Welcome to this weeks podcast and content for your listening pleasure. Today I’ve included a booklet and the podcast for your review I hope you can glean something out of this. The booklet itself is a small book about love and I think it’s really good reading for those who are interested in inspiring more love and intimacy in their home life as well as more profit and success in their work life. As you know the human spirit does not differentiate between work and play and therefore to improve both at the same time. The one thing I do say in this broadcast is that we often leave the concept of the human spirit out of human development for the sake of comfort. But there is no human development without a growth in the spirit which leads to courage bravery and all the things that are required as we enter into change. Enjoy what I have spent the time to create and share it with those you love. The video is below and if you can’t see it in your email please visit the site or if wish to listen only it’s also at Spotify.

In this book I apply ancient wisdom to modern times to help you let go and to move forward in your life with love and passion.!The ancient Laws of Nature tap the deepest core of your humanity, and deal with emotional attachments, heartbreak and complex human dynamics with accuracy, compassion and clarity. I think you will find this quite refreshing.!If you speak to most people who have gone through breaking up more than ten years in the past they’ll begin to tell you how challenging it was at the time but how thankful they are now that it happened. They’ll say things like, “I went through hell, but if it didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be here right now, with my new love and my new life”. This is the wisdom of time and it demonstrates exactly what this book is going to give you. The wisdom of time, right now.!As the author, I have drawn on thousands of consultations I have done with people from all walks of life: Movie stars, rock stars, entrepreneurs, world leaders, artists, indigenous peoples and everyday families from most countries on earth and I can honestly say that the languages vary but the issues don’t. People are really universal when it comes to break ups. The only difference is their wisdom and how they apply it.

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