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Frustration can have a negative influence in business leadership for several reasons: Overall, frustration can undermine a leader’s effectiveness and lead to negative outcomes for their organization. It is important for leaders to manage their emotions and find healthy ways to cope with frustration, such as seeking support, taking breaks, or engaging in stress-reducing activities. […]

TRANSCRIPT 00:00 Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are. This is Chris. And we are talking today about the human spirit. And well, it’s a complicated topic at the best of times, but I will try my very best to distill it. 00:19 Enthusiasm that’s another word for the human spirit. Enthusiasm and enthusiasm is […]

This is indeed well understood by any gardener. The aim of the life of a rosebush is to be all that is inherent as potentiality in the rosebush: that its leaves are well developed and that its flower is the most perfect rose that can grow out of this seed. The gardener knows, then, in […]

Many years ago I was told that the best way to go through life is to get into the middle of the stream and float along with everybody else. The advice came from the only boss I’ve ever had in the only job I’ve ever had for an employer. It seems that my boss was […]

I’m presenting you today a short discussion on the art of leadership. I hope you enjoy it. What is leadership? 0:13 Well, a leader drives transition. I think we’ve given enough rhetoric to the concept of leadership to know that if you Google leadership tomorrow on Google, you’ll get around 5.8 billion hits and everybody […]

A “fixed mindset” assumes that our character, intelligence, and creative ability are static givens which we can’t change in any meaningful way, and success is the affirmation of that inherent intelligence, an assessment of how those givens measure up against an equally fixed standard; striving for success and avoiding failure at all costs become a […]

Having long reckoned with the relationship between cynicism and hope, I often say that cynics — who are the people most deserving of our pity — are just brokenhearted optimists. There is both a lovely confluence and a lovely inversion of these ideas in the assertion that “hope is optimism with a broken heart.” Of […]

I would suggest really strongly that sadness is a really big mind noise, spinning around there thinking, “I’ll be really sad about this, and it’ll make a big difference.” It doesn’t. Your sadness makes things worse. And so the process of getting above sadness and moving through sadness quickly is a process to allow you […]

It is almost beyond belief that we could hate ourselves. And most of us would say we don’t. But you can’t love one person and hate another. Every human, including ourselves, has every human trait. Therefore when we hate somebody or let’s put it more mildly are angry at them judge being them criticising them, […]

It may seem strange at first to think that in your mind there is constant noise, it arrives through the senses and delivers, when necessary, a reaction. But before that arrival of sensory input, we can have thoughts rolling around in our head that we are just not aware of. Self depreciating, self criticising, self […]

Mind noise sneaks up on us when we leave a vacuum. When we do not focus on the Will of life, then life imposes its will. Listening to the Innerwealth Podcasts over on SOUNDCLOUD can fill your empty space with love and heart and soul filled experiences, those we call, inspired. Slip on over on […]

TRANSCRIPT OF CHRIS WALKER INNERWEALTH ON THE BEACH SOUNDCLOUD PODCAST FROM FEB 9th. Good morning, good afternoon, wherever you are, we’re just walking back along the beach, the wind is behind me. So I thought I could grab a quick podcast before I got home after an ocean swim. (the water is gorgeous.) A little […]

Who would promote a stressed, emotionally drained, worried, tired and hunched over in sadness individual? Only a cruel individual would add another KG to the back of an overloaded camel. It just wouldn’t be fair. Sometimes human nature and our ego get into a fight. The ego wants to be right, human nature wants to […]