The following affirmation used at night just as you are falling asleep will help you;

“When negative thoughts come me I will deny them and replace them by thoughts of power”


“Visualise yourself pursuing the path of achievement which you have already seen in your mind’s eye. Imagine that you see people trying to soak you in negativity, doubt and their self importance to drag you from your path and seeking to persuade you to travel down a side turning. See yourself shake them off easily and firmly without aggression, like dusting a small patch of chalk off a jacket sleeve, continuing your journey to that bright vision which to you is success.”


I have said that there are varying degrees of positiveness, just as there are degrees of negativeness. For instance, the lowest form of “success” thought is “I can succeed”. The student may have all their life thought that they could not succeed. They may have thought that others might succeed because others were more “clever“ or had better “opportunities” or were blessed with “like-ability“; but the student, the poor individual, being neither clever, lucky or presented with opportunities, cannot succeed; they think they must forever be content to remain a mere splinter of wood. But one day, let us now imagine, they read a comment on your blog, your email or your instagram account and read for the first time that they have within them the power to succeed and accomplish and like a flash they realise how they have self-diminished themselves in order to satisfy the selfish ambitions of parents or partner in life, they suddenly sniff their true inward power and cry out, holy crap, maybe – just maybe “I can succeed.“

That, of course, for all of us, is the first step. Very soon they say to themselves, “I will succeed“ and find themselves on the second story of self-awareness and self-belief and, for some time, progress on these lines. This is a rugged and stony path because progress depends almost entirely on willpower and progress by willpower alone is exhausting and absolutely exhausting. But soon the student realises that they have acquired a new or wider consciousness and says with joy and wonder “I am success.“ They have now reached a higher region of the mind they are now exercising a larger and deeper faith. They realise for the first time that success is not something that is outside themselves, or that someone else will give them permission to get, it does not have to be searched for or chased. They realise that not only is success within them, but they themselves are success. They realise that success is a birthright and to live it is not a luxury, it is a requirement of good respect for their birth. It is not a privilege to be begged for from partners, parents or colleagues, it is an essential element of being a human. I cannot explain it further. I am dealing with a state of mind which cannot be described, but which can truly be experienced. When the student has attained to this stage of consciousness they can no longer fail in life. The life henceforth becomes a constant progression, a passing onwards to higher heights and more glorious achievements.

But to go there one must see that success in business, music, art, sport or medicine is not a privilege, it is a requisite. Success is your birthright and unless you own that you will be apologising to all those who think their opinions, their life, their misfortune and fortune is your fault. You will be weak of character and strong in sabotaging and in that become a negative role model for those who follow.

This is the reason why I have made the affirmation to read “I am success“ instead of “I will be successful.“ To say that you will be successful is good, but it puts off your success to a future time. To affirm that you are success or successful now, is to make your success begin right here and right now. No excuses.

Contentious readers will say at once; “how can I say truthfully that I am success when all the time failure and fear of failure enters so much into my life? I have just failed to pass an exam, and through lack of energy and perseverance have let the opportunity of a lifetime slip me by; how then can I affirm myself success?“

The answer is that you are a success in reality. In your inward inner self, your true nature, your un-fragmented self, your heart and soul, you are success, because you are a mental creature and have all the elements of unbounded success inherent within you. You were born with everything you need to be success. Nothing else is needed. Nothing else need be asked for. You were given everything you need at birth for your success. You just need to know it.

You, your real mental perfection. If you affirm that you are success and will persist and persevere with that affirmation, then in your inner self you are success, and later this will be translated into your outward life. What is created in the unseen is later manifested in the seen. By the affirmation “I am success” you create success “within”; later this finds expression in your outward life in the form of achievement accomplishment and material prosperity.

Therefore when a thought or suggestion of failure attempts to gain admission to the sacred space of your own mind, kill by denial, and affirm in its place the “success“ formula that you have given you by your listening to this or reading this. That will be the attitude of your mind to be built-up into a definite awareness. By affirming “I am success“ and by visualising yourself as the embodiment of success. By seeing, with your mental eyes yourself with your ambitions realised, and with all things at your feet, you will construct a concrete image in your mind, a mental movie which will form a matrix, out of which will proceed the material success and accomplishment which are its visible expression.

It cannot be emphasised too much that success is not as something to be won, instead it is rather a mental state, an attitude of the mind. The mind itself has unlimited power, and mental power or thought is the power or force that is greater than all the power of forces, therefore the power to accomplish all things is already within you. This potent power however, cannot find expression in the life if the attitude of the mind is wrong. When the mind is naturally of the success type (POSITIVE) or is made so by training, then it’s intense powers become focused into one powerful beam, which shapes and moulds the outward life, in the form of inward pattern. There is nothing “magic“ about this, it is capable of the simplest explanation. When your mind is of this type, “SUCCESS FORMULA” the impulses sent to the subconscious mind can only result in successful actions. As we have already seen, the subconscious mind is the seat of all action and contains unlimited power and energy. (Connected to the Universal Laws and Universe) This power and energy only needs directing into the right channel to accomplish anything that we may desire to accomplish. When therefore, the mind is cast in the “success“ mould, then only “success“ thoughts and suggestions can go to the subconscious mind, and these in turn must of necessity be translated into successful actions.

The only difference between a successful type of person and an unsuccessful type of person, provided they are of equal energy, is one of mind – of thought. The successful person will respect the right of others to fail, to be negative and small, to blame and shame others. The successful person recognises that no matter how much they love someone, they cannot be them, they cannot change them, they cannot donate to a leaking bucket their energy or their time. The journey of the student to wake up to their own self-sabotage is often one of time and terrible emotion, but that is just their ego, thinking that it is right and important and holding that individual under water for a breath.

The successful persons attitude of mind is such that they generate the right kind of thought, which passing to their subconscious mind, is transmuted into the right type of action. The unsuccessful person on the other hand, through their mind being of a negative type, generates the wrong kind of thought and this in turn results in the wrong type of action. This is why it is impossible to keep the “success“ type of person down for any length of time. You can bankrupt them, bereave them, maim them, cast them into the gutter and jump on them, and they will come up back on top again. It is impossible to keep such a person down for long, simply because their mind will not allow it. This is also why it is impossible to help a person of a negative type. The more one helps such a person the weaker and more hopeless they become, and the more helpless they cling around one’s neck for sustenance and support. Place the unsuccessful person in affluent circumstances, find them work, prospects, influence, friends, place in their hands everything possible with which to aid them, and they will let it go and it will slip through their fingers and come right down to want and mental poverty. Therefore, success in life is the result of “success“ actions, which are the result of “success“ thoughts, which are the result of a “success“ attitude of mind and this is a result of the affirmation “I am success.“

As the attitude of mind alters from negative to positive there is developed what is called personal magnetism; one radiates an influence which attracts people. This is not the same as a social climber or one who is paranoid about what others think about them or their social status, No that is poverty, It is impossible to estimate the difference which this positive attitude alone makes to one’s prospects of success. If a person is in business for themselves what an enormous difference the drawing influence of a well ordered mind will make to that business. Their clients or customers will increase 100 fold in number, and a better type of client or customer will gradually be attracted. That’s the success and prosperity given to the person who cultivate the right type of mind. Once the right attitude of mind has been built-up the trouble is not how to get business, but how to execute it. New opportunities come rushing in so rapidly it is difficult to cope with.

Be aware: all business and work difficulties appear from time to time, and although these may and do extinguish people of the negative type, they cause only temporary trouble to one whose mind has been trained on “success“ lines. As explained in other parts of this course there are ways by which all difficulties can be overcome by the power of mind. But it is only by the application of control of mind when there are no difficulties that will determine who can make use of this opportunity.

Why? Well, just as doing reps in the gym helps you build strength for a super lift, so too doing reps in daily good times, builds the strength to do the super lift in the difficult times. This is super important. I have two groups of clients and both have the desire for success front and centre in their life. But one ground is very different from the other. One group, lets call them, group A, will do daily routines for years without change. This is like doing reps in the gym. The other group, lets call them B group, do daily routines for a few weeks then change them, then don’t do them, then want to them again when things are bad and then want to stop doing them again when things go well. Basically group B are mostly interested in pleasing others and they may even choose a high maintenance person to please. Hence, like their daily routine, their success is, at best, sporadic and dramatically unpredictable.

Reps, are the secret to success. Daily routines that do not change, visions that are constant, visualisations that are the same year in year out. As the mind becomes more positive, the will is greatly strengthened, the staying power is increased, and the powers of concentration vastly strengthened. Anyone acquainted with the difficulties and trials of establishing a business or professional practice will appreciate the value of this. Success generally comes to those with the greatest staying power. The power to “stick to it“ is often the deciding factor in the struggle. Most people give up the struggle when they are just at the turning the corner, and only a little more push and staying power would insure success. Instead they give up through lack of “stickability“ just when success is ready to crown their efforts. This is a reflection of sporadic (lack of stickability) toward daily routines in: “Deny, Affirm and Envision.”

Many other illustrations could be given to show how it is, that success is really no more than an attitude or quality of the mind. The great thing to aim at is to build up within you this “success“ attitude of mind. When this is established and the habit of action and will develops, there is nothing that can distract your success. Affirm that you are success now step yourself in the success idea, visualise yourself successful and all conquering of distraction and absorption of environmental negativity, breathe the success atmosphere, live the dream and be success, and nothing can prevent you from being successful because you, yourself, are success.

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