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Fast, Sustainable, Conscious Change: The Walker Way

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

For over four decades, Chris Walker has mastered the art of fast, conscious, sustainable change, transforming lives and organisations through a holistic approach rooted in Nature’s Universal Laws. Whether in business, community, individual, or family settings, Chris’s unparalleled expertise in understanding and harnessing the power of nature has guided Fortune 500 executives, emerging entrepreneurs, and countless individuals towards profound and lasting change. His methods seamlessly integrate personal well-being, life balance, and professional excellence, making conscious leadership a reality for all who seek to elevate their lives and impact the world.

A Master in the art of Living
Draws no sharp distinction
Between their work and their play
Their labour and their leisure
Their minds and their bodies
Their education or their recreation.
They hardly know which is which.
They simply pursue their vision Of excellence through whatever
They are doing and leave
Others to determine
Whether they are working or playing.
To themselves, it always seems
As if they are doing both.
– Christopher Walker


At Chris Walker Coaching, we are dedicated to guiding leaders towards fast, conscious, and sustainable change for a better world. Join us and experience the transformative power of nature-based leadership.

Fast, Conscious, Sustainable Business Change

Drive Innovation

Fast, conscious, sustainable change means transforming your business culture to promote lasting growth and innovation. With over four decades of experience guiding Fortune 500 executives and emerging entrepreneurs, Chris Walker’s approach, grounded in Nature’s Universal Laws, helps businesses thrive. Embrace conscious leadership to achieve remarkable business success and a resilient, dynamic corporate culture.

Fast, Conscious, Sustainable Personal Change

Achieve Harmony

Fast, conscious, sustainable change means achieving inner peace and harmony while maintaining long-term well-being. Chris Walker’s personal coaching, developed over nearly fifty years, focuses on self-mastery and personal growth. Whether you’re seeking stress management, improved well-being, or a more balanced life, conscious leadership provides the transformative power you need for lasting personal fulfillment.

Fast, Conscious, Sustainable Career Change

Unlock Potential

Fast, conscious, sustainable change means unlocking your career potential with insight and adaptability. Chris Walker’s guidance, rooted in real-world experience and a deep understanding of individual potential, helps you navigate a successful career path. Embrace conscious leadership to achieve professional excellence and long-term career satisfaction.

Fast, Conscious, Sustainable Family Change

Foster Unity

Fast, conscious, sustainable change means strengthening your family with strong foundations and harmonious relationships. Chris Walker’s coaching addresses the dynamics of family life, helping you create lasting bonds and a supportive home environment. Benefit from conscious leadership to enhance your family’s well-being and unity for the long term.

Self Leadership
When I was young and free and my imagination had no limits, I dreamed of changing the world:
as I grew older and wiser I discovered the world would not change,
so I shortened my sights somewhat and decided to change my country,
but it too seemed immovable.
As I grew into my twilight years in one last desperate attempt I settled for changing only my family, t
hose closest to me. But alas they would have none of it!
And now I realize as I lie on my deathbed,
if I had only changed myself first, then by example I might have changed my family.
From then, by example, I might have changed my friends.
From their aspirations and encouragement
I would have then been able to better my country,
and who knows,
I might have even changed the world.
— Inscribed on the tomb of an Anglican Bishop at Westminster Abbey

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Evolve or Die: Tools to Keep Your Life on Track - Conscious Leadership

Evolve or Die: Tools to Keep Your Life on Track

People often get off track, lose their sense of purpose, and feel unfulfilled or depressed because their lives are somehow out of balance. In 2001, Chris Walker wrote Innerwealth, revealing the phases of life change based on Nature’s Universal Laws. This breakthrough in understanding human behaviour has been interpreted for the modern-day leader. Based on over 30 years of guiding people and businesses, Chris has evolved these elements and connected them back to well-being, life balance, self-leadership, and success.

The Seven Elements of Life Balance: The Walker Way

  1. Discard: Emotional Clearing and Balancing

Clear up emotional disturbances.

2. Cellular: Physical Health and Wellness

Change the body metrics.

3. Environment: Change Appearances

Upgrade the environment to reflect new perspectives.

4. Mind IP: Reconfirm Mind Values

Focus on ongoing self-development.

5. Vision: New Vision and Purpose

Create new incentives, direction, and clarity for the future.

6. Self Talk: New Narrative

Change your default thinking.

7. Results: Action

Embed new daily actions to stay on track.

The Walker Way: Self Leadership for Conscious Leadership

Chris applies his approach to companies and individuals. Preventing depression, divorce, financial breakdown, emotional trauma, mental health problems, and illness which are all long-term consequences of being off track, stuck, and not evolving your self-leadership for too long.


Your VIP (Vision, Inspiration and Purpose) score

If you score yourself from 1 to 10 against each of the 7 areas of life (where 10 is blissfully happy and content on the outer circle and 1 is suicidally depressed in the centre of the circle), how would this look for you?

Your ‘VIP’ score would be the total of the seven scores. What is it? Interesting. Are you happy with that?

Did you know that you subconsciously score your life like this?

The normal reaction for people with a low score in any area is to focus solely on that area of life to sort it out. For example, someone might turn to an executive recruiter if they are down in their career. Down in health, they might end up at a gym or personal trainer. Out of balance, personally, they might start meditation. Or, in family matters, they could go to therapy.

The problem with this, and what the WALKER WAY changes, is that as one aspect improves and gets better, another shrinks. They’re unfulfilled at work, so they decide to drive harder, but as a result, their family and love life suffer. If a person struggles with finances, they might start worrying about money and ignore their health. In this way, by compartmentalizing problems and solutions, their overall total life VIP score doesn’t change; it simply changes shape. Old problems may go away, but new ones appear. Eventually, it gets frustrating, stuck in groundhog day, rinse, repeat, rinse.

Have you seen this happen to anyone you know?

The Walker Way is holistic and balance is created in each area of life. This method is both a preventative and a maintenance program. It can take the form of a 2-day workshop for corporate teams, private coaching, or an intensive 30-day programme. The unique feature of learning The Walker Way is that you not only get back on track in a sustainable, healthy way but also learn a process for catching funk early in the future. This means you can regulate your life balance and not be caught with your pants down in the future.



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