Self-Leadership is divided into the three perfect categories to help distill the myriad of variables that are prominent in performance and lifestyle achievement.

Of course, the primary requirement for good self-leadership is ambition.


There are no short cuts here. We all want to live a long fruitful and enjoyable life. But where living is easy, living happily, healthy, and successful all at once isn’t as easy as it sounds. Believe me when I say this from first hand experience. So, we focus Self-Leadership priority number one on the foundation for everything, living, healthy, happy and successful. It can be done and I’ll share what I’ve learnt.


From a solid foundation of living happy, healthy and successful, we are then free to focus on love. Many people try to build a relationship in order to create the “Live” elements of life but this fails. Unhappy, unhealthy, unsuccessful people struggle with love. Not because they can’t love, but because they are distracted by healthy, distracted by unhappiness and distracted by a sense of failure in themselves. These cannot be bandaged by a relationship. Wounded people build wounded homes. So, this essential element of Self-Leadership always follows, the first, Live right.


Life is an opportunity to experience beauty. An opportunity to give. An opportunity to celebrate. And this follows hot in the footsteps of Live and Love. Pursuing adventure as a substitute for Live and love is fruitless. So, building on the shoulders of Live and Love, we focus on life, including work, sport, philanthropy and leading others.

The sequence is important. The flow is natural.

Here’s to self-leadership because “you cannot give what you haven’t got… a great life starts with self leadership.

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