Our ideas by not always be the best; there maybe sometimes better or more important ideas than our own. Therefore, we should be flexible, open to new encounters and new realisations. We should be able to give up our own ideas at any time. But when we keep strong attachments in our mind because of our earnest intention, it is extremely difficul for us to give them up. This is a common problem, isn’t it? You have your ideas and another person has their ideas; therefore, we really need to see both sides clearly, like an empty mirror.

Even if we continue our discussion with another person for 1000 years, we may not reach any final agreement. But we should not try to get rid of our differences because they are the very things which teach us and enrich our lives.

This reveals the powerful difference between your mind and your subliminal mind. What do you hold in your subliminal mind is neither right or wrong it just is. Your subliminal mind is directed by affirmations which are not ideas but more your direction in life and do not hold a moral righteousness. However your mind together with its finite emotions holds righteous ideas that are different to other people and therefore infinitely arguable. So it is our attachment to our finite mind that gives us all our life trouble and causes separation and failure.

Now you might understand the importance of denial. When we create a denial we are denying the mind its chance to take over and be right. Instead we are holding our staying power through the use of affirmation which is neither an idea nor an emotion.

In your subliminal mind there is no competition with another individual just a clear statement of fact of direction. Your visualisation is neither competitive nor worried about what other people think. Only your finite mind, your objective mind, feels threatened or fearful of what other people think and therefore creates an manifests disturbance through our attachment to thoughts and ideas. To live in a truly strong state of mind we must develop and embrace denial which is in simple language the world of Zen.

Zen in itself will not create success. Zen simply denies the existence of lower thoughts that are going to cause conflict and commotion within the human mind and between ourselves and others. Denial is Zen and Zen is denial. What can take a Zen practitioner 50 years to learn you have been given clear instruction to embrace within this last 30 days of the universal laws and these teachings. Therefore as a student of the success formula you will understand that we can transpose the three words as; denial, affirmation, visualisation. Too, Zen, Prayer and meditation. Where is Zen is denial, prayer is affirmation, and meditation is the visualisation of the future.

The use of such common language as Zen, prayer and meditation introduces so many variables and so much confusion that the also, your teacher believes that it is wiser to use language which is more direct and clear to explain the process of living in success formula thought. Hence I have shared with you denial, affirmation and visualisation to save you time and energy in the development of success.

Complexity is never genius. Knowledge leads to confusion unless it can be distilled into simplicity. By understanding the universal laws of nature you have been gifted with the most profound and yet the most simple understanding of the entire universe which, for millennia has been the quest of so many and until now been held secret. The knowledge you now have may feel second nature but to those who have not embarked on the journey of search it will be overwhelming if given without readiness.It is my recommendation that you embark on re-visiting the entire success formula sequence three times using one audio per day morning and night to gain access to your subliminal mind as you sit quietly. At the same time it is wise to practice denial, affirmation and visualisation for at least six months before sharing your process with those who you believe would benefit. This ability to hold the strength of stillness within you is a part of success. Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a childish notion of a healthy life.

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