July 19

How to Manage Disappointment

There is a wicked gap between what we expect to happen and what actually happens. Our imagination can dream up anything at once and we can live in the anticipation of a fantasy becoming reality. That is soul destroying because we place a lot of emphasis on our imagination and therefore our visualisation of the future and yet the future can sometimes contradict what we expected to happen. This is most conspicuous in marriages and in business proposals in fresh start-ups.

Find out which of these is incorrect is quite a task. Is it our imagination or is it our interpretation of reality. If we imagine a fantasy that contradicts the universal laws of nature we are setting ourselves up for failure. But equally so if we are imagining a reality in the future but our perception of what's taking place in the present is wrong then Will also become quite disenchanted and we will lose balance. This video explains a little bit about that.

Christopher Walker

Chris Walker, CEO of Innerwealth Consulting. Chris is a highly intuitive and inspired individual. Australian born, Chris holds an M.B.A  from the Australian Graduate School of management along with a BE in Environmental Science. Chris has spent significant periods of study in India, Nepal, and Tibet studying Yoga and meditation. His change consultancy blends both East and West to bring a more sustainable and potent response to the technological demands of our times. As a successful entrepreneur Chris implemented transformational management technologies in his own business and has since consulted to over 3,000 individual leaders in personal and professional change management. The focus of Chris change technology is a unique emphasis on deeper human values linked to business performance.

The result of Chris Consulting in culture change is happier individuals, more compassionate working environments and more inspired leadership. a modern answer to a modern day problem Corporate enlightenment is truly inspirational. Chris is based in Sydney, Australia.

Chris Walker

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