At the end of the day, we simply want to do what we love, love what we do and get paid well.

Chris introduced me to the universal laws of nature, and since then and for the past 10 years, I’ve had much more than I had every dreamed possible.” Corporate Lawyer, Partner, Melbourne , Australia

Keynote Speaking

Christopher Walker is one of the worlds formost speakers on consciousness. His understanding of the human condition and the ability to transform challenges, conflicts and stress to inspired action is phenominal. Chris has presented over 2,000 presentations on V.I.P –Vision, Inspiration and Life Purpose. His retreats and workshops have been attended by some 35,000 people over the past 7 years.

Developing Human Potential

The life force of corporate performance is personal performance. People who are changing in order to live productively in this new age can create extraordinary results. The Program) introduces essential keys to improved life and workplace performance, receptiveness to change, balanced lifestyle and visionary leadership. The modules are designed to create change from the inside out. People growing to meet the demands of new directions on business and life style.