Unleashing Inner Strength: The Power of Saying “Stop”


Hey there, nature lovers and truth seekers! Welcome back to another episode of the Anti-Guru Guru Podcast, where we cut through the fluff and dive straight into the heart of what makes us tick. Today, we’re exploring a topic that’s both challenging and crucial: mental health, and the often overlooked power we possess to resist pain and emotional overwhelm.

The Strength Within Us All

We are incredibly powerful beings, yet one of the most underestimated strengths we have is our ability to resist pain. In my work with both youth and adults considered suicidal, I’ve found that many of them have never been told they possess this strength. The typical approach to mental health repair often overlooks the innate power within individuals, assuming they need external fixes rather than recognizing their inherent resilience.

The Power of “Stop”

I’ve witnessed firsthand the effectiveness of simply commanding someone in distress to “stop.” This might seem unorthodox, but it can be remarkably effective. In seminars, I’ve encountered individuals in states of shock or experiencing diabetic episodes. By firmly telling them to stop, with genuine intent, they often regain control. This isn’t about being harsh; it’s about recognizing and activating their inner strength.

Challenging the Status Quo

Our society tends to handle those with mental health issues with kid gloves, often exacerbating their sense of weakness. While it’s natural to want to soothe someone in pain, this approach can enable a mindset of helplessness. Instead, we should encourage people to recognize their strength to determine how much they’ll let something affect them. Grief, anger, sadness – these emotions need boundaries. By saying “that’s enough,” we empower ourselves and others to overcome emotional turmoil.

Embracing Duality

Every human has every trait – we can be happy, sad, smart, foolish, elated, or depressed. It’s how we treat ourselves that determines whether we wallow in misery or rise above it. Recognizing the impact of our emotions on those we love can be a powerful motivator. People often consider taking their own lives to avoid burdening others, not realizing the profound vacuum this leaves behind.

The Unreconciled Separation

In my previous discussions, I’ve talked about the gap between being resolved and unreconciled with the universe. This separation, this stone in the shoe, needs reconciliation. Understanding that we are inherently worthy of love – not just intellectually, but deeply and methodically through coaching – is crucial. We must confront our denial of strength and recognize our capacity for resilience.

Compassion and Challenge

True compassion isn’t just about empathy and sympathy; it’s about support and challenge. Authentic love means challenging as much as supporting. In workplaces, families, and personal growth, challenging ourselves and others is essential. Denying this aspect of our nature leads to a fictional character devoid of real power. We need to confront our emotions head-on and find the beauty in every situation.

The Wisdom of Silence

When offering advice or challenges, remember this: never give it unless asked, and never offer it for free. If someone wouldn’t pay for your advice, don’t give it. This principle ensures that your words are valued and respected. Similarly, if you didn’t ask for advice and wouldn’t pay for it, don’t take it to heart.

Embracing Our Full Potential

We all have every quality, including bravery, courage, wisdom, and strength. It’s a matter of tapping into these traits and reminding those who’ve been enabled to be weak about their inherent power. Let’s move away from enabling weakness and towards fostering a true understanding of our dual nature. Both sides of us are worthy of love.

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