Step 2 – Balance the corporate vision

A thousand people, a thousand reasons to be at work. The balanced corporate vision gives individuals the hooks to grab onto and embed their dreams, hopes and intrinsic aspirations into their work.

Chris Walker

Coach them up or out.. A vision that selects those who are ready and identifies those who are not.

  • wise with their choices 
  • committed to supremely healthy work life 
  • in control of their life balance
  • happy and invested in the future they’ve chosen  
  • protected loved ones from their work stress

Seven areas of life, seven opportunities to create inspiration. This is key.

Chris believes that for business success we first need personal success and personal success comes when we balance all seven areas of life. Balanced company vision puts the heart and soul back into business. Inspiring individuals to be the change they want to see in the world.

Evolve or go home

The purpose of a balanced company vision is never static. It moves, shakes, rattles and is a dynamic reflection of the growth in all nature. Nature and human nature has one purpose, to evolve and grow, to expand and explore, to be, as we are in nature, expansive. A balanced company vision has a purpose, to help people grow, to face challenges and opportunities with enthusiasm.

Leadership is rarely from the front

Pythagorus presented to an audience of 144 people, but after only a few hours, only one person was left listening. Someone asked Pythagorus if he felt bad and he replied “no, I was only ever speaking to one person, it just took a while for the others to leave.” Chris Walker believes in the mark of individuality and, that when the individual is ready, the leader appears. And communicates through a balanced plan, a balanced vision.