The Bible gives the advice to take no thought of the morrow.

And you will hear often the ideal “be in the moment, live in the now.”

There have been many families who have frozen to death because of the misinterpretation this idea.

There is no surer way of turning smart wise people into neophytes (dumdums) than to advocate these quotes as if it means that no thought or preparation should be made about the future both in days or years.

Living in the present is suicide.

Future seeing is also preached in all parts of the Bible, and is the basis of all human conduct. “What a man sows he shall reap,” is emphatic in every way.

As a twig is bent, so is the tree inclined, is nothing but future seeing.

“Be ye ready,” is future seeing.

If you want success in this world, don’t be tossed about by the phrases and anecdotes that lead careless people to ruin. When in Australia, I watched a speaker sweep through the country telling people how to live their lives. I saw people adapting this in no small way. Two years later he was in Jail. Nearly 300,000 people watched and paid for his presentations. And accepted his philosophies, which eventually failed.

Be careful adding uncensored knowledge to your mental noise. I suggest you follow the teachings of this author. They are not trends or fashion. They are eternal. The universal laws have never and will never change.

You can’t defy nature, she is relentless.

When a person has made up their mind to avoid taking chances, and has accumulated some money, they need to invest it. Let’s just talk about this for a moment.

The first temptation is to obtain a large profit on a small capital. This is wrong. Nor is it right to be content with an unreasonably small return for the money. Now we are getting into practicalities. Most financiers are people who take chances. They make and they loose. Ninety percent, die poor. This record as a bad one. Even if only 10 percent of the financiers became poor, you still might find yourself in the rotten tenth.

Some online advisors will suggest wildcat investments; some brokers will have sure things for you to go in to; advertisements will promise gains – they prey on greed and ignorance – to attract your money. But the wise will know that short term investment with high yield is playing on luck and this is high risk. The key here is that if the loss is not issue to you, then the risk level is inconsequential.

But if loss will play a major role in your mental state and make the future uncertain, the the universal principle shown throughout nature is:

Take no chances.

Definitely, when it comes to your future, do not believe what you are told. Advise not asked for needs to be rejected. Advice you didn’t pay for needs to be placed in the useless basket.

There are many who find it wise for themselves to ask many people and then average the tone in order to assemble wisdom for handling a problem or making a decision. This is foolish and childish. It would be wiser to assemble professional facts.

Do not believe advertisements, all your intuitions and suspicious core should inform you that. I have seen people roped into instagram buy now buttons, and last chance offers on Amazon too often only to realise that either they didn’t really need what they purchased or there was good reason for it being cheap.

If there were the golden opportunities that you see so often online, the idle capital of the wealthy would absorb them in a short time. As you find yourself with more capital, you must become wiser, more conservative, more investigative, committed to knowing much more and always learning something before taking wild guesses on trends and financial markets and conditions. They are worth studying. You can find out many facts that will give you a keener judgment.

In learning you are wise to always look for balanced data. If one learning predicts downfall, find the opposite prediction. It is only through wisdom of balanced thinking that your subliminal voice can find a path through your mind.

Even if you earn money easily, you have no right to give it away to desperate advertisers and marketing individuals who offer big promises with no guarantee. Be frugal. Become aware of your ego spending money to feel good about itself. It, your ego is not you. It is a fiction.

Spending money to make people happy is another childish myth. The things we buy to own or make someone happy become the new default and soon they will be unhappy again. Too often, the investment of wealth is based on emotional uprising, of ourselves or others and this, as you no doubt already know, is the game of the masses and why they are, financially at least, always in a state of desperate anxiety.

Always ask for a guarantee of your money and the opportunity cost of your money back. Check the fine print.

On the other hand, if you earn money slowly and painfully, what you save, coming after years of efforts and denial, it should not be put at risk by reaching for the promise of profits that defy reason.

The natural investment where risk is almost totally absent, is in land; but the land must be under your eyes, not some far away place; and the title must be clear. Every person can learn how to examine title to real estate. It is a good part of practical education. And remember a little knowledge is dangerous. Trust no one, not even your best friend, or family when you can depend on yourself.

Creating business with friends and family doubles the risk of that investment because there are emotional issues which often cloud the judgment, and egotistic issues which cloud decisions. The first generation earns it. The second generation builds it. The thirds generation burns it. This reveals that sometimes the easier it comes the less we respect the work involved in creating it. You can witness this in a smaller manner when a friend suddenly gets a successful surprise bonus from all their hard work and they immediately forget the work it took to earn this privilege and start thinking about wasting it on holidays or a poorly invested garden renovation.

In making a land investment, the better way is to first place the money where it will draw interest in some first-class and high-grade savings bank, or in bonds. There it will be safe. Then look around for a good real estate bargain. There may be none for awhile. Definitely do not believe anything told to you by a real estate dealer. They can make simple truth stagger like a drunk and loosen your mind with friendship and charisma. Their life depends on your ignorance and their smoke screen is friendly advice with more often than not, even sexual overtones. Instead, respect and accept their opinion and advise as biased from a sales person and then, with your tempering wisdom, it will be of extraordinary value.

Much of the trouble of life has come from believing other people who themselves believe what they say. When someone’s livelihood depends on your decision favouring them, then we call this a desperation, in which there is not an abundance. ALARM BELLS MUST RING WHEN YOU HEAR THAT YOUR MONEY IS KEY TO THEIR SURVIVAL.

With good preparation, study real estate conditions. Wait for the bargain that is sure to come, and in the meantime your money is drawing interest in a safe place. Do not buy land in a place that has no future prospect. By skill and judgment with investment keenness, you’ll be able to make a turn around that will bring 100 percent profit in a short time. But be patient and learn to bide your time for a real bargain then fight for that bargain by not revealing to the real estate the opportunity you have. The seduction of the real estate sales person is to cause you to pay more and sell for less. And they will, if they are well coached, and highly skilled, in other words successful, hide that quality with perfection.

This simple method is presented as a sample process whereby a person who is willing to learn and to acquire new knowledge, may make money out of money. Is not a theory because this is being done successfully all over the world.

It is, as we have said, a simple method. Yet the investment may be carried out by someone who does not wish to work in building development. A person who wants to learn more of business life than they now know can carry this plan through successfully. Through certified study of unique aspects of strategy and business design.

There are a lot of people who watch the market and know when to buy and sell shares. This is no different precaution to real estate – be very wary – and use knowledge to extinguish risk.


The law that says take no chances is the best of all human laws, and leads to success at all times.

Another language for this law says “be patient” is perfect advice for the astute.

Be willing and able to wait, for everything. This does not mean going to sleep.

Waiting should be with intensity, like a tiger, but without frustration or desperation. It requires continuous diligence and vigilance. Waiting is not sleep it is action. And we must remember, waiting with patience is build on the awareness that there are opportunities and there are always more than one but when the conditions are perfect, act because it is a gift or your hard work and there are no risks.

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