes some amazing tools to deal with emotional crisis and recuperation from times where we become dispirited. Staying inspired – even in the heart of the storm, requires an awareness of natures laws that inspire the human spirit.

Step 3. The Laws of Nature Applied to Business Mastery – Management

Building Cultures of Inspiration. Continuing the theme in this program we continue working on the application of The 5 Laws of Nature to business and concentrate on building Cultures of Inspiration. This includes natures approach to sustainable leadership, teamwork, personal mastery and culture – pin points that are the foundation of all hierarchies in nature. We work on real time case studies to integrate the skills in real world applications.

Step 4. The Laws of Nature Applied to Business Mastery – Leadership.

In this training module, usually held out in nature, we examine the laws of nature as they apply to self management, self motivation and leadership. We examine competitive strategy and how nature can predict competitive market dynamics so that our decisions are based on true phenomena rather than ambitious illusions. In this session we use case studies in real time to apply the laws in practical reality.

Step 5. The Laws of Nature Applied to Business Mastery – Teamwork

The secret of great teamwork is, great individuals. Our belief, based on the Laws of Nature, is that unity is built through diversity. The more people can respect the diversity of any group, and value that environment, the less reactive they become. The consequence is a new creativity. We present this program in the context of a hierarchy, in which diversity is honored as well as leadership. The focus of this program is to apply the ‘Laws of Nature’ and the ‘Five Inspired Elements’ to people and team management. The more diverse the culture, the more ultimate the leader’s role.

Step 6. The Laws of Nature Applied to Self Mastery – Peace of Mind

Who am I? Where am I going? Why am I here? Where did I come from? How do I feel? What is natures intent for life. This session is designed to integrate some of the amazing insight from natures laws into people’s personal life. The idea is that we learn best when things are put in context and so, in this session we invite people to ask, explore, wonder and consider how these 5 Laws of Nature can or could affect the way they live, think, love and work. Either working in a group or on your own out amongst nature, you’ll be encouraged to apply these laws to the judgements and expectations you have. Then see if they pass the acid test of the laws of nature. This session is about acceptance and ownership. Open forum question and answers will help.

Step 7. The Laws of Nature applied to Self Mastery – Health, Vitality and Recuperation

This program is a vital opportunity to check in with the basics, connecting work life with nature and its laws. We attempt to integrate this module with a walk in nature, stretching the body, connecting body and mind, moving energy with thought, healing wounds, preventing disease, living as nature intended, the importance of sunlight, posture and breath for youthfulness and longevity. Preventative maintenance and daily habits for healthy living. All done outdoors weather permitting, morning sunrise, salute to the sun. This is natures maintenance program, understanding the opportunities and the myths. This is not a session on mung beans and organic apples.

Step 8. The Laws of Nature Applied to Self Mastery – Personal Inspiration

An Advanced Program. A Universal Law, by definition, operates everywhere. Nature is a mirror of those laws. Humanity is also a mirror of those laws. Every star is built from those laws and every cell. In a magical 2 hours, people will delve into the mystery of everything, witnessing the magnificence of one of the most exciting phenomena ever discovered by humanity, the Universal Laws of Nature. Attendees will travel into the realms of morals and ethics, religion, cultures, wars and peace. They will see those laws mirrored in human dynamics, and distorted in human emotion, and our societies challenges. This breathtaking two hours is one of the most precious gifts a person can imagine, understanding the laws behind the laws behind the laws, behind the laws of everything. Fasten your seat belt here. Chris’s inspiration and passion and the depth of his knowledge will touch the way people see life deeply and lovingly. Individuals will truly come out, challenged and inspired.

Step 9. The Laws of Nature Applied Global Mastery – Making a Global Contribution

In this program we speak to the part of every human that is drawn to make a contribution to the world. In nature, everything has a purpose. Nature has a purpose and all the elements within its web serve that purpose. In this session, a vital key is revealed through natures law regarding living from our heart, putting our heart into what we do. Natures law shows us how. In this session we are asking what nature intended for our lives, what are your wishes, dreams and inspirations and how do they align with natures intention for your life. This Vision Quest is a creative opportunity to learn how to tune into natures voice and guidance, including your own body.

Pro Bono

Our experience in dealing with human change in both organisational and personal settings provides the perfect antidote to the rising problems in youth suicide in particular in Indigenous communities. Our experience in Communities is in Canada and to a lesser extent in Nepal has given us great hope and motivation to provide long term support where we are called to help create conscious change. We have donated significant resources to this work and meet communities with a dollar for dollar investment in training, development and coaching of Innerwealth Consultants within the community itself.

We also provide coaching services to individuals as required and have established significant programs of training and personal coaching for those members of a community who are ready.