NOVEMBER Challenge Episode 12. Support and Challenge.


0:01 Good day there. Good morning or good afternoon, wherever you are. And today we are here back in Bondi. We’ve been away in in Hillsville sanctuary of all places down in Victoria. 0:13 What a magnificent place it was and what a great retreat the company had. I was privileged and gifted enough to do a two hour do with them, and a presentation on some of the great aspects of living real and living with self mastery, self leadership. 0:32 I think there’s two things Every human being needs in their life. Basically, they need someone who listens and someone who doesn’t. 0:40 Someone who listens is usually a partner, a friend, a colleague like-minded people, friends. And if we don’t listen to our friends and if they don’t listen to us, we usually unfriend them ironically. 0:55 And so we need this collaboration with other people to listen to us. That’s our, that’s our sense of self developing. 1:03 And it’s a sense of belonging and it’s a sense of collaboration and it’s, it brings us to peace that we get heard. 1:10 But it’s also important in our lives to have someone who doesn’t listen, someone who pushes back, who challenges us and confronts our story. 1:18 And that’s my job. You see, our stories create our future. And if we keep telling the same stories, we keep birthing the same future, to keep telling the same stories in the same way and the same or rhythm, and be listened to and enabled by our friends and family and partners. 1:38 We end up sort of driving ourselves into a wedge, a wed in which we can’t get out of. And that is, we’ve talked ourselves into a corner, just like painting the kitchen. 1:48 And you paint and paint and paint. You find yourself in the corner of the room with wet paint in front of you. 1:54 So a lot of people get older and they get very much older because they, they in some ways, they, they sustain their own judgments. 2:03 They say, I don’t like this type of thing, and I do like that type of thing. And out and out of the things they do like, and they stay away from the things they don’t, out of the things they do. 2:12 Like, they start to like and dislike those too. So they divide those in half and then they like and dislike the half that they haved and the half the half, and they end up getting to the point where the only place they can exist is in a sea change or a green change. 2:26 In other words, run away. I think the, the more inspired you get, the more evolved you get and the more challenged you are in life, the more likely you are to live amongst people in the city. 2:38 Not try to hibernate and find a retreat away from people, but to more embrace the diversity of people. I live in Bondi. 2:48 And one of the things became crucially aware to me yesterday when I flew down to me the day before when I flew down to Melbourne and back when I went to the airport. 2:58 I just couldn’t believe how diverse our society has become. It’s just amazing. And people of all shapes and sizes, people of all cultural backgrounds, people who dress well, people who dress down, the diversity of the human condition is quite incredible. 3:16 And yet you don’t see it in Bondi. As much people down here are fit, healthy, happy, bright eyed and bushy tailed and running around talking about the next yoga class or whatever it is they’re going to do next. 3:28 And so it’s very easy to get a jointer or a claustrophobic view of the world by being around people who listen once in a while, once a week, once or twice every week. 3:41 You need to be challenged. Now, if the only person in the world who ends up challenging you is your partner, you’re going to end up single because it’s, it’s beyond the realms of a, of the reality that you would welcome confrontation from your partner at the level that it needs to be to challenge your thought process. 4:02 So yes, you will have disagreements where relationships evolve at the border of support and challenge. And so therefore there will be support and challenge in every love, in every relationship. 4:13 But I don’t think that’s the sort of stuff I’m talking about. I’m talking about really confronting your, confronting your expectations, retelling your stories of the past. 4:24 We go in the direction of our dominant thought, and if we don’t change those dominant thoughts, we’ll go in the same direction, which is where we’ve come from. 4:32 So if you’re looking to evolve, grow, be promoted, get more pay, have more love in your life, be healthier, live longer, be smarter, be engaged, be more of a leader I would strongly recommend you choose to spend some time each week throwing your thoughts against a sounding board, challenging yourself and putting your strategies for life and for business and whatever, through a filter that pushes back at at least questions exactly the direction. 5:03 And then at least you move forward with an educated approach, approach rather than a guesswork one. This is Chris. You have a beautiful day life for now.

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