To hold the space of inspired leadership, everything that you read and hear must be examined and criticised. You must remember that books, papers, magazines, letters, blogs, podcast, unless you seriously prevent them, will convey suggestions to your subconscious mind and in the course of time become translated into action. Therefore if you read books of war or simple passions, your life will be unbalanced and perhaps wrecked by gusts of violent energies, which call out from within you to be satisfied. On the other hand if you read books written by great minds, (like mine!!!) you will receive thoughts which inspire and strengthen you.

Therefore, choose your reading wisely. Read the best literature, and do not then, except as truth, all that you read. Refuse resolutely to accept any idea that is not in agreement with your new conception of life – Universal Mind. All ideas of humankind are emotionally weak, being the puppet of powers outside themselves, of being the sport of fate and the victim of circumstances must be rigorously rejected. All that tends to strengthen your new conception of life, which is, that all things are delivered to your hands and that you have the power to conquer both yourself and all difficulty and thus make your life inspired– all that tends to strengthen this mental attitude needs to be accepted.

The Will and the conscious mind stand at the gate of the subliminal mind; by them you must examine every thought, every suggestion. Hold everything up and examine it in the light of your newly found knowledge, and if it cannot stand this searching test, throw it away. In other words: think before you speak.

You can never be successful if you allow thoughts of weakness or failure or fear to exit your mind or even by thought and worry, enter your subconscious mind. The one great outstanding characteristic that distinguishes successful people from the unsuccessful, is their absolute belief and faith in their own ability to succeed. Thoughts of failure, or fear, never into the mind of the truly successful person. If you examined the character of any great and truly successful person, you will find this dominant characteristic – absolute faith in their own success, and with it an entire absence of fear or weakness.

If they are criticised it is like water off a ducks back. They accept themselves because they know the abundance that nothing is ever missing.

Therefore it is certain that you can never be successful if you allow doubt and fear to enter your mind; it is only a win by mind control when you have cast out fear and doubt that you can enter the path that leads to success.

Some people are successful and are not conscious of the laws which govern success. They unconsciously work according to the law – by instinct rather than by knowledge. It is because they are naturally people of large faith and unfailing courage that they have become successful.

There for you, too, in order to succeed, must have a large faith and unfailing courage. Faith in the power with in you and the courage that is born of knowledge. You can be placed on the same footing as that of any other successful person, in fact you will be better equipped than the naturally successful person, because possessing knowledge will enable you to avoid many errors, into which they, through ignorance of the laws, might fall.

Therefore in your reading, television watching, and podcast listening you must close your eyes to all suggestions which are antagonistic to your newly found knowledge and beware of allowing mud to stick to the sides and walls of your thinking process.

When a child watches a “cartoon” with an evil witch who is eventually destroyed by the good guys and they watch this before bed, even many hours before, they will have nightmares and sleepless struggles. All parents know this. So, it is evidence that what might be innocently entertainment corrupts the subconscious which is awake at night. This also shows that the child who witnesses the unconscious screaming of a parent fight will carry that too into their subconscious and this is going to manifest itself in their outer world. Selfish parents who stay together for the kids but who do have bouts of ugly verbal or emotional violence are, not really together for the kids at all.

By denial and affirmations you create a new mental outlook.

By denial we obtain immediate relief from our troubles. For instance if, when you are in pain you will deny that there is pain in your perfect mental world and raise yourself above the ordinary life of the senses and realise that you, your higher mental self, are a perfect mind, or mental creature, incapable of being attacked by pain, then pain will quickly go. In the same way whatever trouble may confront you, by denial you obtain immediately relief. Denial kills the evil thought which is the cause of all trouble, and cleans and purifies the mind, making it ready for the affirmation.

Always precede an affirmation by the necessary denial. If you are going to affirm health, then first deny ill-health, sickness and disease. If you are going to affirm success, first deny failure, if you wish for prosperity and plenty, then first deny poverty and want, so as to get the mind ready for the affirmation “I am success; prosperity and plenty are already mine.“

“But,” you exclaim, “how can I truthfully affirm that I am that which I know myself not to be?” The answer is: there are two you’s. There is a finite, outside, surface material you, and there is the great and glorious inner spiritual and mental being which is the real you. The former is a week and a rough reflection of the latter. This glorious and real you is perfect and lives in a perfect mental world. When you are firm in your perfect mental world, that you are perfect you mean the real and inspired you, and you are telling the truth. Whatever good quality you affirm is quite true, because you (yourself, the real you) are perfect. By denial of evil and imperfection and by the affirming of infinite perfection you destroy evil in your material life and bring it more into harmony with the perfect life. Living for what you affirm in your perfect mental world, is later, and sometimes instantaneously, manifest in your material world.

An affirmation has been described by one writer as “a statement of truth consciously used so it becomes the directing power of life‘s expression“. This is a good and true definition. Scientists will tell you that the submerged mind of a human being only functions on suggestion. So powerful is the hidden mind (subliminal) and so subject to suggestion that we have, in affirmations, a weapon of extraordinary powerful good, and in negative suggestion a terrible powerful evil.

When we use the affirmation we make a statement of truth which, if repeated often enough, will sink down into the recesses of our mind and become part of our everyday life it will galvanise the hidden forces of our mind into activity and direct them onto the path of achievement. If in the past you have been a failure or insecure then by constantly affirming “I am success,“ you’ll be gradually cleared of the weak, fearful, giving up too soon, person and the attitude of your material mind, will be replaced by the mental outlook of courage, cheerfulness, optimism and belief in your ability to succeed.

Failure or lack of success in life is not, as I have already pointed out, due to outward circumstances, but is simply a weakness of character. By affirmations you can build up your character and make it form strength in your armour.

It is by affirmations then that people can control themselves, build up their character and shape their own destiny.

It was for this reason that I gave you in your first lesson the affirmation, which is a denial and an affirmation combiner, “the old life is dead, I have entered the new life of success and power.“ In that affirmation consciously applied and persevered with, you kill the old life of failure and partial success, and step out definitely into a new life of power and accomplishment. As a consequence, you will look upon life in a different way, you will act in a different manner, you will attract different kind of person. Soon you begin to see evidence of the truth of these teachings manifested in your life and circumstances.

Therefore you can, by affirmations, make yourself bulletproof against harmful suggestions that meet you on every corner. By affirmations you build up courageous, confident, hopeful, cheerful, absolutely certain attitude of mind, which is the only type of mind that you can readily succeed with.

As you begin to see evidence of your work with your newly found power, you feel lifted up in a strange and wonderful way. You feel as if you are being carried forward, by invisible powers, to success; it is as though some impelling force were pushing you in the back and urging you forward to the goal of your endeavour.

Therefore, persist and persevere with your affirmations. Continue to look for difficult tasks, and unpleasant, but very necessary duties and aided by the power of affirmations, do them.

Make affirmations to suit your own particular needs. If you are too energetic and inclined to run yourself to pieces, and rush and tear about and get your own nerves and everybody else is on edge, affirm as follows; “I am perfectly calm, cool and collected. I refuse to get excited or flustered. I work quietly and methodically.“ Then mentally picture yourself at work in a very calm, cool and collected way, without any fluster or excitement. You will find your work go so much better in consequence and certainly do more quickly.

If on the other hand, if you are inclined to be lazy or lethargic affirm as follows;“I am the personification of productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and energy. I am on track from morning until night.“ Then do your job, doing good work and plenty of it. This you will find will help you vastly in enabling you to “stick“ to your task and to keep sticking to it day after day after day.

That you have with in your grasp the power by which you can overcome every weakness of character; a key which will unlock every door and which is “Open-Sesame” to the unlimited treasure house of Success through the universal mind.

By the use of this wonderful power you can turn failure into success, sorrow into joy, sickness into health, mediocrity into genius.

To you all things are possible – strength of purpose, the joy of achievement, all the glories of life of self-mastery.

To you is given to taste of the delights of heaven while on earth – for heaven and Hell are within you, they are simply mental states.

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