Do you know the difference between pain and suffering

If i stuck a bamboo under your finger nails and said I was going to leave it there for say “24 hours” you’d be in incredible pain and would focus on surviving the 24 hours. But if I said “forever” when you asked how long, you would not focus on surviving. You’d be lost, and I would win.

Pain has an end. Suffering doesn’t. You must eliminate suffering from your life. Suffering causes you to surrender. if you think you’ll be married to an arsehole person for the rest of your days, it’s suffering, but if you say, “i”l be here for a few more years” you’ll be in pain, but relatively ok.

Suffering causes suicide but pain rarely does.

Suffering causes alcoholism and drug addiction and much worse.

Pain, well depending on tolerance levels, causes reaction and short term emotions, but rarely anything major.

In developing your team, family or even self, it’s crucial to point out that asking a questions that leads to an “i don’t know” answer, is, if repeated, the cause of suffering.

Please, if you can’t find the end game to your pain, upgrade your problem to the leaders.

If you can’t reconcile with the leaders, reconcile with the universe.

One way or another you need an end game to sort our all your suffering.

7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence/ Self Belief

A 30-Day fully coached Course of Advanced Self-Mastery. Includes 20 Powerful Sessions.

Does your self confidence waver at the thought of walking into a room full of people? Does it frustrate you when you avoid taking risks because you fear failure too much? Do you depend on the approval of others in order to feel good about yourself? Do you sometimes feel like you don’t expect to be successful? The truth is, if you lack self confidence then you are far less likely to achieve your goals in life. People with poor self confidence and low self-esteem tend to be unhappy and are driven by anxiety, which can also lead to stress and depression.

The good news is that we have a deep understanding of these conditions and with the help of nature you can develop new thinking patterns that can totally transform your life. 7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence/Self-Belief offers you many different techniques which, when combined, create a powerful way of making long lasting changes that will help you build a better relationship with yourself so that you can create a state of supreme self confidence – both now and in the future.

This superb Super-7 Series course can help you to:

  • Achieve your full potential. Deal with the past and let it go.
  • Train your mind to think positively. Improve your communication skills.
  • Achieve a state of total acceptance.
  • Learn to appreciate your self-worth.
  • Develop confident thought processes.

An Overview of the 7 Sessions

This remarkable self confidence course includes 7 highly effective training sessions – one for each strep of the process, one for each day of the week. This means you can start the course at any time –  just begin by using the online course materials that have been made for the particular day of the week. Let’s take a look at each of the steps and explain our reasons for their inclusion:

  • Monday – Acceptance through Mindfulness
  • Tuesday – Developing Self-Acceptance
  • Wednesday – Dealing with the Past
  • Thursday – Thinking in a Confident Way
  • Friday – Developing Self-Compassion
  • Saturday – Valuing Your Life and What You Do
  • Sunday – Focusing on the Affirmative

If you would like to feel more confident and want to use powerful techniques to help you do this, then 7 Steps to Increased Self Confidence gives you all the tools you need. It uses the latest, research-based techniques so that you can begin to see more opportunities in life, enjoy social interaction more, and increase your chances of attaining your full potential. Start today and develop a self-confident state of mind! If you have not done so already then we encourage you to learn more about the Innerwealth approach to increasing confidence and self-esteem with nature as a guide.

Staying Motivated…. Working From Home..

You wake. You’re tired. There’s things to do, including getting some exercise. The kids are awake. You put your head back on the pillow and remember Walker the Talker’s last podcast. You know it’s not happening. Maybe tomorrow. And of course, tomorrow never comes.

I’m lucky. My partner is a professional athlete who gets up at 4.00am every day rain, hail or shine. So, I do too. Self-motivation isn’t a topic. It’s automatic. But still, I love my mornings. However, I;m never motivated – I’m inspired.

Big difference…

Firstly, your can’t be inspired unless you’re motivated so let’s no put motivation in the rubbish just yet. You’ve got to be motivated because 50% of the time the things you do are necessity, repetitive and don’t feel great to do. But, if you don’t, there’s no inspiration possible.

So, inspiration builds on good motivation. To get motivated set goals, time frames, windows and jump through them. You engage that lower end of your humanity with check lists, no go zones and alarm clocks. Ok, now inspiration.

Inspiration is when the inner voice speaks louder than the outer. Today, my partner said “I’ll miss you today” and I replied “I won’t” (miss her that is), because that’s just not a part of being inspired in a day. I do what I do because I choose to do it over something else, so why would I miss anything?

Inspiration doesn’t come from habits. Habits build motivation. Clumsy., repeated claustrophobic habits are healthy for motivation. But that’s done so you can tap inspiraton.


Self motivation is a tricky thing. There are times when just getting out of bed can be difficult, let alone checking off everything on your ‘to do list’. Why is it we can find a million and one reasons not to do so something, and at the same time struggle to find even just one reason to follow through on what we really ought to be doing? All our actions and behaviours have underlying motivators – some just speak louder than others. The trick is to learn how to turn up the volume on what it is we need to accomplish and turn down the volume on distractions.

Maybe you need help staying focused enough to get all the little things done, or do you have something a bit bigger in mind? Is there a goal that you’ve been trying to reach but your plans keep getting derailed? Do you tend to start things only to run out of steam midway through, or is getting started part of the problem? Wouldn’t it be great to have the self motivation to tackle projects large and small without losing interest, running out of energy, or getting distracted? Inside you there is a great fount of motivation just waiting to be tapped into.

Motivation comes from our unconscious (subconscious) mind. This is why we can know on one level what it is that needs to be done and have every intention of doing it, yet still find ourselves drifting away from our goals. Something inside us is singing a different tune. We have to get our unconscious mind on board with our plans in order to maintain the motivation needed to get things done. Self hypnosis / hypnotherapy is one of the tools to achieve that, but really, I’ve tried it and I’m not a fan.

Because the “sub” conscious mind is below consciousness, many people think that it can’t be addressed directly. I disagree. And here’s why…

Put a child in a room with naughty children who punch and poke each other, that child will turn. Eventually they will seek safety either by retaliating in kind or by passive agrression and playing victim. Either way, they make it safe. Their subconscious mind worked perfectly. They didn’t need hypnosis or any intervention to become motivated to act. Here’s why.

Every human being has every human trait. No one got left out. Everyone is a murderous bastard and a saint. It’s all there. But the saint might deny the existence of the other half and call it, unspeakable. Then, something happens that makes that individual scream with anger and boom they will have to blame their subconscious mind for it. However, it’s not subconscious at all, it’s denial, judgement, rejection. If we reject a quality in a parent we reject it in ourselves and when we reject things in ourselves we go into denial. That’s not subciousness and all the hypnotherapy on earth will not uncover it.

Back to motivation.

Dangling a carrot in front of your nose of either punishment or pleasure for achieving an end is powerful, but there’s a much less exhausting process.

The Inspiration Process – Back on Track offers the fastest and most reliable way to make changes to our unconscious thinking, and thus to our behaviour. Imagine what it would be like to: Cross off items on your to-do-list with ease. Maintain energy, interest, and follow through. Be motivated to achieve your goals and more. Back on Track leads to the Daily Power Hour and is a form of deep and creative meditation. This self-leadership process ticks every box that leads to and sustains commitment toward goals without the loss of time or emotions dealing with motivation. It has been designed to help you discover and clearly define your goals. It includes advanced self-awareness techniques to help increase your energy levels and improve your focus. Back on track won’t make you super-inspired and motivated overnight, but within 30 days you’ll see everything differently, your to-do-lists can get shorter and projects can become easier to complete.

The Power Hour

  1. 10 minutes of Deep Morning Inspirations
  2. 20-30 minutes of exercise
  3. 10 minutes of linking
  4. 10 minutes of Manifestation
  5. 10 Minutes of mind control
  6. 10 Minutes at zero

For more information contact Chris Below

Professional Development Is More Important than Ever

Whether you’ve been a business partner for years, or you’ve just begun your journey into the top end of business, professional development is likely one of the last tasks on your mind. With so many business needs pulling you in multiple directions, it can be easy to forget to spend time developing yourself. However, taking time to step away from your to-do list to focus on your own professional needs is just as important. 

Everyone, not just business owners, needs development in at least a few professional areas (yes, even you). Although most business owners are finished with their formal education, that doesn’t mean learning has to stop beyond the classroom – in fact, continuing your education can even improve your business and your team. Thankfully, this type of learning doesn’t include shelling out thousands of dollars for one course or trying to sit still in a three-hour lecture (and “diligently” taking doodles- erm, notes). Unlike traditional education, professional development allows you to take control of what you learn and can even easily accommodate your work-from-home (WFH) schedule

Even if you feel that your professional skills are up-to-snuff, development is an essential activity to help ensure you’re giving your team and your business your best skills. Although it can take up time typically dedicated to your business, development is worth fitting into your busy schedule and work on yourself, as it is an investment that can pay off in the long run. 

Helps you lead your employees.

It seems odd to say that working on yourself can improve your team, but it’s true. As a business owner, it’s likely that you’re responsible for a team, even if it’s just your best friend who takes care of your social media. Although it’s not possible to simply pass your new education onto your team once you’ve completed your development (we wish), your development can still greatly benefit your workers and your business. 

It’s common knowledge that when you’re not at your best, your business and team are affected. Without development, it’s very likely that you’re already an exceptional leader; however, if you’re lacking in a particular skill (everyone is at some point), it can have a negative impact on the business. Great business owners understand that they encounter obstacles the same as anyone else, and professional development can help them evolve into better leaders, constantly improving themselves over time. 

Professional development helps you to tap into your full potential, which in turn can help you lead and instruct your team in a greater capacity than before. Every team comes across challenges, if not constantly. By pursuing development for yourself, you’ll be better prepared to lead your team through any issue and come out the other side stronger and more prepared to take on the next under your leadership

Improve in areas you didn’t realize you lack.

Let’s face it: we all have a blind spot when it comes to our professional life. No one is truly aware of every area they need help with, and that’s okay. The beauty of professional development is that it can help you to identify areas that could use improvement, and allows you to strengthen them at your convenience. It’s impossible to be a perfect business owner or leader, but working toward improving your areas of weakness will help you become more in tune with your skills and perform better in your role. 

To help you identify possible areas to work on, consider what tasks in your job you tend to feel the most challenged in or even dread taking on. You’ll never love every part of your job (if you do, please spill your secrets), but professional development can help you to gain a better understanding of how to tackle those tasks. You may even discover weaknesses you didn’t know you had through development activities, which can help you to plan for future professional development. 

Despite having weaknesses, you also have your strengths: the parts of your job you love the most and knock out of the park every time (go you!). However, even within your areas of strength, there’s always room for growth. The world of work constantly shifts, and the chances are high that your area of strength is likely to evolve over time, as well (for example, social media or web design). Think of your strengths as a muscle—to maintain their effectiveness, you need to exercise and challenge them regularly to continue to keep them strong. Although it may feel odd to enroll in professional development for your top skills, continuing your education in those areas will serve you well, long term. 

Hone in on the skills you want to use. 

We all have areas that we really enjoy or wish we could specialize in, but time or money doesn’t allow for you to pursue them in a school setting. Enter professional development: although it’s not the equivalent to a college degree, the skills you learn are still of incredible value to you and your business. From research to certificates and more, professional development offers the opportunity to earn new skills or experience without the high costs of formal education. 

It’s human nature to become curious about new topics or skills that seem interesting; especially as we enter a post-Covid age where the business landscape is moving faster than most can catch up with. To keep up with the industry as it shifts, it’s vital that as a business owner, you set aside time to ensure you’re ready to lead your business and team through the impending changes. By investing time into yourself to learn the latest in-demand skill or technology, you’ll also make an investment in the success of your company for the future. 

The best part about professional development? It allows you to explore a completely new skillset without too much risk. As mentioned above, nearly every industry is currently experiencing incredibly disruptive change that you must tap into as an owner. These trends move quickly, and with change happening so often, it would generally be difficult to justify going back to school or stepping away from your role to develop new skills. This is where professional development saves the day: you can take on new skills with little risk financially or time-wise, and easily stay up to date on the latest changes within your industry. 

Where to start.

Professional development doesn’t have to feel like a second job. As necessary as it is, it should be an enjoyable experience. While there is no one-size-fits-all development course, there are plenty of resources you can explore to find the right fit for you. LinkedIn hosts a variety of courses (most are free) aimed at helping professionals hone new skills. Another great option is Masterclass, in which celebrities and well-known experts in a multitude of fields teach classes about their particular craft. 

If you’re seeking more specialized development that is outside the mainstream, your colleagues and mentors are the greatest resource of all. Chances are, the people you’ve worked with in the past have wanted the same development you do at some point, and know just where to find it. Facebook groups that are related to your profession are also excellent resources for finding development opportunities, as these digital networks include professionals from all over the globe who are sure to have an idea of where to look. 

As a business leader, there’s no doubt that most of your time should be dedicated to tending to your business, especially in these difficult times of change. Nonetheless, it is incredibly important to take time to develop yourself, and professional development is an excellent way to ensure success for both yourself and your business. The more skills and professional areas you refine, the better prepared you’ll be to lead for the future and help guide others toward success.

With Working from Home Here to Stay, Expect These 5 Things to Change…

Copied this article for you…. I think it’s spot on and relevant….

This article was written by Mitchell Terpstra, a member of the Entrepreneur NEXT powered by Assemble content team. Entrepreneur NEXT is our Expert solutions division leading the future of work and skills-based economy. If you’re struggling to find, vet, and hire the right Experts for your business, Entrepreneur NEXT is a platform to help you hire the experts you need, exactly when you need them. From business to marketing, sales, design, finance, and technology, we have the top 3 percent of Experts ready to work for you.

COVID-19 ushered in a grand experiment in the American economy, with up to 42 percent of the workforce working from home or otherwise remotely—the majority of these employees for the first time ever. 

After experiencing the pros and cons of the remote-work setup, many companies are opting to let employees continue to work remotely if they want to. Large companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Nationwide made headlines early on for announcing changes to allow their employees to work remotely indefinitely.

Regardless of how long COVID-19 remains a threat, 16 percent of the American workforce says they plan to work from home permanently. Here’s how you can expect that to shake up the workplace.

1. Many employees will consider relocating.

No longer bound to a physical office or limited by commuting-distance, many newly remote workers will reevaluate where they live, and why. According to one survey, one in three working Americans are considering relocating for various reasons related to either COVID-19 or a new remote-work status. Already, we’re seeing a resurgence in interest in suburbs as city-dwellers leave pandemic hotspots like NYC and LA for more spaced out, socially distant and budget-friendlier living outside the city.

Meanwhile, some destinations are making their best pitch to attract remote workers, and others will likely want to follow suit. States like Vermont, Maine and Oklahoma already had grant programs in place, offering cash to full-time remote workers that relocated somewhere within their borders. Beyond the U.S., countries like Estonia and Georgia in Eastern Europe, and Bermuda and Barbados in the Caribbean are greatly relaxing their worker visa requirements in an effort to lure digital nomads, largely to boost their economies suffering from a drop off in tourism. 

While, at first blush, it may seem that WFH employees choosing to work from a different home may simply be a matter of reconciling time zones for Zoom meetings, over the long run it means a few other significant changes for employers.

2. Compensation strategies will have to adjust.

With employees less tied to offices and increasingly less concentrated in certain regions, policies determining salaries and other benefits will need to adapt accordingly. 

Shortly after Mark Zuckerberg announced that he expects roughly half of Facebook’s 48,000 employees to be working remotely in the next five to 10 years, it was revealed that pay for Facebook’s remote workers who choose to relocate will adjust to the market rate for their home area. Such a trend will likely make remote-work candidates from outside big cities more attractive to employers, as they represent a significant cost savings for the company. 

Another likelihood is that employers will start setting salaries for new job postings according to national averages, rather than what’s competitive for their particular state or city. At the same time that salaries may get more competitive to align with local costs of living or national averages, employees may be able to pad their compensation by requesting a WFH stipend or reimbursements from their employer. Now that they’re using personal assets for business use, employers may be on the hook to offset some of these costs. 

Personal assets like computers, phones, internet, electricity and square footage of their residence may all figure into the equation. However, as research by Global Workplace Analytics suggests, one worker working remotely just half of the year can mean up to $11,000 in savings for a company. If true, that’s more than enough to offer WFH allowances as part of a more attractive compensation package for remote workers.

The number one problem shared among entrepreneurs today is finding, vetting, hiring, and retaining expertise

3. Retaining talent will become more difficult.

With remote work becoming more mainstream, more job openings will list full-remote status as an option. While some companies may still want an employee to be within driving distance of a physical office for occasional face-to-face meetings, other companies may search nationally or even internationally for new hires, depending on the nature of the job.

This means employees are no longer as limited by geography in their job hunting. Whereas a graphic designer in a mid-size Midwestern town, for example, may have once had a dozen or so attractive companies to work for, the shift to normalizing WFH opens up hundreds of more employment opportunities.

Some workers with in-demand creative skills may even contemplate going out on their own, as they get the taste of freedom that remote work offers. A number of platforms exist today that help creative professionals quickly connect with clients in need of one-off or part-time work. Certainly, if social interactions among colleagues decrease due to remote work, company loyalty is likely to wane, making retaining talent all the more challenging.

4. Work culture will be harder to establish.

Similarly, cultivating a unique work culture—one that unites and energizes a team around a shared mission—will be more difficult to do in the WFH era. And this connects to retaining talent, too, as 56 percent of employees say a good workplace culture is more important to them than salary.

Much of a company’s culture is introduced on Day one, via employee onboarding. However, becoming oriented to a new company becomes a very limited endeavor without the traditional face-to-face interactions like the office tours, coworker meet-and-greets, job shadowing, lunch hour and all the other opportunities for imparting shared values to a new employee.

Establishing a strong work culture will have to reimagined in an era where 90 percent or more of work interactions may be digitally mediated. Strong communication strategies and tools, like manager check-ins, newsletter and employee surveys, for example, will be absolutely crucial to keeping remote workers feeling central, rather than peripheral, to a company’s mission.

5. New means of monitoring employee productivity will evolve.

Time cards, sales quotas, a supervisor’s vigilant eyes—there are lots of ways to monitor and measure an employee’s work performance. For remote workers, however, some of those ways become less feasible.

At the root of the issue is trust. Is an employee accomplishing what he or she was hired to do? Historically, the main issue preventing more remote work opportunities was trust—managers simply didn’t trust their employees to be as productive outside the office where direct supervision was lacking.

However, some studies have proven that assumption wrong. In one study, conducted by a Chinese travel agency in 2010, the company found that its randomly selected WFH travel agents saw a 13 percent increase in productivity compared to their office-working counterparts.

And yet, each company will want to verify that this is true for its own employees as well. Since most remote workers are conducting computer-based tasks, the demand for employee-tracking software is surging. Some of these services allow managers to track everything from keyboard strokes to non-work related sites visited or even snap periodic screenshots of a employee’s computer screen.

While these tactics may help employers sleep more easily at night, they come at the cost of frustrating an employee’s sense of privacy and decreasing their sense of autonomy, powerful components of work-satisfaction and performance. Certainly, employee-tracking software will continue to develop and be in demand, though savvy managers will recognize the best productivity standards are ones that most clearly align with delivering results for the company’s overall objectives.

Chris Walker Innerwealth Daily Power Hour … Absolutely Unique..

In 2010 Chris relocated his entire business back to Australia and decided to focus purely on inspiring individuals through coaching. His motto became “changing the world one heart at a time.”

This shift came at a conference. He was speaking to over 1,000 people and asked for a show of hands “Who thinks this company needs change?” the response was nearly 100% affirmative. He then asked “who’s first?” And there was only one person who raised their hand, the person who had booked him.

Change is Chris’ mastery. But change for Chris means we blame no one. We become accountable for our role in family, work and global circumstances. We must become the change we want in the world.

Individualising global change seems like the long road but in fact every individual who steps forward to create inspiration in their own life, impacts thousands. And this tiny stone in a lake can truly make personal coaching a far more powerful opportunity than it’s most known benefit in healing and success for the individual.

By drawing a line like this, Chris becomes one of the world’s most experienced and knowledgable coaches. It’s not just about fixing things, it’s about building a better world and not being part of the mass of consciousness engaged and entrapped in emotion.

The Unique Daily Power Hour

The pain of regret outweighs the pain of discipline

Chris Walker

When you observe the world of human development and business development you will see a fixation on being a better version of yourself. Character defining personality tests, 360 degree feedback loops and an infinite number of pyramids to explain how you can be a better version of yourself. They all have one thing in common, an end game. There is some belief in the world that if you get it right, you’ll have it right forever.

But it doesn’t work. And for all the self help, corporate training and personal development that’s taken place over the last 30 years, mental health is worse than ever, pharmaceuticals for life improvement are selling better than ever. People with depression are giving their friends life advice, which of course, leads to more depression.

Chris created the daily power hour to lift real leaders of humanity out of that mud-bucket of trivialised end game solutions and create a holistic process for trouble prevention rather than cure. He’s emphasised the importance of competence at work for the preservation of the sanctuary of home. And, most important, Chris offers the tools to stay balanced, stay un-stressed, stay healthy and happy so the ideas of rebalancing, de-stressing and regret can be wiped out of the corporate language.

The Power Hour Explained

You evolve. No choice. You either adapt, evolve and change, or you go to an early grave. Sorry to be harsh but that’s reality. Hard work doesn’t evolve you. Long hours don’t evolve you. Stress evolves you, but it’s brutal. Heart break, rejection and emotional pain evolves you but seriously, hitting yourself with a baseball bat? There’s got to be a better way… the cost of experience is far too high and a hospital bed is the most expensive seminar on earth. Chris brings you the Evolve method, or in Canadian “Evolve-ya-bastard”…

60 minutes a day, including going for a walk, exercise, play, and all the mobile meditation you need. We’d bet it’s currently taking 120 minutes just to recover after a day at work…plus weekends. What if we eliminated that 120 minutes including the appetite for alcohol to help it and gave that time back to you in hugs, kisses and joy? What if you finished the day with more energy than you started with? How would that impact your home life? Brilliantly I’d assume.

The Chris Walker Innerwealth Power Hour Revolutionises human development and self leadership for executives and professionals. It cuts so much waste that’s considered normal and gives it back to you in time and life.

You’re going to start the day with a clear mind… this is what a client wrote about it.

Chris, your work is more than just digging deep, it’s about taking control & driving the bus. It’s about clever use of time & resources to be absolutely present in each of the different pieces of the puzzle. I found your work with me to be about clearing a rolling fog that if allowed, will persist throughout the day/week/month/year. What I’ve achieved is an effective morning, combining the elements of healthy food, exercise and focus on the current task and making time for the big picture, all threaded together in a way that hits these pieces at full throttle. This approach brings the relief and release that comes with knowing you have had a solid, effective crack at something without the fog of distraction, without competing alternatives for any given minute or hour. Shift Happens and Chris Walker Innerwealth Self Leadership is the best way of achieving it. 

You’re going to finish the day with more energy than you started… This is what a client wrote about it.

When Christopher Walker asked me to write this testimonial I was deeply honoured. He is a man that walks his talk, he is the model for the paradigm which he teaches. He teachings addresses that which transcends all religion and spirituality expanding perception, allowing individuals to cut thru obstacles, illusions and move forward in a practical and balanced manner and finally find a new way of being in with certainty, gratitude, love and inspiration. This man is an inspired human being and I am honoured to call him my best friend. I hope that the “” will be you as it has been for me- a nuts and bolts directory to bring more love, beauty harmony and inspiration into your life.

Being coached by Chris Walker is a challenge as your life is constantly under a microscope, your relationship with self and others, each other and your work. The beauty in this is that life becomes an experiment where clarity and simplicity replaces complexity. And as we travel thru our outer layers to touch truth our lives emanate with beauty, a deep love for all things and a knowingness of the harmony that exists

I have been searching for most of my life to bring my work and spirit together , to transform my life into one living organism. There were no laws, structures, religions, businesses that I could discover that would give me the tools to live as a whole being integrating my work and personal life, my inner and outer world. I have searched externally working in the fashion industry seeking out beauty and perfection as a model of achievement and success. I have shifted myself geographically studying other religions and cultures. I have. run international successful business in health and beauty. When I met Christopher walker I discovered that what I was looking for was already there all that needed changing was my perception. From making the internal change my heart opened unto itself and others. Instantaneously my whole world opened. The search was over. I have finally been able to transform my own life, come into my own being to live a life filled with inspiration. Chris Walkers book is a response to a need to restore a coherent culture, a way of thinking and perceiving which brings all aspects of life together. Work becomes play and play becomes work our family becomes a link for us to live with purpose and an inspired vision.

The core of Chris’s work comes down to this:

  • 1 congruency – aligning with purpose
  • 2 bridging the gap between intrinsic values and extrinsic values
  • 3 mind/heart unity
  • 4 engaging will
  • 5 living an inspired  life – life purpose

Through the process of recognising your intrinsic and extrinsic values we become aligned with truth an our consciousness can see clearly the wall which creates our misalignment. It is from this discovery we can dissolve the barrier and live from our true heart with harmony love and beauty. It is of course with clear perception and knowledge that we are enabled to act. Sometimes this requires the sword of truth to shatter our fears and interjected values that have become attached to our identity in order to grow and move forward toward our true selves and our true longings. These teachings are not superficially loving nor coated with candy or lined with fluffy adjectives. 

Christopher Walkers teachings are the truth of spirituality in action and it requires that we all become spiritual warriors and take up our swords to release unnecessary attachments or overcome obstacles so we may face the self, know thy self, love thy self and become a living creation of our souls purpose.

When one loves in this state of grace we are inspired beings. Our actions are imbued with clarity, consciousness, harmony as we move toward our souls longings.. When our being acts holistically with our intrinsic values aligning with our extrinsic values, our wants and actions in unity there is beauty, harmony, love, strength, inspiration, a deep inner peace and a conviction of integrity. We align ourselves to be congruent human beings. We live with our mind and hearts as one mind, one voice, one beat, one entity and our will no longer fragments as it has been empowered to listen to one vibration –mind/heart unity.

It is with the harmonising of these two forces that our spirits are freed to lead us and effect its true voice in the world. This the effect of ‘living in accordance with god’s will’ which has become new age terminology shrouded in mystery. It is a practical process and we all have the choice to live as inspired human beings.

This is the journey which Christopher Walker has himself embarked upon an now teaches others . It is a life based on inspiration, integrity and truth. Living our truth is the greatest gift of all. The search for something more is over as you become that which you seek and instead seek to live out the gift of your life’s work. When one surveys his teachings one is struck by their extraordinary richness and comprehensiveness. In innumerable lectures and talks given all over America, Europe and Australia, his inspired teachings enlightened all aspects of human life with simplicity and clarity and yet with the greatest depth.

Chris’s work covers all aspects of being from business to those of a more personal nature. His comprehension on the laws of relationship is a challenge for most yet it provides a couple with tools to experience the divinity of who they are as individuals and establish laws of longevity. To truly have an inspired relationship no greater gift can be given, nor received, than sharing, supporting challenging each other in carrying out our life’s work. It is then that congruent individuals filled with the spirit of love, inspired by the gift of creation can come together in truth. They exist as two notes coming together to harmonise and produce a melody.

‘Love is the nature of life, beauty is the outcome of life, harmony is the means by which life accomplishes its purpose, and the lack of its results in destruction.”

This is truly the mastery in which Chris Walker has over his own life and teaches others.

Chris has travelled over the last couple of years meeting tens of thousands of people. His coaching and the Innerwealth process is a response to the stresses of modern life, for people who are tired and overwhelmed and are yearning to take charge of their lives and make authentic statements of who they are. And in doing so simply be fulfilled.

Thank you

The Joy of life

The joy of life sometimes alludes us. We chase it in in so many different ways. Buying things, eating things, drinking things, earning more money and doing yoga. But the joy of life is not found in those pursuits. The joy of life comes well before we do, eat, sleep or make great love.

The pursuit of happiness is the common ground on which we all walk. We want it, we want to give it. We hope to have more of it. We do all sorts of things to get it. In my work, I believe that happiness is not a privilege, but more so, it is a necessity, a right, an essential part of health, wellbeing, wealth creation and most important of all, success at home and at work.

What makes you happy?

Short term happiness is easily achieved. Buying a new suit, a new perfume, getting a PB at the gym, a great night out with your loved one, a success at work. But few people understand the cost of such momentary happiness.

IF and When I

The addiction to things, people and circumstances to make us happy corrupts us all. We buy an ice-cream knowing it’s toxic but, it’s cooling, delicious and in short, makes us happy. The ice-cream is the profitable commodity created by clever marketing experts and brilliant chemists who combine to create memory in our mind that this is a worthy use of our time and energy, ie money. Hence, there are queues at Meccina Ice-cream shops where we pay a premium to wait in line to eat, what is essentially, junk that tastes great. (I do it regularly)

Separating personal happiness from things, circumstances and events around us is ultimately what we call spiritual. I love this word because it can mean anything from peace on earth to save the whales, to fight for freedom and love. It moulds itself conveniently into whatever we think will make us happy. And in the pursuit of happiness, spirituality is as corrupt as ice-cream. Both promise happiness, both deliver it while you consume it, but leave you wanting for more at the end of it.

Happiness, I mean real happiness that I prefer to call joy, is a state of mind. And while a state of mind is conditional on the weather, a person, success, pleasure, diet, body shape, car type and cosmetic appearance we are powerless, and know it. And, powerlessness in the face of the pursuit of happiness is the deepest suffering.

Thirty odd years ago, when I realised that my happiness was dependent of my wife’s mood, I worked to make her happy so I would be happy. That didn’t work: The purpose of a relationship is not happiness.

Fourty years ago, when I realised my happiness and my self-respect were linked in some way, I competed in sport at the highest level. When I won I was so happy. But when I lost I was not happy. And given that sport has a combination of winning and losing, this provoked a sort of gorilla mindset to winning. And nothing causes failure in sport, or business, more than a gorilla mindset.

Twenty-five years ago I built a world class business. After sport and love failed to make me unconditionally happy, I thought following my life purpose, changing the world, making money and living the good life would be perfect. But success does not cause happiness. Happiness causes success. And driving my Porsche down to the marina to go sailing on my Yacht with my gorgeous partner, I still stopped for ice-cream to make me happy. The addiction to IF and When I in the pursuit of happiness had grown along with my business success. In some ways I was far worse off now than ever.

Along the way, I’ve climbed mountains to find happiness but found the same opportunity for misery and unhappiness can travel with me from the bottom to the top. Chris at the base of any mountain is no different than Chris at the top of it. I guess I could have learnt that reading a book, but, really, I’ve never learnt anything from a book. Life itself is the book I read. It’s called experience and sadly, experience is the most expensive teacher on earth.

That’s why I coach. I’m trying to save you the cost of experience. I do know how to be unconditionally happy. I do know how to bring that happiness into my relationships. I do know how to turn up happy before work instead of because of it. I do know now how to live and love life and enjoy an ice-cream without being manipulated by marketing and clever chemists. And this learning I have has come at a huge experiential cost, there’s just no need for more than one of us to pay that price.

I want to save marriages from the ravages of personal stress created by work that’s done in the pursuit of happiness, or success or approval or self respect all of which come home in moods, expectations and spoil the honeymoon that is life. I want to demonstrate how to hold a mindset that solves problems in life without becoming so entangled in the solution or the problem that unhappiness becomes a default.

Mindset – how to think, how to bring spirituality to reality. This breaks the mould of the majority. It separates organised religion and its incredible value to life from happiness for which it was never designed. Mindset also dissipates stress at the cause. Instead of offering stress relief, I offer stress prevention. Happiness before work, love, success, and victory. Happiness, sustainable happiness is a state of mind.

In this mission to help you find the holy grail of life and then turn up, irrespective of the circumstances, happy, I am faced with some resistance. So many “ice-creams” are sold as quick fixes to the problem of unhappiness that we unconsciously become addicted to them. Breaking addictions we don’t know we have is hard. It goes deep sometimes. Like associating a loving relationship with happiness because our parents didn’t have one, like winning business deals because this has, unconsciously been associated with self-respect and self-belief which in turn has been inadvertently and accidentally associated with happiness.


Unhappy people die young. Unhappy people stress the world. Unhappy people are powerlessly addicted to others opinions for their life. Unhappy people earn money to prove their worth and to mask their misery. These do not work. Unhappy people simply choose to think wrongly and the longer it goes on, the more addicted unhappy people become to the substitutes and masks. They even start writing and coaching and selling the dream of “When You” – but it’s all clever ice-cream marketing and chemistry.

Gratitude doesn’t make you happy. Peace doesn’t make you happy. Simple living doesn’t make you happy. Organic food doesn’t make you happy. Go into any organic food shop or peace loving book shop and you will definitely meet a good selection of people addicted to the idea of hunting for happiness.

Happiness is not a pursuit

imagine just for one moment that you find happiness and know how to sustain it. You sleep happy, you wake happy. You are not motivated to find happy, you are happy. Deeply. You automatically find purpose in life. You no longer hunt for it and therefore your decisions are made with a great deal of joy. Love is not the root of your happiness and therefore your relationship is loving without all the usual games. You work clear headed and lead to the future based on great value criteria rather than bent motive. Stress lasts seconds and not weeks or years and you give to others what you’ve got an abundance of, happiness. You choose your car, your clothes, your actions and reactions with such joy that what others think doesn’t even enter your mind. You are happy, you are free, and with that comes love, success, health, longevity, and gratitude. You see, while the world seeks happiness from love, success, health, longevity and gratitude you do the absolute and complete opposite. You are happy and from that, flows everything you could possibly dream of, naturally.



A Master in the art of Living 

Draws no sharp distinction 

Between their work and their play 

Their labour and their leisure 

Their minds and their bodies 

Their education or their recreation. 

They hardly know which is which. 

They simply pursue their vision 

Of excellence 

Through whatever 

They are doing

and leave 

Others to determine 

Whether they are working or playing. 

To themselves, it always seems 

As if they are doing both. 

Christopher Walker

There’s an old, old quote…

If you want something done, ask a busy person

Well, it’s true. Idle hands are the devils playground.

And if you are in the business of MANAGEMENT .. then, busy is best.

BUT if you are in the business of LEADERSHIP … then, busy is a crime.

Time efficiency is impacted by how busy you are. If you are busy, you’ll get things done faster. If you are not busy, Parkinson’s Law … Work expands to fill the time allotted to it … becomes truth.

But Parkinson’s disease is also a consequence of busyness. This is the difference between Stress and Eustress. Eustress is healthy.

The side effects of busy are terrible. Exhaustion, depletion, moods, distraction, and ultimately the worst of the bunch, taking the joy out of life and work.

In a recent study CEO’s were asked about working day time allocation. 30% was to task. 30% was to network and 30% to board. The temptation is to think these people are busy. However, on further examination, the networking was done outside the office often sailing or tennis etc. And board network was socially engaged activities including dinners at home or with friends. What they called work, some less aware managers would call, getting away from their job or time out.

You know a person’s purpose in life within 30 seconds of meeting them. A world champion will not waste time talking to you unless it helps with their sponsorship, training, recovery or preparation for their event. A CEO will not waste their time solving people’s problems unless it links to their mission of growing their business. We tend to glorify “Busy” as some form of “work” when in fact, un-busy would be the best definition of a great leadership.

Un-busy means you are available and things come to you. But, and this is the rider, you’d best be hanging out with those who play a role in your success, who can impact your results, who are part of the fabric of your goal. Otherwise, the un-busy will result in leisure time that lowers your self worth.

10 ideas to un-busy yourself.

  • spend a maximum of 30% of your working day in management (see blog posts on defining management)
  • link 30% of your day to activities that engage clients and networks that are healthy and fun
  • link 30% of your day to managing upwards – leadership
  • always remember to create space to let things come to you rather than always feeling pressure to grab
  • turn up at work, or your chosen mission, already happy, fulfilled and satisfied
  • don’t bring home stress (gratitude)
  • do one thing at a time (be present)
  • know your mission in life (certainty)
  • love life – (means be happy and to do this understand nature’s universal laws to create transparency)
  • focus on stress prevention rather than stress relief. prevention takes 1/100th the effort than cure.

Tapping Your Genius

If you have an image of Einstein sitting in his lab, crying, sobbing because he doesn’t have time off, filled with anxiety because he didn’t come up with a new formula, worried about making money, wishing he was somewhere else, dreaming of nights on a yacht on the Mediterranean so far from his work, think again.

Einstein couldn’t differentiate between work and play. He wasn’t concerned with stuff that didn’t impact his mission. He loved his mission, surrounded himself with those who supported it. He wasn’t conflicted with multimple ambitions, he wanted to do what he did, everyday was a holiday for Einstein because for him, a holiday was doing what he did everyday.

The second you hear yourself say “I need a holiday” just know that all your genius is gone, the magic you can tap into to draw things to yourself has left, life has lost its gloss. If there is one thing the future will bring it is the realisation that this era of obsession with “getting away from it” was stupid. “It: needs to be the thing you don’t want to get away from, and that means your work and your life become one.


One who hopes that others will believe in them, while they doubt themselves is destined for smallness

Chris Walker

Hard headed stoic determination can give way to uncertainty in the journey to find a middle ground for communication at work. 360 degree feedback loops and HR obsession with placating the lowest common denominator make it hard for the entrepreneur to stand tall in a mediocre working environment.

For self-belief to function in a healthy way there must be doubt. Doubt is not a dark force but a reconciliation between the left and right sides of the mind. One cannot be one sided. However, doubt is a momentary feeling and, if welcomed as an old friend, comes and goes without causing trouble. The individual who fights doubt is going to fail because they are closed. The individual who ponders on doubts, will die of worry. One must learn nature’s way of moving with the flow and yet, staying grounded in truth.

Avoid rumination at all cost. it is the fertile soil where doubt takes hold and pushes out the voice of the soul.


What we judge we breed attract or become

Chris Walker

Staying inspired is essential for collaboration. Once the ego has kicked in, you’ll be dancing around like a cat on a hot tin roof trying to justify yourself.

Nothing affects the quality of life of an individual more than a distorted memory about the past. Anger, frustration, victimhood, pain, grief, regret and more are all poison to the spirit and corruption to the vision.

It is our lifelong test: have I cleared the past. If not, it will be repeated until we do clear it.

Judgements of parents are the worst and most impactful. What we judge in the parent we breed in the child.

Processing judgement is in the present moment. We might judge a colleague or friend or partner but really we are just projecting some past judgement onto them. In clearing judgement we clear the past and the future.

I spend significant focus in coaching making sure that the past is cleared. This is a journey. As we grow in life and business, the past can return. It’s therefore a continual duty to clear the past.

We must fight to love, Love is the opposite to judgement.


Confidence and Self belief form the backbone of stress management. Once either of these are gone, stress multiplies and usually impacts people around you in the most negative of ways. They say they understand, but they don’t, they resent it.

Your stress is not my stress

The first step in sustainable confidence and self-belief is knowing when it’s your stress or you’ve taken on someone elses. In particular this applies to your spouse. if they are not happy, stressed and filled with rage or anxiety, this has little or nothing to do with you.

Two stressed people do not make one happy one.

Chris Walker

This does not imply that we do not have compassion, quite the opposite. However, we make others weak when we solve their stress. WE make them strong when we believe in them and trust them to deal with their stress. Certainty we do not take blame for it. If someone’s expectation of us is different to who we are, that’s really not a problem.

The owner of a business, the CEO will potentialy stress about the business failing. We should not stress about that. We should however, have a plan b, should their stress prove true. Their stress is not our stress. If we are focussed on buidling our sales or serving our client that is our stress. But stress is a myth.

Stress comes from an un-balanced perception. So, in fact, all stress is a myth. All things are balanced. We can choose not to see it or we can choose to see it. This is our call. If we refuse to see balance we will be stressed. If we are stressed we often seek others to validate our lopsided unbalanced view. They do us no favour by complicity. Better to see balance. That’s the root of happiness.


All human eyes are turned to the future. When the future is disrupted, humans step away from life. Energy is provided for those who look forward to the future. And resources are provided for those who invest in the future. When we try to live the future before it comes we bankrupt ourselves morally and spiritually. The key to the future is in the details of it. One must become fully present with the future. We do this in coaching by expanding the now. Becoming present with the future is more than dreaming of it, although this is important.

You own it. It’s simple. It’s portable and it’s inside of you. It affects your productivity, your health, your happiness. It affects your relationship, your friendships, your children and your P&L at work. If you tap it, there’s no stopping you, if you don’t then it’s all just hard work and struggle. Your Vision, Inspiration and Purpose affects everything important and it is without doubt the single most important ingredient in determining the quality of your life, work life balance and the essential exchange in relationships. It’s not fluff, just try being without hope for a day and see how it feels and how many people want to invest in you. Nature thinking is simple. It’s Nature’s Laws presented so you can bring nature home and be in complete control of your dialogue with life.

I have been coaching humanity for 40 years. Nothing impacts the child more than the un-lived dreams of the parent… vision is important for family, career and relationships alike..

Chris Walker