Why Nature Is Vital To Corporate and Community Wellbeing

Are our measures of poverty and well-being too narrow? Judith Schleicher and Bhaskar Vira from Cambridge's Conservation Research Initiative think so. Writing for The Conversation, they argue that we should include access to nature in these measures. Without nature, humans could be neither healthy nor happy. And yet the natural world can be completely ransacked … Continue reading Why Nature Is Vital To Corporate and Community Wellbeing


For 25 years now, Christopher Walker has been a consultant, originally a consultant on global environment and corporate change, Christopher realised his inspiration to inspire the individual. For the past 15 years Christopher Walker has been a professional speaker, using his knowledge in environment management (or the laws of nature) and corporate change, Christopher has … Continue reading Consulting

How Being in Nature Can Potentially Make a Difference

Lets face it: the world we live in can be a mighty stressful place. While some level of stress in your life is inevitable, it’s important to recognize that stress levels have a distinct impact on our bodies. Everything that you experience (and this includes what you see, hear and feel) throughout the day has … Continue reading How Being in Nature Can Potentially Make a Difference

Nature and You

Have you ever been awed by the beauty of a mountain or ocean? Have you ever been excited to see a wild animal in its natural habitat? Have you ever stopped to admire a lovely flower or tree? If so, you will understand how nature can impact our wellbeing. By nature, we mean the natural world … Continue reading Nature and You

Business Development for The Outdoorsy Person

Not everybody wants to listen to emotionally charged rhetoric by hyped up adrenalin fed American speakers. Some people want to learn from nature and embrace that in their lives as a pretty damn good metaphor for good living. Me too. If you are an outdoorsy person, and you do believe in personal growth without the … Continue reading Business Development for The Outdoorsy Person

Watching nature programs makes you happier: BBC study

Watching nature programs will have a direct and uplifting impact on the mood and well-being of its viewers, according to a new study released by BBC Earth, the BBC’s global factual brand. Original Article Here “The Real Happiness Project,” which aims to promote the benefits of connectivity with nature via linear and digital platforms, was … Continue reading Watching nature programs makes you happier: BBC study

Reducing Presenteeism

Coming to work mentally or emotionally distracted by domestic and personal matters is inevitable. We are not monks, we are human. Human beings cannot compartmentalise physical or emotional pain. We can compartmentalise mental and spiritual pain. Which is why the nature based skills of handling emotional and physical pain are a great investment for any … Continue reading Reducing Presenteeism


  Innerwealth is this: For many years I have consulted to and helped people who are keen to work as effectively as possible. The most successful people I have mentored have consciously become moved by an expansive vision. They are fascinated by life and driven to experience it fully. They respond well to change although they do not necessarily … Continue reading Innerwealth

Be Inspired (by nature)

Your true nature is inspired. Being connected to nature is a vital part of your relationship with your own true nature - being inspired.  A human being can never be greater than nature. All religions are humble to nature. If nature chooses to turn left, the entire universe turns too. If you want to live … Continue reading Be Inspired (by nature)

An Inspiring Life – Beyond Leadership to Really Adding Value

In the mountains there is no such thing as "#leadership" - there is simply someone who can get you to the top with the least probability of failure. It's not a disrupter, an influencer, a good idea. No, it's a certainty that comes to the group and they follow. If that person becomes nervous, unsure, … Continue reading An Inspiring Life – Beyond Leadership to Really Adding Value