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Understanding the Role of Doubt and Self-Confidence The Audio of this is at the end… When we’re setting out to achieve something—be it an audition, a job interview, or a race—doubt and self-confidence play significant roles. The luxury of harbouring doubt is often a privilege of the rich and famous. For instance, if you’re an […]

Yeah, I’ve done hundreds of written vision quests and I find after a while I get a little complacent in terms of the content and the engagement required to create enthusiasm inspiration and commitment. Therefore I’m gravitated towards a different process which includes using my phone and voice to text. I hope this demonstrates another […]

​Recently a very well-known meditation teacher in Sydney committed suicide. He left behind a wife and children. It’s extremely sad. Evidently his life went downhill during the Covid period when he couldn’t teach. But what does demonstrates more than anything else is the lack of a process that he would have to handle the negative […]