There are two great obstacles to health and success. They are fear and hate. Not only do they make the path to your success a painful experience for others, as well as breaking down your own health, but they also destroy all your happiness and peace of mind. They are the most negative of all the negative qualities and give rise to the most negative thoughts and the most destructive emotions. They break down the fabric of the character, destroy the nervous system, and create disharmony. These are dark disturbances which negatively corrupt the human heart and terribly affect every aspect of success, health, peace of mind and happiness at a distance.

If you don’t love something, you hate it. If you are worried, it is fear. We have so cleverly relabelled fear and hate to give the world a grey area that is not identified as fear or hate. All criticism is hate. All depressions are fear. All stress is hate or fear. Regret comes from self-hate and many people carry hate for their past, or those in it. When we say “I’ve dealt with it” or “I don’t want them in our life” it all has hate and fear at its root. Can you recognise these qualities in the everyday life of those around you? Or even yourself? If you can it might be wise to read on because this alone is having a disastrous effect on your success, health, mind and those you lead.

There has never been a truly great figure in the world’s history that has been run by fear; on the contrary, the truly great always have been distinguished by their faith and courage. Great characters, accomplish great achievements, the truly successful, know full-well that they can only do great things, or accomplish money purposes, to the extent that they are able to banish fear and hate from their minds and lives.

In hate and fear there is the deadly enemy of accomplishment. It will paralyse effort, destroys initiative and corrupts the mental machinery. Fear and worry go hand-in-hand, the one produces the other. Worry never succeeded in overcoming a difficulty, neither has it ever succeeded in fixing a problem; all it can do is to destroy health, wreck happiness and peace of mind, and make difficulties more difficult to overcome and the problems less easy to solve. And yet, most people, according to medical research die young because of it and the corruption it brings to the human condition. So it seems, we persist with it, in spite of it all. And the reason is that we can too easily relabel it which disguises it. But no successful person on earth wishes to hide behind a rebranding of hate or fear and in doing so, cost them their quality of life, contribution to others and success.

Fear, worry, hate, what a terrible trinity; how destructive they are! How many lives they have ruined. Mental genius, high attainments, university education, opportunities due to privilege, high reading and powerful influence, love and generosity with friends and relatives, even creative artistic genius, cannot win against the trinity. They are all in vain, all are rendered useless, if the mind is allowed to entertain fear or hate, even in all of their subtler forms.

Unless fear is cast out of life, there can be no success. With acceptance of fear and getting accustomed to fear as a default way of experiencing life, if you let fear in your mind then you slam and bolt the door on achievement, you sound the death knell of your hopes and ambitions.

Fear is everywhere; fear of want, fear of starvation, fear of public opinion, fear of private opinion, fear of what we own today may not be ours tomorrow, fear of sickness, fear of death. Fear has become, for tens of millions, a fixed habit. That thought is everywhere. Fear is thrown upon us from every direction without detection. But to continue hate, dread, cringing, fear of anything is to accept loss of love, loss of money, loss of position, lost promotion: it is to take the weakest but fastest means to lose what we fear, and “we will be successful in loss only.”

By living in fear or hate you not only slam the door on all progress, but you also attract to yourself the very thing that you dread. If you dread sickness, then you fear sickness and it will break-down your nervous system, and this will open you to every kind of illness and open your immune system for decay. If you fear failure, then all your actions will serve up with the taste of failure and your sport, marriage or business will come to a fear driven and speedy end.

Fear, worry, anxiety, dread: this dark, negative family, make the lives of millions of people miserable. And they are all the offspring of lack of faith and courage. And with this strength you can create your destiny:

  • With faith in the omnipotent power within you, then all fear will cease, and worry, care and anxiety fly away.
  • Get a right grip on truth: your life and your circumstances, including everything that comes into your life, is the result of your thinking.
  • Have faith that your future will be modelled exactly on how you think today.
  • Realise that everything is in your own hands and that as you are building well today the future must be and will be well.
  • You cannot build well today and have a bad future, neither can you build badly today and rip a good future.
  • The law is absolute, as you sow so shall you reap. Sow well today and in the days to come you will reap an abundant harvest of all good things.

Therefore get this thought right down into your boots, everything is in your own hands: use your birth given faculties correctly, concentrate your mind on good and positive thoughts and nothing can go wrong in the future. Think right thoughts now and the future can take care of itself. There is nothing to fear, henceforth there is nothing capricious or uncertain in your life, all is according to universal law. All that you have to do is to think correctly and to act in the right way, and all things will be added to you.

As you bring your life, by the control of your thoughts, into harmony with the unseen higher forces (laws of nature) you enter into a life of peaceful power. There is nothing whatsoever about which you need to fear or worry, because you are in harmony with all nature. The power that maintains the stars in their places and guides the planets in their courses, is the Success Power that animates you. Nothing can come by chance into your life, only that which is the result of your thinking. Whatever created the body heals the body.

Now is given into your hands the power and the knowledge whereby you can control your thinking; The power and the knowledge by which you can choose those thoughts which will build your life in beauty and strength, and ensure a harmonious future. Nothing can go wrong in your life if your thoughts are right. Right cannot produce wrong, neither can wrong produce right. Get your thoughts under control and all evil must go away.

Therefore there can be nothing to fear. Your life is in your own hands. They who are established in truth and courage, fear no evil, for evil has no power over one whose spirit has cast out fear. When thoughts of fear assault to you, and all available times, make use of the following denial;

“There is nothing in all the universe that can make me afraid.”

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