We may have covered this in a previous post but in this course on Inspired Thinking we do review important lessons several times.

You can’t manage anything you can’t see the balance in and so, you viewpoint in life is the single most important element of self mastery. A person with a small viewpoint cannot ever manage a business or family that is larger than the local milk-bar. A person who runs a country service station can have a small viewpoint, but if the traffic starts to drop, they will not be aware that there has been a freeway built that has bypassed their small town and they needed to create a tourist attraction to stay in business.

A person with a small viewpoint will also struggle with relationships. With a small viewpoint, everything relates to self. They will view everything personally and so, every friendly comment will have a needle barb in it for them. Can you see from this that relationships often fail because one of the couple have a local view?

Large viewpoint is critical for a large life.

To have a big powerful relationship or a big powerful job you will definitely need, in this global era at least a global vision. But a global vision is still too small in Innerwealth language. If you want to manage a business or relationship that has global significance, then you must rise to a universal viewpoint.

This must be clear to you before you proceed.

Most people see from the vantage of their life and that vantage has been determined by their environment. Their father or mother ran the home with a local vision (worried about the neighbours and neighbourhood) and then the individual gets an MBA but their vision never reaches beyond the neighbourhood. They think about their income in neighbourhood language like renovations, and friends nearby and dogs and cats and kids and schools. Their options are completely limited because they are also passing to their children a local viewpoint.

Our viewpoint is determined by what we can see balance in. If we get ticked off because the neighbour is not friendly then that’s the limit of our viewpoint. If we see the benefit and drawback in our neighbour’s behaviour then we can see beyond the reaction and have a provincial or state view.

In other words we must see things from a helicopter view in order to manage and lead them. What you react to brings you down. It is easy to say “he said” or “she said” or “they did this or that” and blame others for our limited view but that is ridiculous and childish. We choose our viewpoint.

We must be committed to see the world in which we live or work in a greater context.

It is not hard to fathom that anything we react to runs our life. Both positive and negative. What’s your discipline? What’s your schedule? What stopped you doing it? Whatever it is, it’s running and ruining your life.

Your viewpoint is you.

You might be following the viewpoint of someone else who sees life through the eyes of an ant. Be careful small minds scream the loudest. Sometimes the smallest viewpoint makes the loudest noise. A baby on the plane is a great example.

It is a good time in this lesson to remember that your income and lovecome are both determined by the size of your viewpoint. The bigger the viewpoint, the larger your income and lovecome.

Viewpoint also determines your dialogue. If you have a large viewpoint, many of the daily conversations people have are droll and trivial. This means you will need to be able to enjoy droll and trivial conversations and in some way, this is a permission. When you are in the presence of a person with a large viewpoint, they will swing the conversation onto their topic within 30 seconds. Those will a droll and trivia viewpoint will be not always be enthusiastic to hear it, but it will eventually inspire them.

Let’s now look at how easy is it to shrink into a small viewpoint and why daily practices in the power hour are crucial for success both in Income and Lovecome.

A lion roaming through the desert found a little lion cub playing with a sheep. It so happened that the little lion had been brought up with the sheep, and had never had a chance to realize that he was a lion. The traveling lion was greatly surprised to see the young lion cub running away from him, with the same fear as the sheep. He jumped in amongst the flock of sheep and roared “stop!” But of course, the sheep ran faster, and the little lion also ran faster away. The lion pursued only the cub, not the sheep, and said; “wait, I wish to speak to you”. The cub said; “I tremble, I fear, I cannot stand before you”. The lion said, “Why are you running about with the sheep? You are a little lion yourself!” “No, I am a sheep, I tremble, I am afraid of you. Let me go. Let me go with the sheep”, said the cub. “Come along”, said the grown lion, “come with me. I will take you and I will show you what you are.” And he took the cub to a lake and showed him the reflection in the water. “There,” the lion said, “look at me, and look at yourself. Are we not closer in image? You are not like the sheep, you are like me”.

As a coach and teacher I am faced with this dilemma every day. There are sheep who would not like you to realise you are a lion. There are other lions who might treat you like a sheep. To find your separate and individual purpose in life and use a universal viewpoint takes time. It takes practice because your ego might think you are a sheep and protect you by thinking in small reactions. The practice to continually find balance in the events of life is the only pathway to escape the captivity of being a lion born into sheep. The sheep are not wrong, they are born as sheep.

Your daily power hour is the essence of celebrating being a lion without getting aggressive, compliant or nasty toward sheep. If you do not know the power hour it goes like this:

  1. Once or ten times a day find balance in an event you’ve reacted to.
  2. Raise your cardio health, exercise, rest, diet, blood and lymph quality.
  3. Improve appearance, declutter, organise – perfect your environment.
  4. Link it or sink it. Be values driven. Raise your self-worth.
  5. Big vision. Dream Board. Denials, affirmations and visualisations.
  6. Self talk – Parent, Adult, Child – Motivate, Instruct, Reward.
  7. Results. Words are words, thoughts are thoughts, promises are promises and ideas are ideas. Results are the only reality.

Now, it is important to combine all these power hour steps each day with the study of viewpoint. All seven steps require a viewpoint and it can be easy for the sheep to follow all seven steps and achieve nothing much. To cause the process to trigger results, is to do it with the universal viewpoint, nature’s law the knowledge gained from Innerwealth instruction.


If you look from this earth as it is, as a grain of sand, out into the beach, the sky, then your mind will never be controlled by the small dust of existence, the worries and the struggles of this short life will not determine your life expectancy. And if you can learn to throw your whole mental power into the centre of the cosmos, and take your viewpoint from there, you will give this earth, and your place on it, it’s true rank in the sky. Our earth is merely a grain of sand. Compared with the rest of creation, it is so small that its absence would have no more affect on the great universe than the loss of one fine particle of sand taken from the beach.

The exact experience is had when trekking to Mt Everest. One thinks of mountains and self importance all the way until standing somewhere in the foothills of Mt Everest an awareness jars into the heart. You look up and scream “I am home” because all of a sudden the perspective of “I” changes. Suddenly you realise just how irrelevant and small you are. From this magestic view you think about what keeps you sleepless and what shortens your life, like money and cars and exams and relationships and it is all so benign. Then, you walk down and go home and something has shifted forever.

This is called the overview effect and you can find many stories about this in books written by astronauts.

So, bringing this Himalayan or Universal Perspective into your life takes you to your truest viewpoint. Happiness can never been known on the small surface of life. Living on the surface, looking at ourselves as self important beings, is as an ant in the anthill thinking it’s existence is long and significant. With self-importance only a luke warm life is possible. This is not a real viewpoint, it is small, because a self important life is a shallow life. It is lived out of balance with events that are actually balanced being interpreted with a small viewpoint and causing high fluctuations of emotion. From one drama to the next there can be no peace of mind. Life, for the self important person becomes a daily routine of emotional turbulence of high and low, tension and surrender. These people almost attract drama. One thing after another gnaws at their ego. This is a very frustrating existence although on the surface it may look loud, expressive and dramatic. Ultimately it is shallow because their heart and mind, filled with worries, anxieties and stresses can have no rest. For this person, the one of small viewpoint, their interactions become inauthentic because they cannot get past their radioactive reactions to all trivia they interpret even from the best of people. All they do is dance up and down all day, going from productive confidence to emotional downers, running around an anthill, making noise and impressing themselves that they are alive, because they are reacting.

Viewpoint is Everything

If we take up the real viewpoint of life, we realize how foolish it is for humans to live in worry during their stay on this earth.

What you think depends on the viewpoint from which you think. If you select the right viewpoint you’ll see order in any chaos and this will transform your life from this moment onwards. You’ll become a leader and not a follower, one who looks from a balanced viewpoint is a person you would be interested in following because they could guide you rather than mislead you.

What fills our mind, day and night is a matter of perspective. What worries us, what causes our stress and therefore what maintains tension in our lives is a matter of perspective.

Putting life in perspective is vital to our health. You can spend the whole of your life worrying about matters that you cannot do anything about. Or worrying about the inevitable. Conventional thinking is this. Religious thinking guarantees disharmony. But there needs to be discernment.

Why do some individuals rarely step out of the comfort of their own small reality? Well it is for good reason. They may be dedicated to their family and have no other basis for living. Most people are also very self-focused, which means they are worried about the milk bread and their children’s survival. They are too busy working in the fear that they will be fired from their job or to controlling of their children’s life too stressed to look up and wonder about the context of their thinking.

The business person’s thinking comes from the viewpoint of commercial affairs. It is rare that their gaze goes beyond. Their thoughts may radiate out from the office but they will be held on the leash by the power of commercial intention. If they want a global investment they might look up for a while but then, when they are invoived in interpersonal matters they will revert to their natural viewpoint. It is therefore critical for the business person to tease themselves out of the confinement and into a universal viewpoint in order to manage life as well as money.

Artists have their own viewpoint. It is broader than that of the business person, is less practical, and more enjoyable. Disaster to the commercial person would empty their heart, while to the artist it would only arouse it.

The reluctant person and who works in the kitchen and is closed in by four walls, their heaven is found in periods of relief, when exposed to a small part of the outside world, in a side lane with a cigarette. With that tiny change of view, they get the stimulus to return and perform their work locked into the viewpoint of a kitchen and plates. Their relief is short, sporadic and temporary because their viewpoint is, typically, the kitchen walls.

If you select the right viewpoint you’ll think big, and this will transform your life. You’ll become a leader not only in business, but in art, Homelife and ultimately your role in the world. Your thoughts will be transformed, and you will become aware of more balance than ever before. What you see balance in you can lead, but remember that what you react to emotionally or mentally reveals where you can’t see balance and is where you have work to do on yourself.

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