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00:01 Well, good. A good, a good anxiety. Anxiety. Ooh, I can’t think of a better song. Anxiety is to worry about the future. 00:21 The future is of course, the unknown because no matter how much rhetoric we sit on here and share with this particular mechanism called a microphone and a podcast, no matter how much we present and talk about the possibilities of a vision, of manifesting with the manifestation process about the power of attraction, and all the talk we give to visualization, we know that s**t happens. 01:04 It’s the truth, and therefore, there is always the unknown. How a person deals with the unknown is a really interesting thing. 01:16 Those who have a re lucky and have a religious practice deal with the unknown by asking the Noah of the unknown, their higher power to make sure the unknown is known. 01:34 In other words, please guarantee me that I will be safe. Those that don’t have a higher power are, have a variety of options such as being cautious being wishing for luck going to places and donating, try to get their good comma. 02:05 They’re, they’re just approved and therefore have some sort of blessings in the bank. They’re those of us who try to practice the universal laws of nature and say that everything on this earth has a purpose. 02:28 Nature supports everything that lives its purpose and destroys anything that doesn’t. And you can take that one step earth. Anybody who is we destroy and or we sabotage anything, we can’t link to our purpose, sort of. 02:49 I think all of those options, and I, there are probably another thousand more that I haven’t mentioned. All of those options come down to one simple statement, and that is, if we don’t trust the unknown, we will have anxiety about it. 03:07 I know when I stand up to do a keynote speech in front of thousands of people, I’m far more nervous than I am when I stand up to give a keynote speech in front of hundreds of people. 03:20 That nervousness is anxiety, is, is, is worry about what’s going to happen. And, and therefore there is a, a huge element, a huge element of a linkage between anxiety and self-belief. 03:39 Now, you can see this over and over again. If I, for example, was jumping out of an airplane tomorrow with a parachute and it’s my first time, I would have an extraordinary level of anxiety about doing that. 03:54 However, if I’ve done it a hundred times, the anxiety drops and I’m probably gonna make a mistake and kill myself because of the lack of anxiety might lead me to not check that I’ve put a parachute on. 04:08 So anxiety has a, has a gift, but the, it all comes down in everyday life. We want to be real, and we want to be talking about the average punter playing a game of footy or golf or tennis or, or, or presenting a paper or studying for an exam. 04:27 It all comes down to one single topic, and that is self-belief. Self-belief is not developed through the opinions of others. 04:37 In fact, what I find dealing with adults between the ages of 25 and 65 is that the more belief the parent had in the child, the less the child had in themselves. 04:55 So in other words, we, we can borrow self-belief from other people’s belief and that gets us, can get us a long way, but sometime along that path, we have to go from, I think I’m very good because you told me I am to, I know I’m very good. 05:13 I had an incident with somebody the other day that’s very interesting, and it brings this all a little bit closer to home. 05:21 And that is that I did a coaching session and I, that person cont and it was over something quite serious over which this person has some anxiety. 05:33 The next day, that person said to me, thank you so much for your work, Chris. It was so helpful. Unfortunately, I didn’t sleep because I had it, it, the conversation gave me a lot, lot of anxiety. 05:46 And I said, well, it’s ironic that you should give me thanks and be kind and loving and warm to me for what I did, but be mean and cruel and nasty to yourself by criticizing yourself and, and not trusting yourself, and therefore have anxiety. 06:12 It’s very easy to pass on our care and our joy and our wanting other people to be happy. We can pass it on. 06:24 It’s very easy because it makes us feel good to give it, to say thank you to someone. You, you, you, as it says in the Dai Lama’s work, the greatest happiness you’ll ever have is that one you give. 06:36 Unfortunately, when it comes to the topic, however, of self-belief that is not true. That when you give somebody self-belief or you give someone kindness or give someone a sense of themselves, it doesn’t reflect back on us. 06:58 Self-belief is really about ourselves. Now, there are people who piggyback other people for the entirety of their life. They don’t leave home, they don’t leave, they don’t separate from their parents. 07:11 They stay in some ways welded to parents and parents live vicariously through the people. And that is not wrong. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s a it’s almost like a, a community a family of monkeys or, or whatever where the young monkeys stick around and, and, and pay homage to the oldest one as being the source of their self-belief. 07:40 It’s probably in some way similar to being religious, self-belief comes from the love of something else. If we are not fortunate enough to have a righteous, spiritual, unquestioned belief pattern, which is getting harder and harder to have because it’s being proven many, many times over that there’s a lot of people faking it. 08:07 Self-belief has to go internal and self-belief is, I honestly think it can’t be done with emotion. It can’t be done by pumping yourself up. 08:22 It can’t be done with by hyping ourselves up. I think self-belief is, is track record driven self-belief is when we validate ourselves and say, I did this. 08:37 Well, C I did that. Well, C I did that well C and we start to build up a repertoire of proof that we have self-belief. 08:50 That’s the first thing. The second thing about self-belief is not generic. There are are seven areas of life, and if you have self-belief in your sporting prowess or your sexual prowess or, or whatever element of, of the seven areas of life that you focus on, there’ll be an equal and opposite lack of self-belief in something else. 09:15 So we shouldn’t always try to say that there is a silver bullet. Self-belief is a package. What we can say however, is it’s really important in the area of your highest value to have self-belief. 09:29 So it would be pretty ridiculous if your highest value is business or wealth creation for the family, it’s the way of you giving to the family. 09:39 It would be pretty ridiculous to say, I’m really insecure about my ability to make money and build my career if that’s my highest value, but I’m really confident in my parenthood, which is not irrelevant, but it’s not our highest value. 09:57 So self-belief, highest value, vision, purpose all these things start to dovetail into each other to create a solid, a solid anxiety free life. 10:11 Now, while we depend I tell a story quite often about the guy who rose out to sea. He’s going to New Zealand and he is rowing along or is she rowing along, getting towards New Zealand? 10:23 They leave Bondi and they’re having a great time and rowing along, rowing along, and, and you interviewed the person. You say, do you believe in God? 10:30 And they go nah. I believe in these two os, these two arms, this thing compass direction. I I and all the food I’ve got. 10:38 I believe in my planning. I have taken the variables out of this. And they go out to see a hurricane comes and the boat gets smashed and they’re hanging on to the edge of the boat and they’re circling by shark. 10:52 You go, do you believe in God? And they’re conviction about their solidarity belief in themselves, in the boat, in the things around them starts to diminish. 11:04 And so we will all look up, we will all look up in a moment of deep anxiety. We will always look up. 11:14 Now, is it God? Is it a cloud? Is it the sun? Is it the moon? Is it a star? Is it the universe? 11:21 Is it something we will all look up in a moment of deep anxiety? My point would be to today would be to say to you, why the f**k do you have to wait for deep anxiety to look up as to ridicule notion? 11:40 Look up, look up. Every half hour, look up. And usually if you’re in a singing boat and you’re out to sea and the, and all the things you’re trusted are starting to, to fall away and the sharks are circling, you do look up and you don’t look up into nothing. 11:59 You look up into something. And therefore it’s innate that we do believe in a power greater than ourselves. And that doesn’t have to be labeled male god, female goddess. 12:11 It doesn’t have to be given a name <unk> or whatever it is, or Buddha or Jesus. It doesn’t have to be given a name. 12:19 If you choose it to give it a name, good luck to you. That’s fantastic. If you don’t have a name for it, make up one Fred. 12:27 But that’s what’s important is to understand that there are, that it is innate to deal with anxiety by looking up and looking up, I mean, to a power greater than yourself. 12:42 When I teach the universal laws of nature, which were on the planet, the five universal laws were on the planet long before the pyramids were built. 12:52 In fact, the people who built the pyramids knew the five laws of nature. They believed that if you understood the laws of nature, if you understood the five universal laws, you understood the mind of the thing that created them. 13:11 The thought that came before the big bank came from those five universal laws. So to understand the universe and understand life and understand yourself in the context of the five universal laws is sort of anxiety relief because you sort of are saying, I wanna understand the mind of, pardon me saying the word God. 13:34 I wanna understand the mind of creation, creator, and what better way to understand that than the five principles on which they built everything, including me. 13:44 You have a beautiful day. Bye for now.

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