In these lessons you will explore the real essence of success and begin to understand the vast difference between your conscious mind and your subliminal mind as a focus for living.

Your subliminal mind is the core of your deepest humanity. When you have finished exploring your intellect and attending ceremonies, when you are exhausted trying to change the unchangeable, then you, like me, will come to rest in your subliminal mind. In this place your subliminal mind and your partner’s heart are one, you become are interconnected. Then, there’s no need to compare, you become a part of something bigger, where your individuality is flexible, transient and impermanent. If someone says you are dumb you agree, smart you agree, genius you agree. There’s nothing to stand for or against. Then you relax in the knowledge that you have no idea of what the world could do next. You know you and that’s the point you can influence. 

This is a beautiful reality, the core of confidence, love, beauty and a healthy life.

If you spent your whole life doing nothing other than instructing subliminal mind and developing the qualities of your connection to it, then, it is no exaggeration to say that this effort alone would bring you to the highest goal of your life. Whether it’s as an athlete, a parent, a business tycoon an artist, singer or leader of community because it is through the subliminal mind that one finds their truth and within the subliminal mind that one finds the power to be the very best version of themself. 

The head thinks, the subliminal mind acts. It is only your subliminal mind that can love your partner and family and others unconditionally. It is here that strength and conviction emanate. Compassion and loving-kindness live in your subliminal mind and it is here that one feels authentic. 

Balanced, centred and calm leads you straight to your subliminal mind and this is where the juice for life and self respect comes from. Not words, not thoughts: subliminal mind. It is through the subliminal mind that we can find the way to treat others while being true to ourselves.

The subliminal mind represents the essential nature of a person and thus the development of the connection to your subliminal mind; the unfolding of your real self and the illumination of your other than subconscious mind are of the utmost importance on the path of to find the best version of you. 

This is the centre around which your life can revolve. But it is not the emotional centre. The subliminal mind is often mistaken as a nice fluffy fuzzy feeling in the centre of the chest, but that is just your emotional centre. It is a big mistake to call that emotional centre your true self. It is everything but your true self. Your emotions are your undoing. If you can’t separate your emotions from your subliminal mind you are really in trouble in life. Nothing good ever came from emotion. Emotion is a cycle, the ups are balanced by the downs.

But, in contrast to emotion, in your subliminal mind you are talking about your real power, your human spirit, your love for another person and your commitment to your mission in life. It is not just a feeling but rather a knowing. It’s called your inner voice, but it is not a voice at all. It is a pure, unconditional knowing. No words can describe it. It never wants to go on holiday, or get grumpy or tired, it sleeps like a baby and is a powerfully magnetic part of you.

To find your connection to your subliminal mind is to know your path. It’s the vital key to  “staying in love” when the “falling in love” transitions away from infatuation. It’s solid, it denies uncertainty, it is a path that doesn’t waver, it is also where you hold your centre, and be true to yourself and others. 

It all begins with gaining a true sense of being separated from your objective or conscious thinking mind. To do that, the success mindset is balanced, centred and calm. That stops you thinking and feeling as a process for success. It begins to value your real non emotional self, the one that exists outside of your sense of self. Balanced, centred and calm is a great way to deny the assertions of your over thinking, up in your head self, and become relaxed and natural. It creates a certain inner confidence and strength, and builds a foundation from which your relationships and life evolve. 

Your instructions to your subliminal mind can’t be a separate experience from daily life because the connection drives the outcome of life itself. To find your connection to your subliminal mind doesn’t mean rushing around trying to be a great person by solving the world’s problems either, because those problems are countless and the very act of rushing around is in itself the cause of inauthenticity, a stronger connection to your thinking, and rather fucked up brain. Solving the world’s problems, or other people’s problems (unless you’re me) is part of the undoing of your turning up, it unbalances you, de-centres you and creates a counter claim to your calm and self respect. It disconnects you from your connection in the last 40 lessons, to your subliminal mind.

By listening to your own subliminal mind in all aspects of life (all seven areas), by being balanced, centred and calm, you emphasise and be respectful of your own particular dysfunction. It enables you to shift the focus from thinking to being, from wanting to having, from wishing to doing. The subliminal mind uses what you are really are talented at, what you love to do and to expresses your success without tension, not seeking approval or spending your life worried about what other people think. 

The deepest experience of life is yours when you take this opportunity to live from your relationship to your subliminal mind both for the sake of your family and your career. You become the real model of what you see and wish.

First you must first learn to love yourself so that you no longer are a slave to your self. Can you see this? Until you let go of what you feel and your opinions, you are just a slave to the conditioning and subconscious expectations of your history, A prisoner of your thoughts.



When we explore the term success in common language we find that it means the central or innermost part of something such as the ‘success of the city’, it also means the essential or vital part of something such as “what is the path to success of the matter?” A person with a ‘lot of success’ is someone with determination. To ‘lose success’ means to be discouraged so we see that the will of a person emanates from their commitment to success. 

We refer to success when we talk about generosity or sincerity as well as consideration, understanding and helpfulness as when we say, “He or she is a great success.” or “She is a successful person.” When a person is cruel or mean or when someone shows no regard for others we say, “His heart is closed or small or cold or that he has no success at all, they become a loser no matter what they have achieved or accumulated.” 

In most of the spiritual traditions of the world success is considered the location where a person is fully expressing themselves. Loving life, happy at home (in love), healthy and wealthy. This, of course, is not just physical wealth but rather the real human wealth. Holistic in its truth.

You won’t find success in a at work until you find the success in your being.

So mastering the art of the subliminal mind can be the most powerful thing you can do… especially if you can stay in your subliminal mind in hell… So let’s explore how to keep your connection to your subliminal mind in hell: through avoiding the highjack of your conscious mind by being balanced, centred and calm.



You feel a person long before you speak to them. This is really a summary of the energy in their being. To explain this, is difficult because most people cannot grasp the idea of a mind outside the body, that there is a part in this being, this life, dedicated to the idea of a mind bigger than that which exists on our shoulders. This connection is most sensitive to feeling and has been called “broken” at times, although no physical break actually occurs. This is called stress and anxiety.

The surface of our being is mind, while the depth of it is more. The connection to the subliminal mind is clarity, and we access it through the mind of personality. If this is confusing, then please return to lesson one of the Success Formula and begin your second or third reading/listening.

It is through the connection to the subliminal mind that we know ourselves. Once a person understands balanced, centred and calm, then they bypass their thinking mind and open to the character and the mystery of the subliminal mind, and they understand the language of the universe because the subliminal mind is connected to and resides in the universe.

To be the best version of yourself and hold yourself true to success when others (especially family and loved ones) want to undermine or make you deviate from your path takes a certain trust, a trust that, when faced with what seems to be an insurmountable challenge, you will , by staying connected to your subliminal mind, thrive and survive.

This does mean becoming religious, that’s a different topic. Being the best version of yourself is not lived in temples, nor on particular days of worship, nor is it only reverence to a statue or icon or feelings or emotions of the badly taught Eastern arts. Being the best version of yourself is lived in every single moment of your life. From how you speak to your subliminal mind all the way to what people see of us, to what tune into, and therefore bypass what we think, do and say, to our secret thoughts and ideas. Instructions. Denials, affirmations and Visualisations.


An olympic athlete knows that what they plant in their brain, what they hold in their heart will not really be tested until they are under enormous pressure. When the gun goes off, when faced with deep insurmountable challenges, the ability to apply a skill, on demand and under pressure reveals the authenticity of our relationship to our subliminal mind. Many are great all the way to the starting line using their mind and emotions but do not have the stickability to bring this success, this best self, this self beyond a balanced, centred and calm mind to life under the pressure of challenge.

When people say put your your whole self into it; it means to become fully invested. It means to throw the full weight of your humanity behind something. There are no half hearted success stories. We must be vigilant. Our connection to our subliminal mind must remain invested under all challenges. When the connection to the subliminal mind drops out of something we automatically sabotage it. So, if we can invest ourselves in maintaining the commitment to the subliminal mind in the easy times we will automatically achieve many of our dreams in life in the face of the essential challenges that can easily defeat the mind.


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