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I started Innerwealth because I wanted to save the world, environmentally at least. I spent many years as an environmental engineer and witnessed the devastation that industry can cause to nature, and humans, when it has no regard for the sustainability or long-term wellbeing of people over the commercial demands of industry.But all that changed one day when, working with one of Australia’s largest cement manufacturing companies I offered to reduce the air-pollution that was coming out of a massive cement plant at the mere cost of $100,000 in comparison to the overall cost of the facility being constructed over $1 billion.On the evening before the meeting where this offer took place I had been to the home of one of the leading engineers and plant manager. We had enjoyed a barbecue with their family and children. I noticed that everything in their home, including the plates we were eating off, were covered in a fine film of cement dust which is well known to be carcinogenic. So it was this experience of witnessing a family consuming carcinogenic dust not more than 5 km from the cement plant that stimulated my idea to reduce the pollution escaping the factory with a minimal jump in cost.It sounds ridiculous but at this moment when my offer was rejected outright, I burst into tears. I immediately left the meeting, tears streaming down my face, walked outside their offices, got on my portable phone and rang my business partner and declared my intent to sell my ownership of this air-pollution business I’d built.I realised that if I was going to save the world from environmental destruction and the hurt that industry was able to inflict on nature I needed to approach this matter from a much higher level. Notice also, that at this time, I dehumanised industry as if it wasn’t people making decisions.With my ambition to save the world stimulated even future, and with this incident in the cement plant in mind, I returned to university to study behavioural science and completed an MBA over the next two years. Then, I made a contract with the federal government of Australia to implement World Competitive Manufacturing throughout Australia in as many manufacturing facilities as possible. Soon this evolved too, and i found myself working coaching and consulting to the leaders of these companies.All this revealed another stark reality. People made these decisions about pollution, nature and the environment, not companies. And the people I was working with were so commercially handcuffed and separated from nature, they didn’t even know their options.My ambition to save the world grew more realistic. I needed to have a more powerful voice. Soon i was working with human consciousness.Human consciousness means awareness and the idea that we, and our decisions, impact the world, our families and ourselves holistically. In other words, what we think can change the world because it changes our decisions.Human development became the core of my change management consultancy. I worked with the Federal Government of Canada, First Nation Canada and leaders from around the globe to bring a conscious awareness of nature and her laws, back to the hearts and minds of leaders.Human consciousness and awareness of the power of nature became my primary focus. Important in our lives and to the future of the planet.Speaking to large audiences is such a wonderful experience. As long as you tell the audience what they want to hear. It is a wonderful career. But my message was strong and some people didn’t like it. My message is “we are the environment we create” and that directs responsibility for our destiny into every pair of human hands. The way we treat ourselves is reflected in the way we treat nature, is the topic.The way we treat each other is the way we treat nature. Our home life, mental and emotional health is simply a reflection of it. Love of mountains and trees and forests and animals is purely a reflection of how we treat each other and ourselves.The evolution of Innerwealth’s environmental protection business to global thought leadership was a transitional journey driven by an ambition to make a difference, to stop the stress, the hurt, the mental health issues that are reducing the quality of life of those who deserve better. The end goal has always been to create global individual and personal awareness of the universal laws of nature. With this simplicity we can bring nature from the garden into our homes and offices, into our mind, emotion and decisions. We can and will eventually live as nature intended get what nature intended: a long, healthy, happy, successful, loving life without destroying the planet in the process.Everything we own and everything we do will be left behind once we pass away from this body. That includes the footprints we leave in nature. Sometimes it feels like it doesn’t matter.If you come to Bondi you will see piles of glass and cups left on the beach on a sunny day, from people who think their behaviour doesn’t matter. You will see plastic bags and rubbish left where people sunbaked. You’ll get confused as to why anybody would leave rubbish on the beach. But if you go and meet these people they treat each other and themselves as they treated the beach. And this is where awareness needs to begin.The solution is in the human spirit. The human spirit flies when it is in nature. The careless mind and the self-important ego can only take over when a person suffers from nature deficit disorder. We can fix that.Because Nature Deficit Disorder is a Disease. NDD.NDD causes leaders to become obsessed with making profits. NDD causes families, parents and friends to turn on each other. NDD makes homes stressful and then children struggle to relate to the parents. There are schools and communities that are suffering from NDD and the price is violence.We can do something about it.We may not be able to stop the spread of urbanisation but we can re-introduce nature and nature’s laws back into the world. In doing that we will reduce the hurt, improve health, reduce most mental health problems and create an emotional stability for those who are currently of balance.And leave the planet in a more sustainable state, all the way down to Bondi Beach.With SpiritChris

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