July 14

How to Prevent Burnout at Work

It is really easy to vacillate as a leader between your head and your heart. Knowing that you have a preference to one or the other gives you the opportunity to have dignity and self respect for decisions you make which are from time to time hard to understand. If you are a heart driven leader then you will know that not all of the decisions you make are for the highest level of profitability for your business. If you are a mind driven leader then you will know that not all of your decisions are made for the best interest of the human race but will ultimately lead to  profitability. It is very easy to make a decision based on your heart and then in a period of time after that question that decision because it did not make a profit. It is equally easy to make a decision based on  profit and then sometime in the future look back and think or feel a degree of this taste at the cost to the human condition that your decision made.

Answer there is no right answer. Each human being has both head and heart with which to make decisions. However it is very dangerous to vacillate between the two. One must rule the other. If you are a person who cares ultimately about the customer and the customer is what motivates you to provide a business service, go to work or deliver what you deliver then you could be calling yourself a heart driven leader. On the other hand, if what worries you most and disturbs you most and upsets you the most is the level of profitability of your business and the quality of enjoyment of your particular job in the business then you could be called a mind driven leader. Most wealthy entrepreneurs our mind driven. This is confusing because they often come on stage and present themselves as a very heart driven person. That is always easy to do after they have built the business.

This leads us to a really important awareness. The fact that we can vacillate between head and heart which makes decisions we make one day feel bad the next and decisions we make bad feel right the next means that we need to authenticate one or the other as a priority. If you are, by nature, a heart driven individual you will find that much of the corporate hierarchy is heartless. And that is not a criticism. A mind driven person will operate for effective efficiency, profitability and competitive advantage regardless of the circumstances. That leads to share price. However, if you attend a hippy retreat and they talk about dancing around the fire and playing music and you come back to work feeling all fluffy and in your heart it may be uncomfortable to be in that energy even if you are a mind driven person. One, the mind all the heart must lead and negotiation between the two will always lead to the worst battle of all, and internal one that sabotage yourself respect and self worth.

Christopher Walker

Chris Walker, CEO of Innerwealth Consulting. Chris is a highly intuitive and inspired individual. Australian born, Chris holds an M.B.A  from the Australian Graduate School of management along with a BE in Environmental Science. Chris has spent significant periods of study in India, Nepal, and Tibet studying Yoga and meditation. His change consultancy blends both East and West to bring a more sustainable and potent response to the technological demands of our times. As a successful entrepreneur Chris implemented transformational management technologies in his own business and has since consulted to over 3,000 individual leaders in personal and professional change management. The focus of Chris change technology is a unique emphasis on deeper human values linked to business performance.

The result of Chris Consulting in culture change is happier individuals, more compassionate working environments and more inspired leadership. a modern answer to a modern day problem Corporate enlightenment is truly inspirational. Chris is based in Sydney, Australia.

Chris Walker

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