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Success is offered to us in many forms. Ultimately if our relationships are not satisfying, our friendships not supportive, our financials not secure and our health uncertain we are building on quicksand.

Getting the basics right is the key to living life’s purpose. From this foundation we are free to do as we are guided. Wellbeing, peace of mind, happiness and relationships an important and vital part of life. All the money in the world won’t make an ounce of difference if you’re not happy. And last but least happiness comes from the inside. Nothing of the senses ever satisfies the soul.

This is identity. Building foundation.

Those who try to escape the journey are guaranteed to return to the place they’re avoided. Meditation to escape the reality of everyday life is the Prozac of the masses. Simplistically escape is a drug in a can, and to the soul, the spirit there simply is nothing to escape, just events to be loved.

A billion stars shine on you. Each one beaming a thought. Photons of light converted to love. Your identity is your human wall, a resting point on your journey, it is your support, identity created from the humanity of life. Identity is ego, and we will all, under stress recall past identity. You are given this gift.

So identity is created from human ideas of right and wrong good and bad. They are your sensory perceptions. Your “where I’m at”. Such identity is transient. The faster you can let go the easier it is to grow. The more you hold in the tougher the learning. Life is like this. Flexibility and the ability to grow and learn determines the level of challenge. Extreme comfort in staying with outmoded beliefs is balanced by extreme discomfort in the challenge to those beliefs.

To know your purpose is to know certainty. It is the celebration of the creators way. Life purpose is not a job but a way of life. It is the calling to some end greater than you. Purpose is beyond passion as passion is still of the senses. Purpose is the voice of the soul. And this is where self talk becomes crucial to a good night’s sleep.

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